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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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149 Soaring Dragon

The last sign of human civilization in the Human Territory's most dangerous spot was a village, which drew the line between the Human Territory and the Demon Beasts Territory, with the latter being far larger than the former, at several millions of kilometers square compared to the former's one million kilometers square territory.

The village was almost abandoned, only old people lived there. Those who had given up in advancing their cultivation or wanted a quiet life, away from the noisy developments of the Human Territory, came here to live. The village had a total population of less than a hundred villagers.

When Shen Tian stepped into the village, he knew that he was not about to see a lively village, but simply a broken down village. Truly, the village was silent, the only noise in several hundred meters was the sound of animals and the wind, which created various and different noises from each other.

"A foreigner I see… What brings you to our broken down village? I do not think we can give you anything you may require, but I will see what the fellow other old people have to give to you in your journey." Shen Tian widened his eyes slightly when he heard a voice from behind him, he had barely sensed the aura of the person before he talked.

No… To be more exact, the old man had hidden his aura until it was almost impossible for him to sense this. His lips slightly curled,'This seems very familiar to the techniques the Valdor Race back at the Valdor Planet used, although their talent was lacking, they made up for that with their Stealth.'

The old man had a slight smile on his face as he walked towards Shen Tian, he felt a little bit proud knowing he had managed to surprise Shen Tian. He could feel that the young teenager in front of him was not as simple as his appearance suggested him to be, he was also quite a handsome lad.

"I am not here to get any resources. I believe you know the way to entering the Purgatory Mountain Range, do you?" Shen Tian turned his body towards the man, who had a sly smile on his face," I suppose I know the way to the Purgatory Mountain Range… But why does a fella like you with a bright future want to waste your life inside it?"

"Well, I shall show you respect and tell you why I want to enter it, although it's not something you should meddle with. I want to enter the Purgatory Mountain Range to pluck the Purgatory Six Petals Flower, for a reason I do not want to tell you. I believe this should be more than enough information for you?" Shen Tian said coldly.

The old man narrowed his glare,"Boy, my son and grandson both lost their lives seeking to pluck the same flower as you, the Purgatory Six Petals Flower is a very dangerous flower. Almost no one alive knows the method to using it to concoct a pill, let alone for medical reasons, so what is your reason for plucking it?"

Shen Tian snorted, his eyes gazing at the depth of the old man's eyes, he noticed the deep resolve inside them."The reason why I want to pluck the Purgatory Six Petals Flower is indeed to concoct a pill for my personal uses. As for the pill formula I want to use, it's really truly not your problem, do not well too much into it."

The atmosphere between the two was truly suffocating to stay in. The old man opened his eyes slowly," I do not accept your reason. I shall not give you the way to enter the Purgatory Mountain Range unless you manage to beat this old man into submission, only then shall I tell you how to enter it!" He said with a snort.

Shen Tian sighed,'I could just use Tsukuyomi or Kotoamatsukami to subdue him and dwell into his memories, but it seems I cannot just ruin the resolve of this old man so easily. So be it, I shall defeat him in a direct battle. Maybe using the Rinnegan for a bit won't hurt. Now with my power being nearly at the Heavenly Fate Realm, I can use it for a very long time quite easily. I will receive no backlash for doing so.'

The old man took a stance, although he felt that Shen Tian was weaker than him, he still did not underestimate him. After living for more than a hundred years, he knew that an opponent who was underestimated, could potentially give you the finishing blow in a matter of seconds after the battle starts.

The wind soared to the high layers of the sky, as Shen Tian's palm clashed with the old man's palm." How about we go for a simple physical fight, I do not want to wake up the other geezers!" The old man grinned as Shen Tian snorted,"If you want to keep it a simple physical fight, so be it." He did not refuse.

Shen Tian shot his foot forward, slamming it at the Old Man's forearm," You are quite good at fighting. Brat, who taught you physical techniques. Even my son or grandson were not better than you even at their peak in terms of physical strength." Although he sounded arrogant, the old man had black spots on the places he received a hit by Shen Tian. The attacks between the two continued for several minutes until Shen Tian jumped back for a moment.

"Since you are such an annoying old man, I shall show you the peak of physical strength. Behold, one of my strongest techniques." Shen Tian made a hand seal as he opened the Gate of Darkness. " I won't play with you anymore. I shall show you the ultimate respect I can show you right now!"

He thrust his fist forward, an a massive black colored energy gathered to create a fist, which was thrust down the old man, who started to sweatdrop," I didn't think we were going to go on and fight like this…" The old man's muscles started to stretch and strengthen, as veins popped out around his body. The image of a wingless dragon materialized behind him as he dashed towards Shen Tian.

"Soaring Dragon!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》