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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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160 Treasury

Shen Tian put a palm forward, and sent a burst of soul force towards the gates, making them open in an instant. He did not require using Heavenly Energy in a situation like this, Soul Force was more than plenty enough. He looked at Ryu who sent a grin at him, he did not seem cautious at all.

"Let's see what can possibly remove the chains tying you to this Purgatory Shrine now then." Shen Tian said with a snort, Ryu smiled,"The original has told me that the item which can free me lies beyond the gates you opened, so it shouldn't take a long time for us to find out where that item is."

Their footsteps were the only thing to be heard, and suddenly Xiao Qing'er ran towards them,"I'm not going to stay here and suffer in silence! I also want to see what lies beyond those gates I've protected for more than nine hundred and ninety nine million years!" She pouted and grabbed Shen Tian's sleeve.

The young boy frowned,"Get yours hands out of my clothes!" He threatened, but Xiao Qing'er just rolled her eyes,"Or what, you are going to scorch me alive or something?" It seems a proud dragon had never seen what an angry person was capable of doing to somebody else, Shen Tian did not care.

" If you do not… release me from your grip, I will take physical actions towards you." Shen Tian narrowed his eyes. He did not like the close physical attention Xiao Qing'er was showing him. He already had a girlfriend, and even if she did not mean it in a way like that, she was indeed doing it indirectly.

Xiao Qing'er and Shen Tian looked at each other's eyes, neither were willing to surrender. Xiao Qing'er had almost one billion years of boredom to fight against Shen Tian with, while Shen Tian had a billion years of knowledge and wisdom. Eventually, Xiao Qing'er pouted before looking away,"Fine have it your way for now…"

She stopped grabbing his sleeve, and retreated to a corner, she was still not going to give up on following them though. Shen Tian just shook his head,"Some people just can't help themselves…" And started to walk inside the gates, he noticed massive amounts of various treasures on the ground.

"Seems your original,Ryu, didn't really care about any of the stuff he left behind here. You can tell. He didn't even bother to actually create a place to put the rarest treasures, or put them in different rooms and name them." Shen Tian reached a conclusion after walking through it for a while. Ryu agreed with him.

Shen Tian looked at a treasure and widened his eyes,"THIS! Impossible, how is my former sword here?!" Shen Tian would never mistake his treasured sword, which had accompanied him for almost a billion years. He was extremely sure that his treasured sword was actually inside this Purgatory Shrine's Treasure Room.

He dashed towards a corner of the room, and grabbed a black handle, with several gems as decoration.He pulled the handle up, and revealed the blade of the sword. His eyes only continued to widen in astonishment,'How the hell did that bastard manage to recover my sword from that place I died?!'

The blade of the sword was slightly worn out, probably due it being used for over a billion years, and had a black color. " I need to use some materials to fix the tip and some parts and it can actually be used once again. I thought that everything I had outside my soul had been already destroyed, but it seems I was wrong."

Ryu Otsutsuki and Xiao Qing'er came closer to him, both had a curious expression on their faces. "What is this sword, Shen Tian?" They asked at the same time. Shen Tian looked at them, not really bothering to respond, but eventually sighed,"This… I want to take this sword, and you can't stop me." He glared at them.

"Everything in this Treasure Room is yourself, the original told me to give all of it to you, so I can't be asked about this. I only want the one treasure which can free me, and that is temporary, since I only need it to free myself, and it can be done in a single use of it." Ryu said,"You can have the sword or anything else you want."

Shen Tian nodded, a small smile appeared on his face. The amount of treasures exceeded any amount he had seen in this world before, in fact it was even comparable to a lot of the treasure rooms he had seen in his second or third life, even exceeding some of the greatest of the ones he had seen and explored.


Shen Tian fully wiped the treasures of the Purgatory Shrine's Treasure Room, and had left the shrine recently. He had asked Ryu about the grandson and son of Zhu Xian, but he shook his head saying that he had not seen any human for over a hundred years, when Zhu Xian himself had come here.

This only had everything much more complicated. If Zhu Xian had a grandson and a son, why did he lie? After all, Zhu Xian himself was a Demigod, his son and grandson should also be Demigods, the outer layers of the Purgatory Forest did not have a very dangerous existence, which could kill them…

This all made Shen Tian think that someone was sewing a trao either against him, or against Zhu Xian, or even both of them. With a frown on his face, he spread his Spiritual Sense and snorted. This was not the way to entering the Purgatory Mountain Range. Indeed, you could ender it through this way, but… It led you to the Demon Beast Clan's headquarters!

This meant, Zhu Xian had lied to him… But that made no sense, he barely knew Zhu Xian, in fact he barely knew anyone from the Purgatory Lands, his contacts were limited to Zhu Xian, the spearman who was named … He forgot, and no one else. Unless… He started to laugh madly, now all of this made a lot more sense… It was obvious…

So obvious… The one who did all of this was...
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》