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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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146 War Deity Temple

Shen Tian put an arm through the portal, and felt a sucking energy engulf it. It was pulling him inside the portal, however it was not capable of doing anything to Shen Tian. It could barely hurt Xian Long who was a half Heavenly Star Realm Expert, let alone Shen Tian who was far beyond that right now.

Shen Tian let his Heavenly And Law Energy freely leave his arm, going through the portal."This portal actually goes through the Space Dimension, directly next to the Time Dimension. It's no wonder they say that if you use this portal, there is a high chance you will die.It's very chaotic in the Space Dimension."

"I will leave a clone here, just in case someone comes here. The strength of about the peak of the Demigod Rank should be more than enough. It's enough to deal with Spiritual Gods of the lower tiers like Tong Zhong, not much with stronger Spiritual Gods like Ji Xie although…" Shen Tian said as he made a wood clone.

Not even a moment later, Shen Tian put his entire body inside the portal. The purple spiral energy started to shine even more brightly before it slowly lost the previous shine. The wood clone blankly looked at the portal, it was going to protect the abandoned castle until Shen Tian returned.


His body materialized in another space. He started to move his limbs trying to see if there was anything wrong with his movements, if the space dimension had messed up with his body at all. His worry was for nothing, as it seems that his body was perfectly fine, using Kamui as support had worked perfectly.

Looking around, Shen Tian saw a red sky, unlike the blue sky of the Underground Region and black and gray clouds. It did not seem like the usual clouds of that color, which typically meant a storm, it was as if it had replaced the usual white color of the calm clouds. He looked around a bit more and saw mountains around him.

"This Purgatory Lands does have laws which limit power. However… They are simply too weak to even manage to make a scratch on my soul realm, if I truly want to use my full power, such mere laws cannot stop me from doing it. We will see how much power I will have to use soon." Shen Tian chuckled.

"Intruder! Who are you, and how dare you enter the territory of the War Deity Temple?!" A spear was pointed at Shen Tian, and he could finally recognize what stood behind him, it was a temple among the mountains, standing at the peaks of it. The spear was held by a young man with a white mask, which only had two holes for him to see.

"Intruder?! Who am I? I guess it wouldn't bother to explain all of it to you, would it?" Shen Tian smiled sweetly as he walked towards the spear,"Stand back, otherwise I shall impale you with this spear!" The young man frowned, seeing that his threats were being ignored. Shen Tian did not stop, and his head was pierced by the spear.

" I kindly told you to not move forward. Do not blame me for your death, oh mighty War Deity, bless this tiny soul and send him to the Heaven of Warriors!" The spearman snorted as he withdrew the spear. He was extremely sure that Shen Tian was dead, however his body started to stand still, not falling to the ground.

"By the name of the War God, how the hell is he standing up like that?!" The spearman thrust the other end of his spear towards Shen Tian's body, with an intent to shove it down, but the spear froze movement upon meeting Shen Tian's chest. The spearman widened his eyes in shock," This is just unbelievable!"

He had never seen a person still capable of using Heavenly Energy to protect himself even after being pierced by a spear on his head. "What kind of sorcery is this… This is probably related to the Angel Faction or the Demon Faction, only those two factions are capable of doing something this mysterious!"

Shen Tian's fingers started to move as the corpse's massive hole on the forehead almost immediately healed afterwards.'This fella only has the strength of a peak Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualists… Yet the energy emitting from him is nearly at the intermediate stars of the Legend Rank.'

"How are you capable of doing this, are you from the Angel or Demon Faction?! No… You are a devil, only the Temple Head of our war Deity Temple could survive a blow to his head like that." The spearman started to retreat behind, his body shaking from fear. He was truly afraid of Shen Tian.

"I am no devil… You could call me an Immortal I guess, that's the closest definition to what I am." Shen Tian chuckled,' That is true, I've lived for over a billion years, I'm the only true Immortal in the skies and beyond. I could also be considered the strongest perhaps.' He thought to himself.

The spearman knitted his eyebrows before grasping the spear on his hands tightly. He let a war cry out as he charged towards Shen Tian, thrusting the spear on his hands towards him. Shen Tian snorted,'Although he is stronger than your average Legend Demon Spiritualist, his technique of using a spear is extremely bad!'

Shen Tian could see why people outside the Demon and Angel Faction hated the two factions. Their techniques were far more advanced when it came to practical use. Unlike the War Deity Temple, or any other neutral faction, they had techniques from the Age of Darkness, which the rest lacked.

Shen Tian put a finger forward, stopping the spear by the tip. His Heavenly Energy gushed forward, entering the spear and entering the spearman's body through the contact he had with the spear. Shen Tian nodded,' I see… The War Deity Temple actually worships a Spiritual God of the War Law.'

The War Deity Temple was one of the few neutral factions capable of standing against the Demon or Angel Faction without suffering that much. Their Spiritual God was very strong, even stronger than Ji Xie from what he could experience through the memories of the spearman, who was unconscious currently.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》