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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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142 Purgatory Lands

Shen Tian stood on top of the Glory City's walls as he gazed at the leaving group, which included Feng Hao,Xiao Ning'er and his wood clone together with Nie Li's friends. There was a reason why he had not decided to leave for the Endless Desert together with the others. He had unfinished works in the Underground Region. He smiled at the leaving figure of Xiao Ning'er, he had to talk her latter, for now he had other problems to take care of.

Xian Long, The Chaos Emperor, Ji Xie, The City Lord and many others had one thing in common. Somehow, they had managed to breakthrough to the mysterious Demigod Rank. The most interesting thing was that almost no Demigod of the City Lord Villa had appeared. Neither did the previous City Lords.

After asking Ji Xie, about that the former Demon Patriarch of the Demon Sanctuary had started to laugh. He explained that the Underground Region was vast, when the City Lord had gone to the Supreme Leader to ask about whenever he would participate in the war or not, he had also 'refused' to let the others join.

Those who thought they could not advance their cultivation anymore in the Underground Region, were sent to this isolated and secluded part of the Underground Region, called the Purgatory Lands, you could also call it one of the three thousand realms the Nether Master talked about.

The strongest were even stronger than Ji Xie himself, he told him that there were even Spiritual Gods there, just much more limited in what they could do using their Laws, since the Purgatory Lands had a 'law' which could not be broken even by the Supreme Leader, Xian Long himself. It showed just how ancient the Underground Region was.

The Supreme Leader, Xian Long actually had a great difficulty exploring the Purgatory Lands, he managed to carve a small territory where the Human Race was safe from the Demon Beast race, in this land the Demon Beasts actually managed to grow extremely quickly, due to the lack of humans.

When the human race reached the Purgatory Lands, it was too late, after all the Demon Beasts were too strong. The original demonic beast which had broken through to the Spiritual God Realm was actually inside this vast land, sealed and isolated by a massive amount of experts, who struggled to seal it.

Shen Tian curled his lips, creating a slightly amused smile on his face as he let his body freely fall into the black hole in the Dark Ruins, it did not even take him a single minute to reach the Dark Ruins after bidding farewell to his family back at Glory City, and he was currently almost at the Underground Region.

Taking a deep breath, he smelled the familiar feeling of the Underground Region, it was about time he checked on the Void Dragon Tower and the Five Elemental Dragon Sect. Ji Xie had been doing a pretty good job at managing both of them. Stepping forward, he was able to see familiar gates, unlike last time, he opened them with a single tap of his finger.

His body flew at supersonic speed, bursting out of the last gate without much effort, and straight towards the headquarters of the Demon Sanctuary, which had been taken over by the Five Elemental Dragon Sect, the Void Dragon Tower was set up several thousand kilometers away from its original location.

The Five Elemental Dragon Sect was created in five peaks, each representing an element of the Five Elemental Dragon Sect, most of the time the Branch Sect Leaders were not there. It was clear why that was happening, Jian Yu who had an earth element attribute, was with Jing Ye. Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were at the Endless Desert, Shen Xian who was given the Wind Branch Leader role, was in the Glory City.

Currently, the only person who was managing the Five Elemental Dragon Sect was his clone and Ji Xie, who was also managing the Void Dragon Tower, Shen Tian put a thought on his head, to remind himself of promoting Ji Xie and giving him more resources and raw materials to cultivate.

When he had thought of creating those two factions, he had not put much thought on how he would run those factions, and Ji Xie practically was doing his best to keep the factions running. He was using his experience as a former Demon Patriarch, that was the only thing which kept giving him ways to deal with problems.

Ji Xie dashed towards him upon seeing him enter the hall of the sect,"Lord Tian, why did you not send a letter telling me that you would come, I would've prepared something for you, men go get some drinks for our lord here, he is our founder!" The half sleeping guards woke up and immediately went to the kitchen.

Shen Tian nodded,"You really need to work on the security of the sect, although our sect is a new and rising sect, we have many experts, leading to so many people getting arrogant. What if we get raided by some enemies, I won't be here to protect the sect." Ji Xie nodded,"I've been working on that before you came Lord Tian."

The guards immediately rushed back, hastily moving their feet. They were holding beer and wine on their hands. They put the bottles on the table, Shen Tian sat on one of the chairs, while Ji Xie did the same. " I want you to explain more about this Purgatory Land to be Ji Xie, it has piqued my interest."

Ji Xie had a complicated expression on his face,"This... Lord Tian, I am willing to tell you all about the Purgatory Lands. However, most of the information I have received or know about it is very outdated. The last batch of the Demon Sanctuary men entering it was over thirty years ago, since then I have been the Demon Patriarch."

"Part of the batch to enter it was the previous Demon Patriarch, who was also… My father. The Purgatory Lands portal opens only every fifty years, meaning we would need to wait for another twenty years before our Demon Sanctuary, which has perished could send another batch.The City Lord's Villa could however, sent people every time the Supreme Leader wanted to!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》