An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
144 Purgatory Lands... Coming soon
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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144 Purgatory Lands... Coming soon

"We can talk about that issue later, I have other problems right now, Ji Xie.Also can you show me the way to the portal the Supreme Leader used to send the City Lord's Villa and the Underground City's members to the Purgatory Lands? I might be able to trigger the portal to open." Shen Tian glared at Ji Xie, who was still caught off-guard by the sudden death of the Sword Thorn King.

"I am not sure of that, Lord Tian. I do not have permission to explore the Supreme Leader's abandoned castle. Maybe you can go and ask the Young Lord instead- My mistake, he is now the City Lord. Hahaha he has succeeded his dead father. Xi Riyu has supported him from the back. You could say his ruling is safe."

"The Young Lord did? That boy is indeed a bit capable. Unlike his father, he was filled with a youthful charisma,I am sure he will bring the Underground City a lot of prosperity. But that is not up to our two factions to decide, tell me, how is the Void Dragon Tower currently operating?" Shen Tian asked.

"The Void Dragon Tower has accepted a total of 250 missions as of now, and have completed a vast majority of them, the ones we failed were failed due to incorrect information given to us by the person behind the mission." Ji Xie answered, he was checked over both factions at the same time, so he knew that.

"Good, I will go and meet the Young Lord, make sure you spread the news of me coming out of 'seclusion' known to everyone.I don't want them to get suspicious of me not being here. Me cultivation in seclusion would explain a lot of things." Shen Tian said as he stood up from the chair and stretched his limbs.

"So be it, Lord Tian. Until your return, I shall keep guiding the two factions you have left on my palms." Ji Xie cupped his fists as he said."Ah, also Ji Xie. Due to your immense loyalty, I have decided to give you a gift. There are a lot of treasures inside this Interspatial Ring, which can help you cultivate faster." Shen Tian threw an Interspatial Ring at him, who caught it with a surprised look, before Shen Tian disappeared.


The Young Lord bit his thumb." I don't know how my father dealt with this immense pressure given to the person who is a City Lord...It's been just less than two weeks since I was given the role of it, but I can already feel my lifespan slowly decreasing from the work I have to do." He chuckled. " Ye Shan, I find it odd you can joke about it." Xi Riyu walked into the villa.

"Uncle Riyu, are you really sure you want to enter the City Lord's Villa like this? Aren't the fellas back at the Devil Seeking School getting angry at you being so close to me? If you continue like this, you will lose your role as the Headmaster of the Devil Seeking School sooner than you may think.." The Young Lord's name was actually Ye Shan!

"" I actually have a reason to have come here… Well the Black Lion Family is complaining about having their star still missing. Zhi Ruo has yet to be located even two weeks after the war. They wanted to come here themselves, but I told them I would take care of that, and here I am I guess." Xi Riyu pondered.

None of them knew that Zhi Ruo was practically a double spy, first being a spy for the Supreme Leader, and then a spy for the Demon Sanctuary. It was actually a quite funny thing. Xian Long had messed up all of this purposely, no one even expected her to be a spy for him. But due to his death, Zhi Ruo was not in the open anymore.

"That's quite odd. The last time I saw her, was in the White Monarch's Dungeons, she seemed to be more than lively at the time. I saw her steal a flew glances at the strongest expert after the supreme leader too, Shen Tian." The Young Lord, Ye Shan chuckled and started to joke, his personality had changed after all of this had happened.

He had been numb to his father's death, so the change in personality was his way of dealing with what had happened, he still felt lots of pain and sadness. He however, tried his best to use that sadness and pain to improve the life quality of all the people inside the Underground City, so they could have a better future.

"I will ask the Investigation Department to investigate the details of this. She might unfortunately be dead, but besides me and the Devil Young Master, she was the only one to have a cultivation at the Gold Rank among the Young Generation… Who would have injured a prodigy like her for no reason. Maybe someone was jealous." Ye Shan said.

Xi Riyu nodded," I will leave that up to you then. The Black Lion Family is truly anxious to know what has happened to her. If she is truly dead… Then it would be a shame not just for their family, but also the Underground City as a whole. She was a prodigy among prodigies. Our Underground City has not seen people like her in a very long time."

"Young Lord. We finally meet again." Shen Tian appeared in a flash, earning a surprised look from both Ye Shan and Xi Riyu." I am sorry that I came here without a notice, but I am here to talk about an issue which concerns the future of the Underground Region as a whole I believe." He said.

"Shen Tian?! Come here, there is no need for you to tell us before you come, we will naturally welcome the hero of the Underground Region, you got rid of that … demonic being the Demon Sanctuary summoned, or rather freed from the seal our Supreme Leader had created to seal that abnomation."

Shen Tian walked inside the villa."I am very sad about the lost of Ye Shu, the previous City Lord has done many great things for the Underground City, I hope you can carry your father's legacy and bring the Underground City to another age of prosperity, just like your father did previously." He said.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》