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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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147 The Human Territory

The Spearman felt his head go dizzy, as he slowly woke up. Upon fully regaining his consciousness, he remembered how he had gotten inside this situation in the first place. He immediately went to full alert mode, and checked the room he was inside of, for any sign of Shen Tian.

He let out a sigh, realizing that Shen Tian was currently not close to him. The sigh was relaxed, expressing his relief to the fact he no longer had to deal with Shen Tian's scary powers. " Are you searching for someone?" Shen Tian waved his hand in front of the spearman's face, earning a scream from him.

"Devil! The War Deity shall get rid of you soon. HERETIC!" The spearman roared and he formed a stance with his hands, the usual one he'd use when he had a spear on his hands, but the funny part was that his spear was in the next room. Shen Tian was silent, his complexion turning dark.

He raised his hand, and an invisible pressure seeped out of his body, going towards the spearman who awkwardly struggled against the pressure, before being crushed into the bed, incapable of any movement. " I was kind, and spared your life… And this is how you repay me?!" Shen Tian snorted, in all of his lives, people knew how to appreciate their lives.

Although there were cases when they were stubborn, and threatened him, Shen Tian mostly had spared people who actually knew how to value their lives. However, that was a very rare situation, usually he would just kill any opponent of his. The cases were he spared them, was extremely rare!

"First of all, you bloody moron, I do not care about any Pussy Deity which you might worship. I am far stronger than any of them. Entering this Purgatory Lands, the first thing I expected was not a dumb shit like you! You can't even properly hold a fucking spear." Shen Tian started to let out some anger on the poor spearman.

A moment later, he sighed and put his hand over his face."Just forget it… No use getting angry on an idiot like you. I have other problems to take care of." The spearman awkwardly started to sweatdrop. "Before I forget, here I'll remove the pressure off your body." Shen Tian flicked his fingers and the invisible pressure over his body disappeared.

"Thanks…?" The spearman stood up. He no longer was that angry, not that he didn't want to be, just that he was too terrified of what Shen Tian could do if he truly made him angry. When he compared him to the Temple Head of the War Deity Temple was truly a mistake, the immortal in front of him was far more terrifying.

" I see that you are part of the War Deity Temple, a two stars power of the Human Territory?" Shen Tian asked. " Eh? How did you know that, from what I could see from your clothes, you are from the Underground Region where the Angel and Demon Faction come from am I right?" The spearman asked.

"From your tone, I believe I am right. Good. I want you to go to the main headquarters of the War Deity Temple, and tell your Temple Head to come and meet… Give him this stone, just so knows I am not a simple person." Shen Tian took out a dark stone, the same one Ji Xie had used, who had given it to him as a gift and passed it to the spearman.

"Tell him it's a gift from a member of the Demon Faction." He smiled earning a frown from the spearman,'Didn't be basically tell me earlier that he is not part of the Demon or Angel Faction? Why is he telling me to send a gift to the Temple Head with the name of the Demon Faction? Weird…'

Shen Tian did not let the spearman get suspicious, his eyes changed to the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and put the poor spearman into an invisible genjutsu, which could not be noticed unless the person was stronger than him himself, almost impossible in this Purgatory Lands or even the Tiny World.

"Yes… I am sure the Temple Head will enjoy and like your gift, now excuse me Esteemed Young Master Tian, I have to do my job you gave me." The spearman's eyes slightly lost the previous light, but unless one looked to deeply into them, no one would notice anything suspicious or weird with it.

Shen Tian smiled and after a while, similarly to the spearman left the house they were inside. Technically, Shen Tian did not own the house, the house was the spearman's only that he had no time to notice it. He had gone through the poor man's memories and easily found out where the man lived.

The Purgatory Lands was divided in between several factions. Due to the massive amount of factions besides the major ones, they were divided in stars by the Angel and Demon Faction. One star was the Angel and Demon Faction, two stars were the War Deity Temple and four other factions, while three stars were most of the leftover factions, four stars were the weakest factions, and were mostly ignored.

The difference between the other factions and the Angel And Demon Faction was simply staggering. The latter had the most Spiritual Gods, which was obviously explained by the Underground Region's massive area and the Soul Force and Law Energy they took from the surface.

What did Shen Tian plan to do by giving the Spearman the Dark Stone gifted to him by Ji Xie however… Was a plan which would ruin the balance of the Human Territory. Although the Angel and Demon Faction were hegemons of this Purgatory Lands, they would struggle individually when fighting all the other factions put together.

Shen Tian's plan of proclaiming himself to be part of the Demon Faction, could be easily a trigger to send the War Deity Temple to a war with the Demon Faction. It was a known fact that the Spiritual God of the War Law, was a very friendly person with the other 2 and 3 stars factions. If he wa angered, he could easily declare war on the Demon Faction!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》