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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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140 Nether Master

Shen Tian entered a tranquil and calm state, without much trouble. But his calm state was interrupted by the entrance of Nie Li to the sixth floor, who was suddenly attacked by the soul which he had previously ignored. It seems the soul was truly connected to Nie Li's aura he had sensed earlier.

Even Yu Yan was heavily wounded trying to get rid of that soul which had invaded their personal space. The battle continued inside Yu Yan's soul realm, and Shen Tian despite being annoyed could only witness that scene, forgetting he could just put a barrier which would block the sounds and get over it.

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows, feeling flames burst out of Yu Yan's soul realm, and scorch the other soul alive. It seems she was far more mysterious than what she looked in the outside. The Golden Flames quickly burned the other soul, not even leaving a spark behind. Ignoring that, he finally achieved the Anatta Mental State.

Getting bored of the sixth floor, he looked at the Chaos Emperor who could still continue, and motioned for him to come to the seventh floor when he felt he had meditated until there was no use do it.Shen Tian was the first to enter the seventh floor. The Demon Lord was a moment too late, since his wounds had wasted a bit of time to heal.

The seventh floor was quite mysterious, however Shen Tian did not really care. There was no benefits to him continuing to cultivate, but it could serve as a chance to temper his mortal physical body. Unlike his soul, his physical body was not as strong as the former, only strengthening when he used chakra.

Shen Tian took a deep breath as the corners of his lips curved, he was going to check how the rest were doing. With a single movement of his soul realm, an incredible amount of Heavenly Energy burst out, heading towards the sixth floor of the Black Infernal Tower, and then going even lower.

Xiao Ning'er had achieved the breakthrough to the pinnacle of the Demigod Rank, at the same realm as Shen Tian, Feng Hao was extremely close to the Heavenly Fate Realm, the Chaos Emperor had strengthened his foundation, and could be considered a true Heavenly Fate Realm expert. Jian Yu and Jing Ye were extremely close to the peak of the Demigod Rank.

Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows once again. The Demon Lord had broken through to the Heavenly Fate Realm, something he had not expected. Usually that would mean his control over him would weaken, but Kotoamatsukami was not as weak as it seemed, the control was as strong as always.

The ten days they could use to reach the Anatta Mental State quickly passed. Upon the mark of the tenth day being reached, everyone disappeared, reappearing somewhere else.The Ninth Layer of the Nine Layered Deathlands was the land their bodies materialized in again, inside a garden to be exact.

Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, he felt the same aura he had felt twice before. Looking up, he saw several figures, a total of eight excluding Xiao Yu, who couldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the other eight. He looked around and saw the rest of his group, they soon gathered with each other.

They had not noticed the fact that the Chaos Emperor was a Spiritual God, since Shen Tian had given him a very good concealing technique to hide that fact, but they could feel a weird energy emitting out of the Chaos Emperor. Thus they were very suspicious of the background of the Chaos Emperor. They did not dwell too much into it at the moment however, they had other issues at the moment.

The black robed one walked forward, who Shen Tian sensed a familiar aura come out of the black robed one. He should be the Nether Master, Shen Tian snorted inwardly,'This Nether Master is not even stronger than Xian Long back at the Underground Region, let alone the current me.'

Although all eight of the people in front of them were Spiritual Gods, Shen Tian felt that one of them was not truly just a Spiritual God, he felt Heavenly Energy inside the man. Albeit it was very thin, and barely noticeable even with his sharp eyesight, he could not risk to use the Sharingan here at the moment.

"All of you come from the Tiny World. That is the region we come from, it is called the Tiny World. All of you have come from the Nether Realm, searching for a better place to cultivate, a better hope to reach the Spiritual God Realm, perhaps some of you even have an ambition to surpass me." The Nether Master started to talk.

"Let me tell you one fact. For most of you, the Spiritual God Realm is the apex of what you can possibly reach. If you truly think that, then you are massively wrong! The Tiny World is merely a small part of the Draconic Ruins Realm, where there are hundreds of thousands of experts stronger than us!"

"Above the Legend Rank, is the Heavenly Fate Realm, Spiritual Gods can only reach that realm in terms of sheer power. However, beyond the Heavenly Fate Realm is the Heavenly Star Realm, then the Heavenly Axis Realm, that still is not the strongest realm. There is still the Dao Of Dragon Realm and Finally the Martial Ancestor Realm!"

Shock appeared on the eyes of many people in this garden, but there were still a few unaffected by it. They included Shen Tian and the Chaos Emperor, the latter knowing of the realms from ancient writings their ancestors of the Underground City had left before the Age of Darkness came to be."

"However, unlike the Tiny World which can be truly desolate at parts, it is created of hundreds of sects, each possessing strong experts.Those from outside the Tiny World cannot enter our little world here, but those from it can enter and leave it as they'd like to, the portal to enter our world only opens every each five years." The Nether Master paused, to let them think.

The choice they would make here was something that would affect their future prospects massively.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》