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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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131 Glory City

Shen Tian was inside his room, working on his understanding of the law of Void. How the laws worked in this place, was far different when compared to the laws back at his home, however it seems due to his knowledge of the law from his other lives, his laws were far stronger than other people's laws.

The void inside his soul realm started to shake, absorbing the Law Energy inside the Undying Cycles Realm without stop. It was like a bottomless pit, which could never be satisfied with anything thrown at it. Shen Tian did not really get bothered by it, as it only meant that the void was very special.

Just as he was getting into fully understanding the Law of Void, he sensed an aura near the city, the Wugui Family had sent scouts it seems. " Just one Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, Ye Mo should be able to take care of this alone, no need for me to interrupt it." Shen Tian closed his eyes and continued his cultivation.

He was also experimenting with the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword, it seems it could absorb Law Energy. Although the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword tried to rebel against him, Shen Tian just waved his hand, and the lightnings it struck at him did not even manage to put a scratch on him, instead it slowly got scared of him and stopped.

From what he could see, even a Spiritual God would have had an extremely hard time subduing this sword, he was not exactly sure how a mere Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist of Ye Yan's time had managed to subdue it, after all Shen Tian knew that if not for his strong soul, he'd have lost control over it. It seems the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword could create a connection with the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire somehow.

This made it possible for Shen Tian to connect his Soul Realm with someone else's. The Dual Blades of Divine Ice And Fire seems to have that ability too, that would benefit him greatly, not only him but also his companions. Using that he could channel the Heavenly Energy he won through his shadow clones to his companion's.

Upon making contact with the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword, the void inside his Soul Realm started to shake, before a massive amount of the void separated itself from the main body, and surged towards the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword somehow managing to enter the sword's materials.

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows, as he felt the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword, strengthen from the void it had absorbed, but a moment later a massive chunk of what had entered the sword, came out, it seems it could not endure the full power of the void. At least it got considerably stronger than before. He could create a Soul Array using this connection, a resonance!

Even when sensing the several earthquakes due to the fight, Shen Tian did not interrupt it, Nie Li did however, he started to help Ye Mo. Shen Tian merely used his Heavenly Energy to protect a side of Glory City, so the attacks did not hurt the city's buildings and people, so far it had been working.

The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array was not that bad, it could kill Legend Rank Demon Spiritualists and Fighters, but to someone like Shen Tian, who was used to extremely complicated arrays, this was a pretty normal one, in fact he saw several weak points inside the array.

Ye Mo managed to kill several Legend Rank expert of the Wugui Family, who were informed by Ye Han about the array, but even he did not know the full limit of the array, thus the experts were very angry at Ye Han for giving them false information, and they continued to suffer the attacks of the array. However, it seems a Demigod could easily destroy the array without breaking much sweat.

Shen Tian was on top of the city's walls, and looked at the retreating people of the Wugui Family, he sat on the walls and chuckled,"With Ye Mo's counterattack, the Wugui Family won't be attacking Glory City anytime soon, no matter how powerful they might consider themselves, they probably will prepare for that event where the Nether Master will accept a disciple."

Shen Tian also wanted to participate, to go there, he needed to enter the Nine Layered Deathlands however, and he was not exactly sure whenever to go alone or to bring someone else together with him. In the end he decided to bring the Chaos Emperor together with him, after all he was the Spiritual God Of Chaos, not even the Spiritual God of the Nether would be able to ignore his existence.

This way, even if Shen Tian did not show his true strength, he could use the Chaos Emperor as a way to threaten the Nether Master. He also brought the others together with him, including Jian Yu and Jing Ye, Ji Xie was left in the Underground Region, still there to stabilize the factions which were created together with his Shadow Clone. He left Shen Xian home, because he had to spend some quality time with his sister.

He knew that Nie Li would also go there, but shockingly instead of heading to the Nether Realm, he first actually went towards an abandoned building with his… Slave? Duan Jian was his name, from what Shen Tian knew the young man had a very mysterious background, as if he had appeared out of nowhere. He would have to investigate him later.

"Shen Tian? You are leaving alone for the Nine Layered Deathlands? Are you not bringing the other with you then…?" Nie Li noticed the lack of other people next to Shen Tian, and was very surprised. He knew that he had brought several other people together with him earlier, and they were all decently strong.

"Do not worry about me, you are also going towards the Nine Layered Deathlands I presume? You have brought quite a few people with you." Shen Tian said, unlike them he was alone, but he did not really care, the truth was that the others were inside his Kamui Dimension, so they didn't have to walk and instead could cultivate.

Far away from Glory City, the group had meet two people who were demanding Yu Yan, they were the ones Shen Tian had used his Heavenly Energy on, to avoid having them discover the trio at the Black Springs, however it seems the cover had finally worn out, as they had found all of them here. But neither was very worried.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》