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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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143 Spy.

"The Purgatory Lands are actually quite similar to how the Nether Realm looks, from what you have told me that is. But, the territory where our Human Race lies inside, is actually comparable the the outside world you have told me. The rulers are divided in two factions, the Demon and Angel Factions."

"I don't know much about the Angel Faction, besides it's created by members of the Underground City, mainly the City Lord's Villa. The Demon Faction is created by the members of our fallen Demon Sanctuary. They live inside a tiny amount of territory, the population should not have exceeded a million,"

"It seems that the Supreme Leader, Xian Long who is now dead entered the depth of the Purgatory Lands, and returned with several wounds, his complexion was enormously white, and he could barely keep walking as if he had seen something he did not want to fight or meet again." Ji Xie spoke as he took a bottle of wine and drank it.

Shen Tian's silver and orange eyes looked around," I see that you have invited quite a few experts of other parts of the Underground Region to join us, are you sure that they are loyal to us…?" He put his head forward,calmly asking Ji Xie who hesitated for a moment before answering him.

"Among the ones I have invited, there is the Sword Thorn King of the former Devil Monarch's Kingdom, however the kingdom was been covered in chaos ever since the Devil Monarch supposedly disappeared the day he was absorbed by the Chaos Emperor. He is quite one of a wild card. Although I cannot doubt his strength, he is too dangerous to be kept here."

Ji Xie sighed,"However, I cannot deny that he has done his best to contribute to our Five Elemental Dragon Sect, as of now he has completed over a hundred and fifty missions for our sect, the third highest among the invited members I have recruited to our sect." Shen Tian smiled," I see… I can see why he has done this, he is trying to catch my attention."

"Why would be try to catch your attention? Although you use a sword, it cannot be confirmed that you can help him grow his strength,no?" Ji Xie frowned, that made no sense. " The Sword Thorn King is willing to give up his Sword Arts only to cultivate my own sword technique, that is his goal it seems."

"I have an idea. If he truly wants to be stronger than he is currently, then call him here. I want to see why he is so confident he can learn my Sword Arts." Shen Tian chuckled as he ordered Ji Xie, who nodded, he took out a medallion and sent his Law Energy inside it, making it shine brightly.

"I ordered him to come here through the medallion you gave me Lord Tian. He should be here in less than thirty seconds." Ji Xie said as he put the medallion back into his Interspatial Ring. Not even five seconds later, a silhouette appeared at the doors of the hall, a sword on his back. The appearance of the silhouette was revealed.

It was a young man, who seemed to be around twenty five. " You are actually a demigod at a young age like that… I must comment on your willpower. It is not easy to achieve so many breakthroughs in so many years, and yet keep your foundation so pure." Shen Tian said as he observed the man.

The young man, the Sword Thorn King had a scar which touched his forehead and went straight down to his left eye, slightly missing it. He had dark raven hair and blue eyes. " I do not deserve such praises from you Lord Tian. At the age of 14, you are already far stronger than me, I can only hope to reach your level of strength."

Shen Tian stood up, and walked towards the Sword Thorn King,'He actually has an Azure Grade Soul Realm, how did the Devil Monarch fail to nurture such a genius… There must be some reason behind it, let me see..He should already have been nearing the Spiritual God Realm with his current strength. I guess even monarchs have flaws.'

"You are a Demigod at the third star at the age of twenty five, the City Lord, Ye Shu was only a Demigod at the age of twenty eight, and it took him five years to actually reach the peak of it, while you broke through to the Demigod Rank only at the age of twenty one, it speaks a lot about the major difference between the two of you."

The Sword Thorn King did not show any visible reaction to the praises Shen Tian threw at him. He knew that the boy was only testing his arrogance. If he openly said he knew he was talented, and he was proud of it and much more, it would only test to prove that his personality was not a good one.

Shen Tian's lips moved, forming a slight smile,"You have passed this tiny test I came up with, although I cannot teach you openly, here, you can have some Sword Manuals I found in some ancient ruins while I was exploring them, they should suit your sword style." The Sword Thorn King accepted the manual with his hands.

"What is your name? I don't want to call you by the name of the Sword Thorn King all the time." Shen Tian said as he extended his arm towards the Sword Thorn King, who finally let a smile enter his face,"My name is Bai Luqu." Before he could even take another breath, his eyes widened as his head rolled on the ground.

"Ji Xie, I thought I told you to be careful of spies didn't I? He was a spy from the Ancestral Spirit Village. The reason the Devil Monarch did not protect this fellow, is because he knew he was a spy, he just was hesitating whenever to kill such a talented person, or to spare him and let him go. He just died before he could choose either one." Shen Tian yawned.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》