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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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164 Zhu Xian“s Demise

Zhu Xian coldly surveyed the Purgatory Forest, he could already see the silhouettes of Shen Tian and Xiao Qing'er, but he could not recognize who the latter was, he had never seen her before in his life. "Who the hell is she… I am quite sure Shen Tian went alone into the Purgatory Forest, not with a girl."

For a moment, Shen Tian was there, the second he used to close and open his eyes, Shen Tian and Xiao Qing'er had both disappeared, he widened his eyes as a fist slammed into his stomach, sending him flying away, crashing into a nearby wall. He spat out a bit of blood and looked at the two in front of him.

"Young fella, you don't know how to treat elders do you?" He coughed more blood as he slowly stood up, only to be slammed into a wall, Shen Tian's hand tightly gripping his neck. Zhu Xian's complexion slowly started to turn red, from the lack of air, although a cultivator like him did not require breath every minute, he could only last a hour without breathing.

With Shen Tian's monstrous strength, he was not only running out of breath, he was also suffering physical damage."Why did you try to fool me? Your grandson and son were not there, in fact I even tested if any of the two had entered the forest, and the answer was obvious, they had not." Shen Tian coldly stated.

"That is…" Zhu Xian whipped his foot forward, slamming at Shen Tian's head, caught unprepared, the youth's head flew away from his main body, rolling on the ground. Zhu Xian's complexion paled,'I did not mean to use this much energy… I thought he was extremely powerful, how did he die so easily?!'

However, much to his confuse, Xiao Qing'er did not have much of a reaction to all of this. Zhu Xian's eye sockets almost left their place, as a fist imprint itself into his stomach. "You are too weak, to even allow such a low level illusion technique mess up with your senses, you are rubbish as a Heavenly Fate Realm Expert." Shen Tian snorted.

"Oh please, you have yet to see what I am capable of! Brat, this is the first time I have been underestimated so much in my entire life, and I shall make you pay for that." Zhu Xian roared as he unleashed an enormous amount of Heavenly Energy, seeking to overwhelm Shen Tian so he could be free from his grasp.

"[Monstrous Strength of A Myriad Beasts!]" Shen Tian heard a roar as the Heavenly Energy he was fighting against started to change, he felt a wild aura enter the energy, the way it attacked him had become way more ferocious, it was getting harder to fight against it, but still Shen Tian blocked it with his pinkie.

Zhu Xian felt as if he had aged several years. In the first place, to hide his cultivation rank to Shen Tian, took an immense amount of effort, although he was an expert in the Law of Force, his comprehension was far too low to actually be of damage to Shen Tian personally, in fact in his current situation it made him get into a disadvantage.

"DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE ME ANYMORE, YOU BRAT!" Zhu Xian roared as he unleashed another wave of Heavenly Energy, and Shen Tian shook his head, the old man was in denial, and had forgotten that Shen Tian even at his old state was capable of defeating an expert almost at the level of a Heavenly Star Realm cultivator.

If he indeed worked with Zhi Ruo, now named Zhu Ruo, he should know about this knowledge. Right now, however Shen Tian did not really care about it. He blocked the Heavenly Energy with a single movement of his forearm and thrust his fist forward, slamming Zhu Xian into a wall once again. " You are too weak, stop being so stubborn."

"I will end this in one attack then, I do not have time to waste on a rubbish fight like this, especially when it's not entertaining at all." Shen Tian waved his hand and Zhu Xian was slammed tightly onto the ground, he was being squeezed as if he was a fly, and there was nothing he could do to prevent that from happening anymore, he was trapped.

He coughed enough blood for a normal human to die, but experts at the Heavenly Fate Realm were not affected by lost of blood that much, although if they were completely dried, they would definitely die. They were several realms away from immortality, but several realms from mortality at the same time.

"Can you…*cough* at least tell me just how much strength you were using against me right now?" Zhu Xian felt his face slowly take it's normal color back as he asked, he was still completely drained."You are not qualified to ask me anything anymore, but, I will answer just this time. Let's just say it's less than a percent." Shen Tian responded.

Xiao Qing'er grinned,"Can I take the job of interrogating him please?! Back in my days, I was the one who took care of this kind of stuff for the Demon Beast Clan… Sadly I don't think any member of my generation is still alive almost a billion years later… That's truly a shame if you ask me, they were a funny bunch."

Shen Tian sighed,"You can take it over, it would be unjustified from me to just let a lady like you stay in a corner like that… Just do not disappoint me, otherwise I will have to take a drastic decision to retrieve information from Zhu Xian ,and I'd rather not reveal the method to you, Qing'er." He stated.


Zhu Ruo licked her lips,"I can feel it my dear Shen Tian… The date we are reunited is slowly nearing! Then you will finally realize that ignoring me for that bitch, was your biggest mistake, and you finally will embrace me full of your love... " She was madly in love with Shen Tian, it was an obsession!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》