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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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126 Nether Realm - 2

Shen Tian groaned, in the Underground Region only humans existed, other races were either living in seclusion, or were already exterminated by the human race there, after all the Underground City did hold some other races, but they were very rare, very rare in the Underground Region as a whole.

The various people here were starting to discuss the recent situation. It seems there were various clans, like the Golem Clan, Blood Demon Family or the Jade Seal Family. Upon noticing the two of them, a few people started to walk towards them, as if knowing they are not from the Nether Realm.

They invited him and Nie Li to the Jade Seal Family, proclaiming they were gathering all the humans in the Blackrock Family, Shen Tian thought this was a bit shady, they were trying to strengthen their power, they thought he and Nie Li were at the Gold Rank, they were very wrong at that.

Nie Li accepted, while Shen Tian did not, no matter what kind of a deal the Jade Seal Family gave him, he wouldn't be as foolish as to accept it. Besides, it seems the Blackrock City did not see the Jade Seal Family in a good way, it could be noticed by the tone they used to speak about it earlier.

Not bothering with this anymore, Shen Tian and Nie Li set up a meeting point, and separated from each other. Shen Tian started to explore the abilities of the [Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire] since he didn't have much to do right now. He slowly realized how powerful the curved blades actually were.

Nine Layered Deathlands. Shen Tian had heard of that place through a few people. It seemed the Blood Demon Family and the Jade Seal Family had fought over a map which lead to the Nine Layered Deathland, they thought it might send them straight towards some treasures, Shen Tian was intrigued by it.

He also started to deepen his comprehension of the law of Primal Chaos, and started to gain insight in the Law of Void. He thought that perhaps, Void would be the most suited to him due to his Soul Realm literally behind home to a massive amount of void, and he was right, as his comprehension in that law was immense.

Shen Tian participated in the Divine Seal Auction, also giving the auction several stuff he wanted to sell, since he had no currency of this place, he might as well earn some money, just if he needed it. He earned quite a massive sum in the auction, over a billion Demonic Crystal Rocks from it!

Nie Li and Shen Tian came back to the place they had set up to meet, wanting to leave the Nether Realm for now. Shen Tian wanted to go check Glory City, since Feng Hao was getting worried about his sister, Feng Mei who was only nine years old, she probably missed her brother dearly.

Finally, it seems the demon beast clan had noticed that Yu Yan was missing, Shen Tian had felt the auras of several demon beasts closely to the black spring, but he had used his own Heavenly Energy to cover the three of them for now, it seems the demon beasts were fooled by his heavenly energy.

Nie Li was frowned upon by Shen Tian, because he had brought several people with him. He seems to have really liked the Jade Seal Family, to even trust them with the secrets of leaving the so easily, not that he really cared, it was good that Nie Li had no idea the Underground Region existed, Shen Tian had improved the array protecting it with Shadow Clones.

Upon reaching the exit, Shen Tian grabbed Nie Li, and stopped the group from proceeding forward. He noticed the presence of several thousand experts,"Be careful, they are not as weak as they look in the surface, I think they somehow know the way to leave the Nether Realm…" Shen Tian said.

Nie Li groaned,"Why did this have to happen to us of all people,Luo Ming can you please help us find out the background of those experts here?" He asked Luo Ming who nodded,"I will go and check it, the other two can protect you for now. Goodbye. " Luo Ming started to leave, trying to scout ahead.

"They are from the Wugui Family, it's very odd, ever since that Ye Han joined their family, their moves have been considered weird, I think they are planning something. They are saying that he showed them a way to reach a city called Glory City in the outside world…" Luo Ming reported a few minutes later.

"IT's very odd, since from the fifteen cities of the Nether Realm, I have never heard of a city called Glory City…" Luo Ming talked to himself, Shen Tian noticed that Nie Li gained a worried expression,but he tried his best to hide it, but he couldn't hide it from Shen Tian of all people anyway.

The Wugui Family was not that strong, only having three Demigods and twenty five Legend rank experts, the Black Lion Family could be considered to be stronger than it, since the Demigods there were far stronger than the Demigods outside the Underground Region, Shen Tian had noticed that abnormal situation.

Shen Tian laughed inside, as Nie Li started to explain the situation of the Glory City, and the outside world. Glory City was not that strong, he estimated that it only had a maximum of three Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists by now, as Xuan Fei the leader of the Scout Division had probably broken through, Nie Li was also a Legend Rank expert and Ye Mo, maybe Ye Zong had also broken through.

The Wugui Family was not as much as a large problem as Nie Li started to make it be. Shen Tian was sure that if Nie Li wanted to, he could destroy the Wugui Family, but panic was taking over his complexion right now, something Shen Tian deemed weird, after all he was supposedly a reincarnator like him.

"Who's there?! Show yourself, otherwise we will be forced to deal with you with force." Shen Tian glared at a corner, although he had noticed the presence of a legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, he wanted to see if he wanted to come out himself, but it seems he had to be forcefully be pushed outside.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》