An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
138 Some Training to get warm.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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138 Some Training to get warm.

Xiao Ning'er had sharp eyes; she immediately noticed Shen Tian's moment of freezing. She thought something was wrong so she pulled his sleeve, attracting his attention. She pointed her worried glare at his eyes. Shen Tian did not realize why she was doing this, thus he asked,"What's wrong Ning'er?"

Xiao Ning'er narrowed her eyes,observing Shen Tian very closely." You were acting too weirdly just a moment ago. Why did you freeze like that?" The boy looked at the Chaos Emperor and Feng Hao, it seems both of them wanted to know the answer to the question as well. " I just looked at the youth there, he seems mysterious."

"What's wrong with him…?" The others looked at the Demon Lord who was too focused on his cultivation to notice their gazes. Finally the Demon Lord opened his eyes again and looked at Shen Tian another time. " Shen Tian… I've heard quite a lot about your reputation in Glory City.You are a smart brat, aren't you?"

He stood up and cracked his knuckles. "I do not want to comment on my intelligence in front of you. I'm afraid that you are not worthy of being put in the same sentence as me when it comes to that department… Or any department when it comes to that actually." Shen Tian chuckled as he motioned for the others to not interrupt them, and walked forward.

The Demon Lord grinned as he sent several black chains, coming out of all directions towards him. He formed a seal, doubling the number of black chains. " You can be as cocky as you want to, but the ultimate fate of yours is to die under my hands!" He said as Shen Tian calmly walked towards the black chains.

Shen Tian yawned and put a finger forward, telling the Demon Lord that the black chains were not even worth his time. With a single touch the black chains dispersed into black matter, shocking everyone. To Shen Tian himself, that was not that special or unique, he was a pinnacle Demigod, while the Demon Lord was merely a peak Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist.

The Demon Lord was given enough time to integrate with his Demon Spirit, an Eight Armed Darkhell Fiend, which only appeared in the Hell Realm. Most of its power relied on physical strength. But, it also had several other mysterious abilities, Shen Tian had not studied it enough to know it himself.

Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, while he had gained insight in three laws, the Demon Lord's insight in the Law of Hell was nearly the same as his in the three laws he had gained insight on. Those laws were Primal Chaos,Void and the Wood Law. The latter was merely an experiment, wanting to know if the Wood Style influenced his comprehension, and it seems it did.

The Demon Lord started to bombard Shen Tian with the Law Energy of Hell, leaving no space for him to move in. He did not know that he was actually inside an illusion, and he was being purposely made to miss Shen Tian's spot by less than an inch. This greatly angered him, he usually was far more efficient

Integrating with his Demon Spirit, Shen Tian used the Primordial Breath and the Purple Flames of the Abyssal Void Dragon. The Demon Lord was caught off guard, as he jumped behind. If he was hit by the Primordial Breath, then there was a chance he would regress his age to the point he was not even born!

Finally caught in fury, the Demon Lord dashed forwards. He slammed his fist on Shen Tian's scales. The shocking thing was however, that he actually let out a scream of pain out. Shen Tian's scales were far more sturdy than his fists. His fist gained a red color as he jumped backwards.

Going backwards, he did not notice the Purple Flames, thus he was scorched by them. He released another scream of pain out. He had not expected to be so hugely outclassed so quickly. The Eight Armed Darkhell Fiend was known for its strength, but it was simply like an infant before Shen Tian's physical strength.

The Demon Lord started to pant,"No matter how strong you are, you are nothing before my Supreme Physique! It might take a while, but I shall eventually defeat you." The others who were witnessing this scene thought the Demon Lord was simply being too rash, judging by the current situation, Shen Tian was severely outclassing him!

Nie Li knitted his eyebrows, Shen Tian was far stronger than he had originally thought him to be. He knew that in his current state he could not defeat him, but he had hoped that after gaining an insight in three laws he could at least catch up to him. He had been incredibly wrong there, as Shen Tian far surpassed him.

The Demon Lord got ready to use an attack, gathering all his remaining energy. He released a roar,Prison of the Ten Thousand Souls, that was the attack he decided to use against Shen Tian. Normally most people would be left frozen by the enormous amount of negative energy inside his fists, but Shen Tian only chuckled.

He raised his palm as his eyes turned silver with ripples for a moment,"Shinra Tensei." He muttered as the entire Black Infernal Tower shook, and the Demon Lord was sent flying away, as if he was a helpless kitten. The most shocking thing was that the Black Infernal Tower moved several feet forward!

Smoke and dust covered the area, a scene a few people present were used to. Xiao Ning'er was extremely worried, she used her Lightning Sky Dragon demon spirit to move forward, and searched for Shen Tian, she let out a sigh of relief when she saw that he was not wounded in the slightest.

Feng Hao and the Chaos Emperor calmly walked towards them, their expressions did not show any amount of worry. It was to be expected, after all they knew that Shen Tian was not even going half out, let alone all out. The fate of the Demon Lord was still unknown, no one knew if he was dead or still alive.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》