An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
161 Final Chapter Of The Week....Sad News in AN
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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161 Final Chapter Of The Week....Sad News in AN

Shen Tian walked towards the village he first came before entering the Purgatory Forest. Zhu Xian had a lot of questions to answer for him… Depending on how he answered, he might as well die, he had an unexpected person traveling together with him, Xiao Qing'er, who wanted to come with him no matter what…

"You know you are going to really go through a lot of problems just for coming with me. My girlfriend soon to be wife is really going to get curious about your background. You have the same surname and almost the same name, Qing,Ning, a letter difference, but it's actually way different meaning." Shen Tian said.

Xiao Qing'er looked at him and smiled," I want to meet your girlfriend, I bet she is a really awesome person! I've been trapped inside the Purgatory Shrine's deepest level for far too long. I want to meet new people… And your friends are no difference, but my pride as a dragon… Is a different thing." She also wanted to scorch everyone alive with her non existent flames.

"Her soul attribute is also Wind Lightning, you are a Wind Lightning Dragon. You could be the perfect Demon Spirit for her until the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm." Shen Tian looked away,Xiao Qing'er paled. She could not escape Shen Tian if he decided to make her Xiao Ning's Demon Spirit, hse could not even struggle against him.

"Well… Unfortunately for you… Or maybe fortunately? She already has a stronger Demon Spirit, so there is no need for you." Xiao Qing'er gained a tick mark on her forehead. She suddenly felt the urge of accepting the role as Xiao Ning's demon spirit, that hurt her pride as a Demon Beast and most importantly as a True Dragon!

"So what are we going to do here? You didn't really tell me a lot about the Purgatory Lands… It has changed plenty ever since I came here, but it's odd. When I was sealed by the original Ryu nine hundred and ninty nine million years ago, the same village you mentioned earlier existed. This makes no sense. Even the person you told me about, did exist." She said.

Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, no man could live for more than a billion years without actually becoming a true Immortal. Based out of the Purgatory Lands power limit, the strongest being could not exceed the Heavenly Axis Realm, let alone the level of an actual Immortal like Shen Tian in his previous life.

In Shen Tian's peak in his third life, the Sage Emperor could not even qualify to become a servant of a servant's servant inside Shen Tian's palace. He could not even become a lackey to a servant! This only showed how formidable Shen Tian's true strength in his third life was before he died from that accident.

Thus, for someone to continue living for such a long time, it was nearly impossible. Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, he had a guess to why this had happened. One of the treasures he had taken from the Treasury of the Purgatory Shrine, was a book, which spoke about mythical treasures capable of making a person live for millions of years.

But every treasure like that, required an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy to even agree to form the slightest connection together with the owner of that Heavenly Energy. For such a treasure to appear in this remote village, the chances were almost null. But that did explain a lot, like for example how Zhu Xian had appeared behind him so easily.

"This explains a lot. When I first came to that village, Zhu Xian effortlessly managed to appear behind me. I originally thought that was due to a stealth technique, but it seems that was not the case. I had noticed a tear in the Space and Time Dimension, this only leads to me to believe the village is an artifact!" Shen Tian exclaimed.

"Using the artifact, the owners have managed to re-create the same appearance of the village, and coincidentally each owner has had the same appearance… Or the artifact's side effect is to take that appearance." Shen Tian did not doubt the fact that the treasure could potentially exist, he had seen such treasures.

For example,the Yin Yang Emperor back at the Ancestral Profound Dimension in one of his universes back then, had managed to craft an artifact which could use his Spiritual Energy to fuel the machinery, a massive castle which could hover in the air, and actually fly through space to reach another planet. He had been inspired by the human rockets.

Xiao Qing'er groaned,"If what you have told me is true, then you have a lot of trouble in front of you. But there is one problem, the names do not math. Although this empress here did not spend a lot of time in that village, I did get to know the name of the person you claim to be named Zhu Xian… It was Zhu Wu."

Shen Tian chuckled,"This makes more and more sense. This is probably an artifact passed through the Zhu Family, a family which can face the War Deity Temple or even the Angel and Demon Faction alone. It's an ancient hidden family which stays in a corner of the Human Territory, even before Xian Long had created it!"

When Ryu Otsutsuki had created the Purgatory Lands, and further parts of it,he had also created a few humans to live here, a part of which died and another part created the Zhu Family. A family which actually had people who had awakened their Spiritual Roots and could cultivate the Heavenly Energy in the air.

The Zhu Family, was also the one which the spearman he had controlled before, knew the least from the factions of the Human Territory. Shen Tian had absorbed more knowledge when he had actually taken the memories from a faction which were close allies with the Zhu Family. Shockingly, the family had connections with the Demon Beasts!

At the time, he had not cared that much about it, since the Zhu Family had not really offended him or anyone else he cared about, but now that Zhu Xian had tried to kill him, it had affected his performance quite a lot."Zhi Ruo… You could also say she's part of the Zhu Family, Zhu Ruo, that snake!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》