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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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150 Purgatory Shrine

The old man sighed as he extended his arms and feet,"You really defeated me fairly… You have amazed me with the amount of mastery you have shown over physical techniques. You are even better than me in that department, even if I don't really want to admit that." He let out a laugh as he continued the sigh afterwards.

Shen Tian did not stop, despite the old man declaring his defeat,"Oii… You brat I already said you win! Why are you- conti-nuing to -hit me! STOP THIS INSTANT!" The old man delivered a punch at Shen Tian, who just jumped backwards and smirked. " I just wanted to hit you a bit more, it was satisfying."

The old man was covered in bruises. He took several deep breaths before slowly calming down." Forget it, I can't hold it against a member of the young generation. It is unwise of me to play with the feelings of a young teenager." He received another punch, making him move backwards and wince in pain.

Shen Tian did not use much effort,although the old man had quite good physical techniques and strength, his cultivation rank was only at the peak of the Demigod Rank, but he was quite close to the Spiritual God Realm. He seemed to have gained insight in the Law of Force, his body was basically a moving nuclear bomb.

"Now, tell me what is the way to entering the Purgatory Mountain Range." Shen Tian coldly exclaimed as he looked at the old man.The old man looked at him at the same time, and shook his head,"First tell me your name, this old geezer's name is Zhu Xian!" He proclaimed as he held his chest high.

"Shen Tian."

The answer of the young boy made Zhu Xian sweat."Boy… Ah well, you did answer my question. The way to entering the Purgatory Mountain Range is quite simple. I really don't know why you weren't aware of it. I guess the various factions erased that information since it's a dangerous area after all. They don't want folks to go there."

"Will you actually answer my question, and stop avoiding the main issue or do you want me to punch the hell out of you until you truly answer my question? You have three seconds to decide." Shen Tian's face revealed a frown,"That is…" Zhu Xian raised his hand,"One…" He started to sweatdrop.

"Two…" Zhu Xian made a step forward as he said,"Eh… No need to be so quick, I just want to say the story of my life, aren't you willing to listen to an old man's story or what?!" Shen Tian sighed,"So be it, you did not want to listen to my words…" He opened his mouth and was about to mutter the last number.

"FINE! Just wait a moment, I need to find a chair to sit on, you literally probably broke a few bones of mine. This poor old man is a retired cultivator, I do not have the same amount of stamina and energy you young fellow have... " Zhu Xian massaged his back as he walked a bit until he found a chair and brought it close to him.

"Now we can talk." Zhu Xian let out a relaxed sigh. Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, he truly did not feel like wasting so much time. He only had three months here. While he could use Kamui to mess up the Time and Space Dimension, he did not feel like making any mistake and accidentally killing thousands of people for no reason besides his laziness.

"The Purgatory Mountain Range is surrounded by numerous amounts of trees. Although most of the trees are not covered in green leaves, instead they are crimson red and orange, like in autumn. The color of the logs is not brown, due to the temperatures from the nearby volcano, they gain a dark black color to protect themselves from it." Zhu Xian smiled.

"Are you going to get up to the main point or not? I already know how it's surrounded, but tell me the way to actually enter it! That's what I am asking from you." Shen Tian emitted an enormous amount of pressure, not on Zhu Xian but simply in the surroundings around them. He was a bit pissed off.

"Fine… What's up with the young ones of this generation, they are so impatient. I swear my dead son and grandson were more patient that the fellas of this generation. What's wrong with the parents of the current generation, they are spoiling them too much." Shen Tian's left eye twitched, he was really getting annoyed even with his patience of an immortal.

"Listen you brat, the forest which surrounds the Purgatory Mountain Range, just below it, is called the Purgatory Forest, not really that creative but who cares. No one really enters the forest, since it's practically as much dangerous as the Purgatory Mountain Range itself." Zhu Xian said.

"The Purgatory Forest isn't really known for it's demon beasts, since most demon beasts which live close to the border prefer to live inside the mountains, but there are certain demon beasts which are even stronger than some of the Spiritual Gods of the various human territory factions. I swear my name on that."

"The Purgatory Forest, however… has a mysterious shrine in a corner of it, facing a mountain. The others deny the existence of it, but I saw it with my own eyes, I have the best eyesight among all other people of the village, and I'm not even bragging, everyone accepts that fact!" Zhu Xian said.

"However… The shrine was extremely intimidating. Although it's a bit shameful, I peed on my pants… There were massive statues around it, and I truly felt a terrifying presence lock on to me, if I did not leave at that time, I probably would have been killed by that presence. Someone lives inside it!" The old man sighed.

"To prove that I am not wrong, both my son and grandson went together inside the Purgatory Forest. They wanted to go and find this shrine, which I embarrassingly have namd the 'Purgatory Shrine'." Zhu Xian stopped talking, with the intent of resting a little. Shen Tian continued to listen to him.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》