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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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148 Purgatory Mountain Range

The War Deity Temple was not really known for their incredible numbers, only having about dozen tens of thousands members. Unlike the Demon or Angel Faction, their power relied on their faith in the God Of War, and also they were incredible masterful of the arts of war and fighting.

They knew each other extremely well. Most worshippers of the War Deity, were known for their friendship with each other, they mostly were part of the same family, some even being descendants of the War Deity himself, they were considered the most royal of the royal of the War Deity Temple.

When the spearman, known as Liu Zhang to the locals of the temple, entered the main temple, he was quickly welcomed. It was known that the Temple Head was very kind man, if Liu Zhang wanted to meet him, he would not refuse it. Thus, Liu Zhang, was quickly given a time to meet the Temple Head.

"What brings you here, Liu Zhang? The last time I saw you, it was literally when you were a baby, in your old man's hands. That brings me to deep memories, ah… The old times were indeed good." The Temple Head was an old man, with wrinkles, and looked to be around his eighties.

Liu Zhang smiled weakly, as he walked forward,"Temple Head, I am here to give you a gift given to me by a member of the Demon Faction, he told me that it would greatly help your cultivation. He gave it to me after a very difficult fight between the two of us, perhaps… It may help your cultivation efforts!"

The Temple Head was silent, although he trusted Liu Zhang a lot, he knew that there was no reason for the Demon Faction to be kind to him or any member of the war Deity Temple. The situation between the strongest factions had always been extremely confusing, and a single action could ignite a war!

"Fine, give it to me. Maybe I will indeed have an use for an item like this, perhaps it's truly useful to me. This old man, shall give it a try." The Temple Head extended his wrinkled hand,while Liu Zhang looked at him with blank eyes, as he took out the Dark Stone from his Interspatial Ring. " The Demon Faction had a message for you."

"Really? Tell this old man what they wanted, perhaps it might be of value to our War Deity Temple in the future." The Temple Head raised an eyebrow, as Liu Zhang curled his lips."The Demon Ancestor, sends his regards to you." The Dark Stone shined brightly, sending a massive amount of Heavenly Energy towards the Temple Head.

"You!" The Temple Head let out an enormous roar as the incredible amount of Heavenly Energy engulfed him. He hopelessly struggled against it, truying to lower the injuries the Dark Stone's Heavenly Energy would cause him. "Liu Zhang, you traitor, our War Deity Temple is ashamed to have you part of our faction!" He let out another roar, as Li Zhang's silhouette disappeared.

Little did he know, that all of this was Shen Tian's plan to ignite a war between the neutral factions and one of the two major factions, the Demon Faction. The Angel Faction would benefit the most in this war.The War Deity Temple was engulfed in a sphere of Heavenly Energy, which thankfully only dealt damage to the Temple Head.


The Demon Factions headquarters were inside a city, comparable to Glory City in size, but in terms of population it was far smaller.The city of the Demon Faction, had glorious and high walls. They were guarded by hundreds to thousands of strong men, varying in cultivation, from the Gold To the Legend Rank.

They had several Spiritual Gods, varying from minor laws like Poison, to major laws like Fire. That truly made Shen Tian feel that the Underground Region, together with the Purgatory Lands, were originally not part of the Tiny World, only having joined it at a far later date compared to the rest of the land.

He knew that there could only be a Spiritual God for one law only, but in both realms, that was proven to be wrong. In the Tiny World, you had Yu Yan, the Spiritual God of Fire, while in the Purgatory Lands you had another Spiritual God of Fire. Ji Xie was a Spiritual God Of Darkness, but you also had Nie Li's Law of Darkness. You could even take the Previous Demon Patriarch, who was also a Spiritual God Of Fire like Yu Yan.

Shen Tian walked into the Demon City, a slight disdained expression on his face. Not that it could be seen, since the dark cloak covered his expression. He chuckled upon hearing the news of the Temple Head being severely wounded by the Dark Stone, which had returned to his possession through Kamui.

"Remember what I said? You clones are to go to the Demon City's walls, and start attacking it, only use techniques of the War Deity Temple, and proclaim to have been sent by the Temple Head, under his orders to attack the Demon City. Although that is suspicious, the two parties will soon explode into a war so they won't bother to check the details." Shen Tian ordered over five thousand of his wood clones.

His main body, did not bother to continue staying in the Demon City, already having accomplished his goal. Instead it left, towards the most dangerous area of the Purgatory Lands, known as the Purgatory Mountain Range, situated several hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from human civilization.

His goal was to find the most mysterious and ancient treasure inside the Purgatory Mountain Range, known as the Magma Six Petals Flower, which could only be found in the depth of the Purgatory Volcano which could reach terrifyingly high temperatures, which even Spiritual Gods struggled against.

To Shen Tian, that temperatures was barely anything. He could easily kill the Supreme Leader of the Underground Region, Xian Long with his current strength, let alone dive into the depth of a volcano. Xian Long had almost entered the Heavenly Star Realm before dying, the difference between the two was staggering when comparing dangerousness.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》