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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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156 A dying star

"You definitely did not put your own light style into that… Where did you get a fragment of an actual dying star?! That definitely was unexpected… No wonder you managed to wound me, a simple Light Style - Supernova wouldn't manage to give me such severe wounds." Ryu Otsutsuki started to complain as he waved his hand.

"The fragment of a dying star… I found that inside the Undying Cycles Realm. I believe you already know of it, since you were able to predict the fact that I've lived for more than a billion years then." Shen Tian stated a fact, and Ryu grinned," The original told me about it. Oh, the original is the one who created me."

`The Truth is just that I was caught off guard, if you wanted to defeat me with that same attack, it wouldn't do anything to me anymore, I'd use another Wood Style technique to overpower your Light Style- Supernova.' Ryu thought.

"I presume the original also told you about my existence… I am quite curious of your original now. I want to see him face to face. Maybe I will learn why I failed in making the multiverse twice in all my four lives. Maybe I can finally attain that final breakthrough to the realm where no one has touched before!" Shen Tian had an excited expression on his face.

Ryu scratched his head nervously," I can't speak much about my original, not only does he not allow me to,but even I myself am limited of that information, I basically know nothing about him. He limited the amount of memory I get from him since the moment I was born sadly…" He bitterly said.

Shen Tian looked at him and frowned,"Well I am now quite curious about the secret inside the core of this Purgatory Shrine, may you lead me to there?" Ryu's eyes brightened up as he nodded with excitement,"I can! Follow me, it's not a very long path to there." He immediately started to run.


Far away from the Purgatory Shrine, somewhere deep inside the Purgatory Mountain Range… In a place where a limited amount of humans had ever stepped inside of, the roar of a Demon Beast was heard. The Demon Beasts around that place started to escape the surrounding area, in fear of being killed.

A massive mountain was flung into the air, several thousands of meters of a mountain was thrown into the air… If a human expert tried to do something like that, they would need to waste a terrifying amount of effort to achieve it, yet this was done so effortlessly, as if it treated this like a game…

"Humans… You shall be exterminated, our Demon Beast Clan has suffered far too much from tiny creatures like you! We the Demon Beasts are the absolute rulers of the Purgatory Lands… And I shall regain and reclaim the entire lands of this Purgatory Lands for our kind to thrive in!"

A limb covered in dark scales appeared from the massive hole left behind by the mountain, and slammed itself into the surrounding trees. In comparison, the arm looked way larger than several tens of thousands of trees alone. "Soon… That tiny Supreme Leader has already fallen! It's our time to rule the Purgatory Lands!"


'The wheels of fate were moving… But was everyone moving at the same pace? Was someone faster and another slower…? Fate was not kind to everyone in this world… Everyone was given the same chance, but the ability of a person to continue in this road of cultivation was harsh, even for the most confident cultivator of this realm."


Shen Tian walked behind Ryu Otsutsuki, who was cheerfully leading him towards the core of the Purgatory Shrine. It was incredibly deep inside the ground, if he had to guess, then he would say that they had already gone at least six kilometers deep inside the ground, including the deepness of the Underground Region, they were already fifty kilometers and more underground!

"We finally are here! You see that corner over there, which has a red circle around it? Go sit there." Ryu grinned as he pointed at a corner of the small room they had entered after a while. Shen Tian was not tired at all, and neither was Ryu. Shen Tian nodded and walked towards the red circle, and sat with his legs crossed with each other.

"Ah, there is also another reason why I led you to here… Don't be mad with me pleaseeee!" Ryu Otsutsuki sheepishly smiled as he scratched the back of his head. Shen Tian raised an eyebrow."You see, when the original sealed me here, he also sealed an enormous amount of energy… Which you will soon fully absorb!" He grinned.

Shen Tian widened his eyes as the circle started to shine in a white light, it rose to the sky, forming a barrier with a round shape, making it impossible for him to escape it. He struggled for a while before sighing,"Just focus on absorbing the energy, otherwise you are going to just make it harder for yourself, Shen Tian." Ryu said with a smirk on his face.

"You… Bastard… You definitely are enjoying all of this aren't you?! Seeing me panic like this definitely must make you feel happy!" Shen Tian growled as he did not bother to struggle anymore and crossed his legs with each other and closed his eyes, ready to start absorbing the energy which was bursting out from the ground.

It did not take a lot of time for the Heavenly Energy which was coming out of the ground to seep inside his soul realm, a fate soul was quickly formed. Soon, a second one was formed, then a third one, a fourth… A fifth… Shen Tian could feel incredible power enter his body without stop, as if he couldn't stop it on his own.

Ryu Otsutsuki's lips started to curl in happiness,"This is truly the successor the original has chosen… Such incredible absorbing abilities, any other cultivator would have already explored from having his soul realm bombarded with so much Heavenly Energy, yet he's absorbing it so effortlessly it's astonishing."

Without Ryu noticing, the Mysterious White Energy,Chakra and various different energies mixed together, and started to influence the fate souls inside Shen Tian to change. By the time the fate souls had reached a number of nine, the influence had fully changed every Fate Soul, and Ryu finally noticed it!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》