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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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Zhu Xian knitted his eyebrows,"Where are my grandson and son! You promised me that if I do what you told me to, you would free them!" He slammed his hands on the table on front of him, but it did not affect the other figure, sitting in the other side of the table in a chair at the least. The figure was covered by a dark cloak, but it's eyes were visible.

"Zhu Ruo… We agreed on the deal! You wanted the boy for yourself, while I wanted my family back. I have given the Zhu Family far too much reputation for you to lie to me like this, I will complain to your father once I return to the family. Do not underestimate me, even if I have retired for so long, I won't allow a member of the young generation to bully me, do you understand?!"

Zhu Ruo removed the cloak from her head, revealing a beautiful face, which seemingly belonged to a fairy. Although she was extremely beautiful, she lwas still lacking when compared to Yu Lan,Xiao Ning'er or Xiao Qing'er, heck even Ye Ziyun was slightly more beautiful than her right now.

"My father is current in closed seclusion, trying to breakthrough to the Heavenly Star Realm, you who are merely at the peak of the fifth star of the Heavenly Fate Realm is not really qualified to go and interrupt him. The only thing which gives you your power is the ancient artifact you got from your relatives." She said with a sweet voice, which faked the words she told.

Although Zhu Xian was angry, it was true that Zhu Ruo knew how to deal with him. " My grandson and son did nothing wrong… You even made me trick a little young man like that boy! For the long one thousand years I have existed, this artifact I current possess has given me the power to do whatever I want… But you are a snake!"

"My grandson is only thirty years old, while my son is only two hundred and fifty years old, they both are innocent, you can take me as a hostage instead, heck, I will even do missions you give me for free, just free them…" Zhu Xian slightly softened as he changed the method he was using to approach this issue.

Zhu Ruo smiled, a smile which could only belong to a fairy. Yet, Zhu Xian was disgusted by her. She was called the most beautiful young girl inside the Zhu Family, even one of the most beautiful young girls inside the entire Purgatory Lands, yet she was also a venomous snake approaching her next target.

"Your son and grandson are currently safe… But I cannot say the same if you continue to act like this towards me, I only want my sweetheart Shen Tian to be with me, you don't know how heart broken I was when he suddenly disappeared from the Underground Region. I had to act as that dirty man, Xian Long's spy for so long! " She said.

"That beast who looked like a man, forced me to use a heavenly treasure just so I could preserve my purity… I wanted a man like Shen Tian to take it, but he kept and kept refusing me! It truly angered me… I want to teach him a lesson before I accept him back, into my embrace." She smiled once again.

"I did not expect you to actually take what I said earlier to be a signal for you to kill him! You truly are dumb, if that Purgatory Shrine really exists, then my sweet Shen Tian is in danger! He might be able to almost defeat my father, but that does not mean he can freely enter that shrine as he would like to!" She growled.

"You actually sent him towards his death! That Purgatory Shrine is something even my father told me to never enter it, because even he as a peak Heavenly Fate Realm Cultivator was simply incapable of entering that shrine, he could only silently wait until it had appeared to actually enter it. Even then he only passed through a few stages of it!"

"Now I can only silently wait for him to come out of the Purgatory Shrine, and he might actually be suspicious of you. You need to be ready, if he does indeed come out without many injuries, then it means he did not breakthrough many stages, and he has reserved most of his Heavenly Energy, he will be a huge threat to you!"

Zhu Xian snorted," I will be back at the Village once again, but if I find out that you have mistreated either my son or grandson or both of them… I won't be as cooperative as I might be now, just be careful of your back, Zhu Ruo, you might be a snake but you don't go and provoke a dragon!" He exclaimed.

If he only knew the irony behind those last words he had told Zhu Ruo. Shen Tian was literally coming together with a dragoness to demand an explanation from him. With Shen Tian's current strength, let alone a Heavenly Fate Realm Expert or a Heavenly Star Realm Expert, even cultivators at the Dao of Dragon Realm had to be wary of him, since he could easily defeat most of them now!

Xiao Qing'er could even achieve a breakthrough to the Heavenly Axis Realm at any time she wanted to, merely, the restrictions of the Purgatory Land would immediately attack her, and she would be severely limited in terms of what she could do with the abilities of a Heavenly Axis Realm, the rules were far harsher towards Demon Beasts.

Usually, Demon Beasts of that level, were limited in the amount of destruction they could cause to the Purgatory Lands, but that did not affect their slaughter of humans. The war between humans and demon beasts had only slightly extinguished when Xian Long, the supreme leader had carved a part of the territory for the human race.

Since then, Demon Beasts had been silent, waiting for the revive of their leader Lu Tong, who could easily defeat Xian Long if both of them fought each other when they were at their peak. While Xian Long was a half step Heavenly Star Realm cultivator, Lu Tong was a true Heavenly Star Realm Demon Beast!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》