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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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154 Creator Of the Shrine

The Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion was covered in a blue liquid as it released a final roar, too exhausted to continue the fight. " This is enough… I shall allow you entrance to the next level of the Shrine, hopefully you can manage to reach the final level, you are indeed more than qualified to do so."

Shen Tian smirked,"At least you were slightly challenging, the person I previously fought a few dozens of minutes ago, was not that challenging compared to you." He stretched his limbs,"I'm curious, can you tell me how many levels or stages does this Purgatory Shrine have?" The Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion looked at him, slowly healing it's wounds.

"I cannot truly answer that question with the right answer, not only does the creator of the shrine not permit me to do so, but I also want to see just how far you can go, if you die it'll intrigue me for a while." The Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion let out a massive laugh, earning a frown from Shen Tian.

Without bothering to wait anymore, Shen Tian exhausted the last remaining law energy he had available on his hands and walked towards the next dark passageway, which led to the next level. He, once again did not notice the violet eyes observing him from a corner of the chamber, neither did the demon beast.


"The wheels of fate are rotating finally… Although the end is quite near, the creation of the first one indeed continues to surprise me. A total of nine hundred and ninety nine million years here, in this Purgatory Shrine, did not disappoint us. The first one, the creator of I, was truly incredible… He still is…"

Darkness enveloped the final floor of the shrine.The same familiar violet eyes which had observed Shen Tian twice by now, appeared once again.The darkness slowly disappeared, revealing a young man wearing a white robe. Crimson red hair which were spiky appeared, with the bearing of an Immortal.

"When he first came to the Tiny World, to create this separate region, the Underground Region as the locals call it, I found it extremely weird. A random world, inside a random realm, inside a random universe… What could have led the strongest, the mightiest… Of every creature in this multiverse here?"

"Who would have thought, that he would predict that another person with the same power as him would appear in this backwater realm. Truly amazing, he is indeed worthy of being my creator, but am I worthy of being his clone…? His soul clone… That's truly an enormous weight on one's back."

" I truly cannot comprehend how dumb those humans of the Purgatory Lands and the Underground Region are. I guess they have never read the ancient notes… It's stated there that a law can only have one Spiritual God… But that all changes when you enter the Underground Region and the Purgatory Lands."

" I am not allowed to leave the Purgatory Shrine for a very long time, so I have to resort to sending clones, just like my original. It's actually quite laughable. As a soul clone, I have existed for millions of years… But I have yet to crack even the weakest array inside this shrine, but Shen Tian did it instantly."

" I guess that extra million years he lived made the difference between the two of us." The soul clone chuckled as he looked at Shen Tian going through the levels of the Purgatory Shrine from an invisible window,"Sadly, he is still too weak when compared to me in this life. Using the cultivation realms of this universe… My energy is not fully charged after a billion years… You could compare my strength to the Sage Emperor I believe… But that is only due to the passage of time!"

"Now… It's time to help him achieve the breakthrough to the next realm, he has held back for far too long. The cultivation realms won't wait for him...Nine Fate Souls,Nine Fate Stars. Let's destroy the customs of this world shall we?! DEMAND SOMETHING HIGHER! ACHIEVE SOMETHING HIGHER!"


Shen Tian raised an eyebrow, as he slammed an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy into a wall.He had finally felt someone observing him. The most weird thing was that his Spiritual Sense did not register the person who was observing him, instead his awareness just acted on it's own.

He growled, he did not like the feeling of being so powerless. He spread the Mysterious White Energy out of his body, in search of the presence of that person who had observed him so many times by now. All he found was simply the walls of the shrine, as if it was just a simple shrine with no secrets.


He continued to bombard the walls of the dark passageway around him with the Mysterious White Energy, eventually even mixing Heavenly Energy with it. He used Primal Chaos and Void Law Energy to strike the walls, which started to reveal a few cracks,'As I thought, the building is far older than the arrays…'

"Fine… I believe I am quite close to the final stage, perhaps my questions will be answered there." Shen Tian snorted as he retracted his Heavenly Energy and the various energies he had sent out, and at the speed of sound started to walk towards the last level of the Purgatory Shrine with a cold expression on his face.

His eyes changes to the Rinnegan as he extended both arms forward, his eyes widening as he shouted,"Shinra Tensei!"The Purgatory Shrine started to rumble as it shook from the massive pressure it was being affected by. The arrays of the shrine started to immediately be put to work as they protected the shrine.

"Now...I have left my mark on this shrine, how does this feel oh mighty ruler of this shrine?!" Shen Tian snorted as he moved into the final stage of the Purgatory Shrine, and he heard a cheerful laugh,"How do I, the mighty ruler feel? I do not think I can really answer that one question of yours, Shen Tian."

"I finally can see the face of the person who has kept observing me non-stop in this little journey of mine. Are you perhaps a phedophile? That would explain why you kept looking at me with such eyes… Truly you are a disgusting example as a human to others. " Shen Tian said with a cold tone.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》