An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
129 Glory City, Shen Tian has returned!
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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129 Glory City, Shen Tian has returned!

"Nie Li?!" Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were rather surprised to see Nie Li, as Shen Tian had not specified with who he was, but they quickly calmed down. Shen Tian however, noticed that Ye Mo was looking at Shen Xian with a relaxed expression, it seems he was happy to see Shen Xian still alive.

It did not take them a lot of time for them to return to Glory City, in fact they had even taken the tribe of the Heavenly Fate Plateau to the Glory City, Nie Li told them the city was in a far better state than the tribe here, with far better quality land compared to the Heavenly Fate Plateau lands.

Upon returning to Glory City, Shen Tian and the rest separated from Nie Li and Ye Mo, instead they went towards the Sacred Family's Compound, where Shen Tian's mansion was rebuilt, the mansion was formerly also Shen Xian's possession, but was passed to him when he had died several years ago.

After receiving the news that Shen Tian's group had returned to Glory City, Feng Mei had rushed home, and wanted to spend some quality time with her brother, Shen Tian did not want to stop that, and gave Feng Hao permission to spend the next week, and even further while in Glory City with her.

In fact, he told him he could stay in Glory City for as long as he wanted, since for now Feng Hao's assistance was not required, and he could fulfill his resource needs by himself through the Undying Cycles Realm, he started to give his companions Spirit Stones, they could use to harvest Heavenly Energy.

Shen Tian himself, started to gather Heavenly Energy, just to keep himself in shape. He currently had a hundred and ten million Shadow Clones inside the Undying Cycle Realm, working at different time differences, a minute could pass outside, and over a day could pass inside the realm.

It did not take long, for him to be summoned by the City Lord, Ye Zong. He was also invited by Xuan Fei to discuss about the mission he was given, but first the City Lord was more important, he might want to know something of value, and Shen Tian while he didn't care, had to show a bit of respect at least.

Upon reaching the City Lord's Mansion, Shen Tian took a breath to get familiar with the air inside the mansion again, it felt truly comfortable to be back here, despite not really caring about Glory City, he did live here for almost fourteen years, thus he still had a bit of affection deep inside his heart.

When he entered Ye Zong's office, he saw that his face was very red, he probably had received a lesson from Ye Mo, Shen Tian knew that Ye Zong and Nie Li did not have a very good relationship, seeing Ye Mo so freely accept Nie Li probably made Ye Zong feel a bit annoyed at both of them.

"Welcome back to Glory City… Shen Tian." Ye Zong groaned, as he tried to improve his complexion and expression, but failed badly. Nie Li had really left a mark on his mind right now. Shen Tian looked at him and responded with a nod,"Hello City Lord, is there a reason why you have summoned me to your office?"

Ye Zong looked down on his desk, intertwining his hands as he sighed,"I just found out that there is this realm called the Nether Realm from my father… And Ye Han's letter, he send one from the Nether Realm, he joined a wretched family, which plans to invade the city which literally made him a person…"

"So? What does that have anything to do with me, Lord Ye Zong?" Shen Tian looked at Ye Zong closely, and their eyes meet with each others, he immediately understood what Ye Zong possibly was getting to," Shen Tian, there is no need to hide it, I know that you are stronger than my own father." Ye Zong sighed.

"When you left Glory City, I felt the same aura on you as my father's, and now several months later, it's gone, which can only mean one thing. Your aura has surpassed the level I can even get close to sensing, which means you are far stronger than my father right now." Ye Zong said without a doubt on his tone.

""Your point… Here is?" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow,Ye Zong raised his head to look at his eyes before responding, " I know that I have done a mistake by allowing Ye Han's personality to grow up like that, thus I want to fix that mistake. Shen Tian, if given the chance… Please kill Ye Han for me, as his foster father I give you permission to do it."

Shen Tian looked at him blankly for a moment. In fact, he was slightly amused inwardly, if he wanted to kill Ye Han, he wouldn't give a fuck about gaining Ye Zong's approval to do it, but he decided to play along with it and nodded,"If I am given the chance, under your orders I shall kill Ye Han then."

The Wugui Family was a threat to Glory City, but it was not as much of a threat as it had originally supposed to be. Glory City had a total of 4 Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, Nie Li,Ye Mo, Xuan Fei and Ye Zong, they did not fear the Wugui Family as much as originally, since two of them were near the Demigod Rank.

The Scout Division were doing a good job with scouting the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, and even started to make maps of the Dark Ruins, but they wouldn't discover the Black Hole, since few people had seen it, and no one had confirmed the location of it,nothing was for sure, he also had improved the Inscription Pattern on it.

Now that the visit to Ye Zong was finished, Shen Tian went towards the main headquarters of the Scout Division, he noticed the buildings had improved slightly, it seems they had done a few changes ever since a few months ago, when he had left for the first mission given to his team by the Scout Division.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》