An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
159 Any Ideas what to title my chapters?
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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159 Any Ideas what to title my chapters?

Xiao Qing'er gasped for breath as Shen Tian continued to thrust his fists forward, creating several waves of energy. His Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire were hovering in the air. " You are a madman!" Xiao Qing'er complained as her massive body was incapable of dodging the attack Shen Tian was sending her.

Shen Tian did not answer, and he instead grabbed the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire, slashing both of them, two enormous waves of Ice and Fire were sent forward. Xiao Qing'er groaned,"I just wanted to talk with you, you just had to escalate it a fight just because of the secret which lies beyond this door!"

"Will you surrender and allow me to go through your stage, or do you want us to continue this battle?" Shen Tian eased his guard slightly, and Xiao Qing'er sighed,"Since we already started this battle… Let's say I do not want it to end so easily!" She let out a burst of Lightning Heavenly Energy at Shen Tian, who dodged it easily.

"I assume your answer is no. That makes it more difficult for both of us." Shen Tian said as his eyes changed to the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. He looked at Ryu Otsutsuki for a short moment before focusing on Xiao Qing'er. She switched to her human form, as it only made it easier for Shen Tian to battle her in her dragon form.

Most men would be affected by her beautiful appearance, but Shen Tian did not even flinch, he even started to slash the blades on his hands, making the dragoness groan once again. She was being severely outclassed in most departments of the fight. She was being practically overwhelmed in the full meaning of it!

She barely dodged the Divine Ice Blade,and jumped backwards. Opening her mouth she spat out a massive amount of lightning, which shot forward towards Shen Tian, who blocked it with a single finger, not leaving even a single scratch on the surface of the skin of his finger. He was in another level.

With a single push, she managed to burst out forward, and slam her tender palm on Shen Tian's chest, however not only did he not block it, he even jumped forward, earning a surprised glare from her. Caught a bit shocked, Xiao Qing'er did not expect the Divine Ice Blade to return and almost cut her from behind, she was forced to move left to dodge it.

Shen Tian started to shake his head,"If you want to defeat me with that amount of strength, you should just give up. Ever since we began fighting, I've always kept the advantage and the upper hand, while you keep being forced to defend. None of your attacks have had an effect on me… It's hopeless."

Xiao Qing'er bit her lower lips as she sat down, sweat falling down from her face. " I agree. You have managed to defeat me very convincingly, there is not much I can to defeat you right now. I am quite curious right now, just how high is your cultivation to be able to defeat me so easily?!" She asked.

Shen Tian chuckled,"My cultivation… Let's say it's far higher than yours. It's at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm." He exclaimed, earning a shocked expression from Xiao Ning'er. " You look so young… How the hell have you managed to breakthrough to the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm so quickly?!"

"Now, since you are allowing me to leave the level you control, I want to check what lies beyond those doors. Ryu said the treasury of the Purgatory Shrine is inside it, but I simply do not believe it is as simple as he claims it to be." Shen Tian said as he walked past Xiao Qing'er, Ryu following him slowly.


Purgatory Mountain Range.

Somewhere deep inside the mountains of the Purgatory Lands, a dark black haired man silently oversaw the sight in front of him. He was sitting on a golden throne,and below him were dozens of demon beasts. " Our lord! You have finally came back to save us from our misery, humans keep pushing us outside our territory!"

"Shut up." The dark black haired man muttered two words, which silenced everyone present here. The doors to this throne room, opened and a figure walked forward. Unlike the others, he did not have a Demon Beast form, and he was a human. Unlike the first one, he had long blue hair and a majestic aura.

"I see that you are still standing as strong as ever, my old friend." The black haired man stated with a snort, the blue haired man frowned,"Lu Tong, we both know that we are not friends, let alone OLD friends." Lu Tong was the name of the dark black haired man who was sitting on the throne.

"You are as negative as always, Long Xi." Lu Tong stated as he stared at Long Xi, the name of the blue haired man. "Well, you abandoned our Demon Beast Clan for over ten thousand years, only to reappear today, how do you think I feel about all of this right now, Lu Tong?!' Long Xi snorted.

"We both know that I did not abandon our Demon Beast Clan for no reason. The experts of those ancient factions attacked me together, as the strongest expert of the Demon Beast Clan, and the only one beyond the Heavenly Fate Realm at the time, what did you expect me to do my friend?!" Lu Tong yawned.

Long Xi walked forward, and his eyes meet with Lu Tong's eyes."Ten Thousand years… You are telling me that it took you ten thousand years to remove the seal they put on you?! You couldn't even send a flare to tell us where you are, so we could come and save you from that place in the first place?!" Anger entered Long Xi's face.

Lu Tong deepend his own frown,"That is enough! As the Patriarch of the Demon Beast Clan, I do not permit you to show such a discussion in front of me, enough is enough! Long Xi I demand you return back to your room, you shall stay there until further notice by me!" He growled.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》