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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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130 Freeing someone

Xuan Fei was a masculine man, but he was similarly very smart. He was given the rank as the Leader of the Scout Division, because Shen Tian himself chose him, he had a Cyan Grade Soul Realm, and shockingly had the cultivation of the second star of the Legend Rank, he was progressing very quickly.

The reason why he had increased his cultivation so much in a few years, was because Shen Tian had removed an illness Xuan Fei had been fighting for several years, before Shen Tian healed him. He also improved the cultivation technique Xuan Fei used, he was the best person for this job.

Shen Tian told him some true facts about the Dark Ruins, yet at the same time fake, since he had been inside the Underground Region, while he only had Shadow Clones explore the other parts of the Dark Ruins, it seems a war was fought on the surface of the Dark Ruins, resulting in this.

After that, Shen Tian asked for permission to receive his aunt, Shen Xiu from the Glory City Prison, he had previously asked Ye Zong who told him to ask Xuan Fei, because he did not have the keys at the moment. Obviously, Xuan Fei immediately accepted, and handed the keys to him.

He first returned to his mansion, and noticed that Shen Xian was a bit uncomfortable,"Father, do you want to come with me? I am about to take Aunt Xiu out of prison." Shen Tian told him, earning his father's attention,"My sister?...I'll come then." He replied after a short moment of hesitation.

Shen Xiu, had been jailed inside the City's Prison, guarded firmly by Black Gold Rank Experts, unless the Black Guild was hell bent on rescuing or killing her, she would probably stay there unless Shen Tian decided to take him out, which he was about to do right now. Shen Xian was excited and at the same time nervous.

Shen Xian did not show his nervousness on his face, instead he kept a calm face. Shen Tian, however immediately noticed that his expression was fake, that couldn't escape him, but he chose to ignore it. "Aunt Xiu has probably regretted her earlier choices by now father.Maybe we can convince her to come live with us."


Shen Xiu's appearance remained the same, well mostly. Her eyes had gained a darker color, and her hair was a dirty red now due to the fact she hadn't taken a shower for months now. She was only offered basic stuff to remain alive. Other prisoners had it even harsher, but due to her relationship with Shen Tian, she was spared of that suffering.

Having so many months to repent for her crimes, she had already done that. If only she had told Shen Xian, her brother that it was a trap before, he wouldn't have died and the Sacred Family might be still alive perhaps. She did not blame Shen Tian for destroying their family, because they were corrupted beyond saving.

She herself, knew that if not for the discussions she had with Shen Tian, and the death of her brother, she probably would be the same. When she chose Shen Hong's side, it was not due to agreeing with him, it was more because if she did not, there was a high chance she would be killed in cold blood.

However, she could not hide the fact that she no longer was the same Shen Xiu as before. She was not that arrogant Shen Xiu, who loved herself dearly, instead she had started to question herself a lot, don't get it wrong, she still loved herself, but she was starting to doubt her choices in life.

Her cell only had a small window, most of it was covered in darkness and she tried to make herself sleep, but failed terribly, as if something was waiting for her. Her thoughts were answered when the gate to her cell started to open, the guard entering it, his face showing a calm expression.

"Shen Xiu, you have been freed from prison from today. You are free to leave, follow me." The guard stated as he escorted a shocked Shen Xiu, whose face had practically frozen, she did not expect this at all, had perhaps the City Lord taken pity on her, and decided that it was enough prison for her?

"Nephew…?" Instead, she was meet by the scene of her nephew, Shen Tian and...Her brother?! She immediately started to run towards Shen Xian, hugging him with all the power she had on her body, tears leaving her eyes,"Brother!" She shouted. Shen Xian let out a short smile and embraced her.


"You want me to help you use this technique to help your cultivation grow…? No way." Shen Tian shook his head, making Nie Li's eye twitch, he was refused way too harshly, he received the same response from Feng Hao, in fact no one accepted, Xiao Ning'er did consider it however, but in the end she refused.

Shen Tian wouldn't mind even if she had accepted, but he knew he could offer better techniques to her or anyone else compared to Nie Li, in fact the technique Nie Li was planning to use made no sense, it harmed your future prospects, just for a growth in cultivation, he did not even understand the rush he was doing.

After all, Nie Li was already close to the pinnacle of the Legend Rank, why would he try to harm his foundation for no reason? Sometimes Shen Tian really did not understand his fellow reincarnator, he'd have to talk to him once he got a bit of free time it seems.For now he just ignored that.

Nie Li was a bit pissed at the fact Shen Xiu was freed from prison, after all he did not like the members of the Sacred Family, knowing that all of them besides 3 were dead, made him feel better, but now one of them was freed from prison, and all three of them were reunited with each other. He did not have anything personal against Shen Tian or Shen Xian however.

But, he had also noticed that this Shen Xiu was far different from the one in his past life, or even the one he had first meet on his second life, she seemed far more peaceful and quiet, she did not even start a fight against him, and apologized to him instead. That truly made him feel very weird, he was the bad one here now…
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》