An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
152 Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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152 Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion

"Purgatory Shrine." Shen Tian muttered as the left the village, heading towards the Purgatory Mountain Range, his speed was slightly above the speed of sound. He was not exactly in a rush to reach the Purgatory Mountain Range, although three months were not that much, with this speed he could already be considered to be extremely fast.

From what he understood, the Purgatory Shrine could be could be found in the very depth of the Purgatory Forest, where the forest practically united together with the mountain range. With his speed, he could evade any Demon Beast and quickly reach the place where the shrine was supposed to be. He could maybe find something amazing there.

The various Demon Beasts could only stare at his passing silhouette as he ran past them. They let a roar as they sensed the dangerous presence passing through them. They were warning the other Demon Beasts, but by the time they heard it, Shen Tian had already gone past them, reaching other Demon Beasts.

Shen Tian, had already reached what could be considered the depth of the Purgatory Forest. He stopped running, and started to slowly near the exact area where Zhu Xian had told him was the Purgatory Shrine supposedly. He also asked him, or rather begged him to check if his son and grandson were still alive somehow.

He chuckled,"It seems it's quite natural that no one has ever seen the shrine besides Zhu Xian. There is a barrier which makes the Shrine invisible from the rest of the world. The Purgatory Shrine only can be shown to the world through the barrier once every hundred years. That is about the same time the old fellow saw it."

However, what was a barrier to Shen Tian? With a single wave of his hand, the barrier was shattered, allowing him to freely enter into the shrine. It was indeed as mysterious as Zhu Xian had claimed it to be. But Shen Tian had seen much more intimidating buildings before in his long life of a billion years.

The space between the shrine and him started to whiten, as several words of black text appeared. They hovered in the sky and read,"Purgatory Shrine". It seems it was just a fluke, but Zhu Xian had correctly guessed the name of the shrine. Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, Zhu Xian had not seen this.

Although one could blame the fact that Zhu Xian had almost immediately escaped the Purgatory Shrine, there was something suspicious about this. Was Zhu Xian perhaps cooperating with someone to fool him into coming here? But there was no reason for him to do something like this, the two barely knew each other.

Shen Tian allowed Heavenly Energy to quickly leave his body and seep inside the Purgatory Shrine. He wanted to see if there was any barrier or array stopping him from doing so. His curiosity was answered, when the Purgatory Shrine started to shine in a bright red color, preventing his Heavenly Energy from spreading.h a red color, similar to the color the shrine shone with earlier, now it had returned to its previous state of a green color. Shen Tian did not really put too much thought into that.

Taking a final observing glare at the shrine, he finally decided to walk towards it. The statues seemed as if they were looking at him, their eyes were glowing wit

The gates to the entrance of the Purgatory Shrine slowly opened, revealing a dark passageway. Shen Tian did not dwell into that, and instead coated his body in Chakra and various energies, also using Susanoo to create a thin but effective cloak to protect his body if it was truly required. He had to be careful now.

Shen Tian did not notice a pair of eyes looking at him from several kilometers away. A pair of violet eyes, looking at him with immense interest, as if they were waiting for him to appear. It did not take much longer for the eyes to close, and slowly disappear, no longer hovering in the air.Shen Tian never knew about it.


Shen Tian rolled his eyes as he created purple flames out of nowhere to keep some light for him to see in. His eyes had changed to the Rinnegan, or to be more exact his left eye had, while his right eye was only in his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, which he required to keep Susanoo going on, it was an extraordinary achievement to use Susanoo with a single eye.

His eyes moved around, searching for the slightest proof that there might be a trap around. Until now the dark passageway had continued for what seemed to be kilometers. Shen Tian knew it was an illusion, and the fact was that he had barely moved over a hundred meters, it was a very complicated illusion.

He moved his hand forward, and the Mysterious White Energy bursted out of him, carefully moving in this dark passageway. The roar of a demon beast was heard,"As expected, there is a massive chamber after this dark passageway, it was wise for me to use a clone to test it first. I need to be careful now. This Demon Beast has the power just slightly weaker than a four stars Heavenly Fate Realm Cultivator."

Shen Tian, despite sensing the Demon Beast, simply opened the Gates of Void, up to the Gate Of Light, the second one and cracked his neck. He simply felt excited. He had not fought someone worthy of having him use more than a percent of his strength recently. Zhu Xian had only forced him to use a quarter of a percent in the fight.

He slowly walked into the chamber, his eyes fully changing into the Rinnegan, he did not require the help of the Susanoo right now. The Demon Beast in front of him was a Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion. They could reach up to the peak of the Heavenly Fate Realm if the texts he had read before were correct.

Shen Tian had a happy expression as his lips slightly curled,"It seems the two of us, demon beast and human are fated to fight each other today! I usually am not really excited about fighting someone, but I've been itching for a fight recently, you might just satisfy me for a week or so Demon Beast!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》