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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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158 A Dragooooooooon.

Shen Tian felt his hair freely wave in the air as the roar of the Demon Beast engulfed him and Ryu who was laughing like a madman. "This is a true Dragon! Although the impurities inside it's blood are truly a lot, it's still considered a Dragon, you have to fight an actual Dragon my little friend here!"

The dark blue haired young boy frowned as he set his eyes on the massive creature in front of him, compared to the Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion, it was literally four times as large, it made it look like a baby when put next to the Dragon in front of him."A Wind Lightning Dragon, can reach up to the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm… An interesting choice to make me fight with indeed."

"Human… I haven't seen your kind here since that foolish one sealed me here." The dragon finally calmed down and put his head above one of his arms."Ah excuse me… Perhaps it would be better to talk with each other at the same size and form." A light engulfed his body as it started to get smaller and smaller and change.

Long hair started to make itself present to this world, with the color of dark purple. The long hair was very silky, and a piece of it created two horns, which soon separated from the hair and took a reddish color. A bored expression appeared on the transformed dragon's newly gained human female form.

She could be considered beautiful to a level of Yu Lan's level. Both of them were peerless women, in fact the horns on her head just made her look far more beautiful. " You can call me Xiao Qing'er." She said with a yawn," I suppose you are here to defeat me so you can reach the treasury left behind by the creator of this shrine right?"

Shen Tian coldly glared at her, he was not affected by her beautiful appearance in the slightest, in fact he did not feel like wasting any time. "Your guess is indeed right. Ryu, this retarded man next to me told me that I have to defeat you so he can be finally free from the bindings of the Purgatory Shrine."

She waved her purple hair as she looked at Shen Tian,"You seem smarter than most of the humans I've meet over my long life…" Xiao Qing'er walked more closer to him,"Tell me your name human, your eyes are of an interesting color, they amuse me." Shen Tian frowned, why did she care about his eyes, she changed the subject too easily.

"Do not concern yourself with my eyes, as for your first question, my name is Shen Tian, I am not here to get familiar with you. Do not forget we are opponents, I have to fight you right now, and no amount of flattery can save you from losing this fight." Shen Tian exclaimed as he took a fighting stance, ready to engage in a fight.

Xiao Qing'er sighed, shrugging. " We can fight whenever you want. I just wanted to have a proper chat after so many million years. That fella next to you isn't exactly the best for stuff like a serious discussion." Shen Tian did not answer,'It turns out that even Demon Beasts which can live for millions of years do get lonely sometimes.'

" I do feel a bit sad for you, but I am here to accomplish my goal. I do not have time to discuss with you about whatever subject you want to." Shen Tian did indeed feel a bit of sadness for Xiao Qing'er, but he had a goal. Some mere demon beast talking about sadness did not change that fact at all.

The dragoness smiled, "Fine. If I want I want to hold a proper discussion with someone, if I lose you can pass through this level." Shen Tian did not answer instead he clasped his hands with each other, as wood started to spurt out of the ground, he was trying to grab into Xiao Qing'er tightly, to not allow her to escape.

Xiao Qing'er waved her hand, and numerous waves of wind started to gather to create a tornado which flew towards Shen Tian. He thrust a palm forward and the wood gathered to block the tornado. However, it was covered in scratches, getting cut in each side before it burst out, it was too weak to contain the tornado.

Xiao Qing'er put her two hands together, only leaving a small space between the two hands, and created a small ball of yellow and blue color."Lightning Cloud!" She exclaimed as she threw the small ball in the air, and it started to randomly shot lightning at Shen Tian who jumped backwards to dodge it.

'She's actually capable of keeping with ten percent of my full strength.' Shen Tian was slightly amazed. Even though he knew that Dragons were considered to be one of the strongest races among the Demon Beast Clan, this was indeed astonishing to him. He finally could afford to use more than ten percent of his strength against an opponent.

Shen Tian thrust his fist forward, and the ground shook, rumbling without stop. Ryu jumped backwards, not wanting to be caught in this mess, a grin appeared on his face. He was enjoying this to his fullest attention. Xiao Qing'er made a dash forward, and breathed out, releasing a cold gust of wind.

Shen Tian's extended fist burst out with Primal Chaos Law Energy and Void Law Energy, creating a massive vortex, Xiao Qing'er widened her eyes in astonishment as she used Wind Heavenly Energy to stop the vortex from hitting her, without much success. Much to her surprise, Shen Tian stopped the technique.

Although she was indeep surprised at why he had stopped it, she didn't have the luxury and time to ask him why, as she was immediately faced with twenty five waves of fire and ice. She had to dodge each wave in panic, even getting hit by several of them, she managed to dodge only a quarter of the total!

She snorted after finally facing the full barrage of waves. Her body started to deform, until it entered her Demon Beast form once again.Scales started to appear all over her body as it suddenly grew to the size of a mountain easily, in fact when it stopped growing, it was as big as two mountains put together.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》