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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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125 Nether Realm

Shen Tian decided to leave Yu Yan with Nie Li. Honestly, Yu Yan was of no use to him. He had the Chaos Emperor and Jie Xie if he required the assistance of Spiritual God, and the Chaos Emperor was a hybrid, who could also similarly use the Heavenly Energy and the Law Energy together!

It seems Yu Yan still had to hide from the Spiritual Gods of the Demon Beast Clan, and Nie Li was the perfect choice for her according to the visible situation. The truth was that Shen Tian's Undying Cycles Realm was the best place for her to hide her aura,k but Shen Tian would never reveal that.

He and Nie Li together with Yu Yan left the Black Spring and started their journey to return to the Heavenly Fate Plateau, the pinnacle legend rank Demon Beasts there, did not even noticed that Yu Yan was missing, and probably would never notice it. Along the way, Yu Yan started to explain the various realms.

The law he cultivated, Shen Tian's Primal Chaos Law, was very mysterious, in fact Yu Yan herself was not sure if the Primal Chaos Spiritual God had died or not, he had left behind the Primal Family, which peacefully existed inside the Dreamcloud World, Nie Li considered sending Glory City there.

Nie Li started to explain the current situation of Glory City to Shen Tian, it seems the Dark Guild was being a very big problem to Glory City, with Nie Li's current 4th star Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist cultivation, defeating the Demon Lord wouldn't be that much troublesome, but there was yet to be a chance to do it.

Nie Li and Shen Tian started to journey inside a several thousand meters deep long tunnel, and were obstructed by a barrier, which they easily broke down with Shen Tian's knowledge of arrays and runes, just when Yu Yan was about to destroy it, making her feel bit annoyed at that moment.

Yu Yan widened her eyes upon noticing the realm they had entered,"This is the Nether Realm, one of the three forbidden places, it is ruled by a Spiritual God who has cultivated the Law of Nether… Even the Spiritual God who comprehended the Primal Chaos Law wouldn't be able to do anything to him. But thankfully it is neutral."

Shen Tian looked around, and noticed that this Underground Realm, was far more different than the Underground Region. Unlike the underground region, this one was covered in magma, and did not have a complicated array creating this realm, the system of the Nether Realm was far more different. It should be also known that The Demon Lord had created the Dark Guild in the Nether Realm!

Upon walking a bit inside the Nether Realm, they found Dark Elves, making the three of them widen their eyes in surprise, well that was less of a reaction from Shen Tian, but the two showed visible reactions. They were not here in a friendly situation, as three of them at the Gold Rank started to attack them. They were easily defeated by Nie Li alone.

Shen Tian,Nie Li and Yu Yan entered one of the fifteen cities of the Nether Realm, the Blackrock City, which has various races living inside it and is safe, protected by the Nether Realm's Master Many tribes here are from the Age of Darkness, having escaped from it before the horde hit their families.

One such faction was the Dark Guild, but compared to other factions it was indeed lacking, as it had only appeared in the last few hundred years, Shen Tian was thinking of sending the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and the Void Dragon Tower here, they would quickly dominate with their current power.

To be honest, the conditions of living in the Nether Realm were indeed terrible, so Shen Tian was considering just setting up branches of said factions, where they could send the ones who were not suitable to live in the Underground Region, as there was a massive difference between the living conditions between the two.

However, the various human families did not come to the Nether Realm because they wanted to , but because there was no place in the outside world to continue living. The Underground Region was different, they had a massive amount of experts, but they simply were scared of the Demon Beasts, they thought they were far more powerful than them.

The Demon Beasts, were barely any weaker or stronger than the Underground Region alone, both had Spiritual Gods, but the Underground Region had more, the Chaos Emperor, Supreme Leader, Ji Xie,Demon Patriarch and Tong Zhong were some of them, but there could be potentially some who were hiding.

There was also the White Monarch, who while was part of the Chaos Emperor, even separated was as strong as a Spiritual God, since he had comprehended the rare law of Space and Time, said to be very mysterious and hard to comprehend, thus you couldn't underestimate the White Monarch at all.

There was also the array which created the Underground Region, which even the supreme leader, Xian Long was not sure how it worked, it was far more ancient than the Underground City. Just how strong could the Nether Realm Master be in comparison to Xian Long, who was extremely close to the Heavenly Star Realm?

In fact, Shen Tian doubted the fact the Nether Realm Master was stronger than Xian Long, the power of law here seemed to be far stronger here than compared to the Underground Region, thus the restrictions were far stronger as well, the achievements they could reach here were very limited when compared to the Underground Region.

The individual faction power seemed to be lower as well, the Wugui Family as an example only had three demigod Rank Demon Spiritualists, while the weakest of the nine factions, had three Demigod Rank Demon Spiritualists as well. The difference was that the Wugui Family was considered one of the strongest, while the Black Lion Family and the White Tiger Family were considered to be one of the weakest!

Yu Yan started to praise the Nether Realm's Master, saying she could immediately feel his presence upon entering the Blackrock City, saying he had improved incredibly, stretching his sense over the entire Nether Realm, which seemed to be an extremely vast world, almost limitless.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》