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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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Shen Tian narrowed his eyes,"What is the meaning of this, I have been purposely being so slow just to see what you wanted to do, Xiao Qing'er. But why the hell are you so clingy to me, I have already told you that I have a girlfriend." Xiao Qing'er pouted and continued to grab into his sleeves no matter what.

"Alright, enough is enough." Shen Tian found it extremely weird, Xiao Qing'er had not been like this upon meeting, after their fight she had slowly started to get clingy to him. " I don't know why… I just feel this energy inside you and I want to absorb it so badly, like it will benefit me a lot if I do so!" She responded.

Shen Tian frowned, as he let out a string of the Mysterious White Energy out in front of Xiao Qing'er. He immediately felt her expression brighten. She started to get closer to the energy, instead of him. She instantly removed her hands from his sleeves, and he smirked knowing what was happening.

"This is impossible! How did you manage to find the Divine Energy?! That's something only those beyond the Martial Ancestor realm can use!" Xiao Qing'er widened her eyes in surprise, her complexion showing astonishment. " Divine Energy? I've seen it being used by other people." Shen Tian shook his head.

This definitely was not Divine Energy, otherwise Jian Yu, who also used such an energy, would not be alive right now."This reminds me of the Ancestral Spirit Sect of the Purgatory Lands… I don't know if they exist anymore, but I've heard that each generation there was a person capable of using Divine Energy." Xiao Qing'er said.

Shen Tian shaked his head,"You are wrong, Qing'er. There is no way this is Divine Energy, I've seen it being used by someone else, his cultivation was only at the silver rank when I met him back then, after using it for the first time, it went past to the Black Gold Rank, it would've made him reach the Legend Rank if not for me preventing it. No way it is conscious." He did not believe this.

Xiao Qing's eyebrows moved, getting closer to each other. She frowned,"But I've seen Divine Energy before, it was being used by a close relative of mine, who successfully used this energy several times in his life, he ultimately died unfortunately." Shen Tian still disagreed,"This is what I would call Mutated Divine Energy!"

"Mutated Divine Energy?" Xiao Qing'er was confused. " Yes, an inferior Divine Energy, much more inferior. It's barely above the level of Heavenly Energy, but unlike it or Divine Energy, the energy actually has a consciousness. This is why it was capable of awakening on it's own when I fought Jian Yu that day!" He exclaimed.

Xiao Qing'er was astonished,"It's not rare for one to breakthrough when they absorb an excessive amount of energy, like you did when you absorbed that amount of Heavenly Energy, but for the energy itself to make that breakthrough for you is extremely dangerous if one is not careful." She said with a frown present on her face.

"Let's leave that issue away for now, we have to deal with Zhu Xian and that… I Don't even want to name her. I am sure he and she cooperated with each other, but what is odd is how they knew I was going to come to this village before entering the Purgatory Mountain Range in the first place anyway…" Shen Tian said with a cold expression.

Xiao Qing's expression immediately turned from confused and angry to an expression of joy and happiness. She wanted more action, and if the situation escalated to a fight, she could enjoy a good battle against some people, albeit both of them probably were far weaker than she was, sadly. In the entire Purgatory Lands, she could be considered to be extremely strong even at the top tier.

"Let's be a bit faster now, due to our need to discuss about the situation, we have been walking very slowly, not even a quarter of sound's speed." Shen Tian said as he quadrupled his speed, going even faster than the speed of sound itself. Xiao Qing'er had a slight pouted, she no longer was clingy to Shen Tian, but was holding the ball of Mutated Divine Energy on her hands, embracing it closely.


Lu Tong was impatient,"You are telling me that our Demon Beast Clan has lost so many troops, we cannot even afford to bring an army triple the size of the Human's population?!' He truly felt angry. It seems several thousands of isolation from the world had an effect on the population of the clan.

A demon beast, looking similar to a lion with red fur growled," Our lord, we have tried our best… Yet they do not heed our call. We are too weak to force them to come here! Our lord, please make a move and destroy those traitors. Our Demon Beast Clan has no need for cowards like them!" He shouted.

Long Xi snorted,"Although we could destroy and kill any traitor, that would only serve to weaken our personal power, and give the humans an advantage. We are literally incapable of commanding our kind! There's no bigger shame to an empire than to have no power over their citizen, which is what is happening right now."

Lu Tong silently sat on his throne, his eyes surveying the entire throne room."Tell those traitors that I, Lu Tong have returned. I originally wanted to keep that hidden, but with my current strength, and the human's weak strength, we can overpower them almost immediately after we start the war. I do not need to hide my identity or myself anymore."

Long Xi and the rest grinned,"We will see what happens… If those Demon Beasts who live in separate branches do no come to this gathering of our Demon Beast Clan, then I will personally go and execute a branch after a branch!" Lu Tong continued as he let out a sigh, the cheers of the Demon Beast Clan were enormous.

"Long Live Our Lord! Long Live Our Lord! Long Live our Demon Beast Clan!" The cheers could be heard hundreds of kilometers away from the Demon Beast's Main Headquarters, it was extremely intimidating, it could even make the strongest resolved man pee his pants in fear of being attacked by then.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》