An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
139 The Black Infernal Tower“s climbing continues.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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139 The Black Infernal Tower“s climbing continues.

"You brat…" The smoke and dust finally disappeared. It revealed a Demon Lord covered in wounds and blood. Although he was not dead, he was very close to it, the only reason he was still alive was because Shen Tian had held back when they fought. "You actually dared to wound me so badly."

Shen Tian ignored his words, slowly walking towards the Demon Lord who although was very arrogant at the moment, knew that he couldn't move a single muscle. The pressure his body had been inflicted with was far too great for him to endure, in fact the only reason he was still alive was due to the Supreme Physique.

"Do not near me… Otherwise I shall blast you to ashes." The Demon Lord tried to look tough, however in one look one could see that his inner organs were messed up badly if they were experts in healing. The pain could only be endured because of the Spiritual Constellation techniques he cultivated.

Shen Tian neared the Demon Lord and threw a pill towards him,"Take it. That will heal your inner wounds in a flash, but you will have to endure terrifying pain if you do take it." The Demon Lord caught it and looked at Shen Tian, hesitation being visible on his eyes, he did not trust Shen Tian at all.

The pill Shen Tian gave him, was actually not a pill which would only heal his wounds. It was true, his wounds would immediately heal, but there were side effects which could potentially kill you if the owner of the pill, the one who concocted it wanted you dead. The creator of the pill was Shen Tian.

There was no reason to kill the Demon Lord, at least yet. He knew that the Demon Lord was the founder and leader of the Dark Guild. He had the power of around the pinnacle of the Legend Rank, and could be considered a Demigod by the cultivation system of the Nether Realm and Glory City.

" I have no reason to lie to you. I could easily kill you here and you could do absolutely nothing about it, so it's up to you if you want to eat it or not, but… There are more benefits to eating it rather than not eating it." Shen Tian did not bother to persuade the Demon Lord, this was only , because he was a bit interested on him, otherwise he wouldn't try to make him eat that pill.

In fact, the Demon Lord was already inside Shen Tian's control through Kotoamatsukami and Tsukuyomi, but he wanted to make it a bit interesting. The Demon Lord had resisted his control for a few seconds before finally entering his control, the Demon Lord himself thought he had succeeded in resisting, but he had actually not done that.

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows, his complexion turning slightly white. He looked at the walls of the Black Infernal Tower, he felt a mysterious aura similar to the two they had fought before entering the Nether Realm earlier. It was coming from the Eighth Layer of the Nine Layered Deathlands. But he was not sure where exactly it was coming from.

He also felt the aura of the Nether Master and several more presences lit up. It seems they had been observed since the beginning, in fact he also felt that mysterious energy from earlier appear literally a minute after he had previously destroyed it, so it greatly pleased him to see the Nether Master so angry.

The Black Infernal Tower shook along with the Nine Layered Deathlands, The Nether Master was fighting someone, Shen Tian could sense two different Law Energies confirming his previous guess. It seems the Nether Master won, as the other force eventually left the area, leaving as a loser.

Shen Tian looked at his friends, all were trying to cultivate deeply. " I am going to leave for the sixth floor, Chaos Emperor are you going to follow me? The others do not look like they can reach the sixth floor." Nie Li had already stood up, he was soon going to leave for the sixth floor as well.

The Demon Lord was still recovering from his wounds, but it did not look like that was going to last a lot. He had consumed the pill given to him by Shen Tian, accelerating his healing process by several hundred times. However, Nie Li suddenly stopped moving, and crossed his legs once again.

Shen Tian and the rest widened their eyes as an egg appeared on the air, before falling into the ground. The shell of the egg started to crack open, revealing a demonic beast. A very yellow demonic beast. In the first look, it did not look that dangerous, however Shen Tian had sensed the immense bloodlust it had released upon hatching.

The group quickly lost interest. The demonic beast was just a little pervert, who tore Yu Lan's clothes, leaving almost nothing behind. Shen Tian and the Chaos Emperor started to walk towards the stairs leading to the sixth floor, and finally the Demon Lord stood up, fully recovered from before.

The sixth floor was seemingly boundless, as if it was a vast space. Shen Tian sensed a soul inside this floor, but did not get bothered by it, as the soul did not try to attack him, as if it was waiting for somebody to appear. Shen Tian was slightly amused, he felt the same aura he felt on Nie Li coming out of the soul.

Instead, he crossed his legs with each other, and focused on reaching the Anatta Mental State, which was required by the Nether Master to pass his little test. Just to be sure, he created a total of five Wood Clones, each using some extremely durable and strong weapons to guard his true body in case he was attacked.

His mind had to reach a tranquil and calm state, something he had done a dozen of times before in his previous lives. He had also done that several times just in his fourth life as well. Despite being surrounded by black flames, which reached incredible temperatures, Shen Tian was not affected in the slightest.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》