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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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168 Confusing Feelings

Zhu Ruo took several breaths, nothing was going according to her plans. The Zhu Family had tried to talk to the Demon Beast Clan, but they were immediately refused by the elders they had previously had relationships with. This made no sense, his father was forced to come out of seclusion just for this.

The good news was that he had broken through to the Heavenly Star Realm, just before he had to leave seclusion. Their Zhu Family now had a total of three Heavenly Star Realm experts to protect the clan, the other two were pretty old, and they could die in the following century, but her father was still very young, not even a hundred and fifty years old.

Zhu Ruo herself, after returning to the Purgatory Lands, had used quite an enormous amount of resources to breakthrough to the Legend Rank, it could be said she was one of the most successful young generation members as of now,and that was only due to the massive resources of the Zhu Family.

Unexpectedly, the Demon Beast Clan had even ignored the long relationship the two parties had with each other, and attacked the Zhu Family's city called the Heavenly Zhu City, with over five hundred thousand Demon Beasts, as of now the Zhu Family were still fighting the Demon Beast Clan over that.

"Father! I need to leave the Heavenly Zhu City for a while, may you give me permission please?!" Zhu Ruo looked at her father with expectations. Her father was a middle aged man with a muscular built, but he was not a stupid person at all, he knitted his eyebrows but still nodded, he didn't want to disappoint his daughter.

"You are free to leave my daughter, just take my trusted bodyguards with you, they will protect you if you are ambushed by Demon Beasts along the way, be careful." Her father motioned to four people to come over and asked them to protect Zhu Ruo no matter where she was trying to go at.

Zhu Ruo groaned inside her mind, she'd have to make up a plan to escape from the bodyguards. She wanted to go and meet Shen Tian, and convince him through a Love Potion she bought for a very high price from the dark market, to come with her. The Love Potion should work on those with a lower cultivation than the Heavenly Fate Realm.

"Yes father.." Zhu Ruo said with a dejected expression on her face. She'd have to find a way to leave the bodyguards… Otherwise all of this would be for nothing at all. She only wanted to make Shen Tian fall in love with her, and nothing more… AFter all she was the most beautiful girl ever!


Xiao Ning'er bit her lower lips. She started to remember events inside the Black Devil Forest, which she was sure had not happened in this life. This made no sense, no matter how much Law Energy and Heavenly Energy she focused on her soul realm, it was incapable of stopping the memories.

Shen Tian had helped her comprehend the Law of Lightning, and she was extremely close to breaking through to the Heavenly Fate Realm, while Feng Hao had already broken through, now at the peak of the first Fate. But both of them were slow in comparison to Shen Tian, who was at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm.

Feng Hao started to frown deeply, he started to feel similar memories enter his mind. Not that connected to Nie Li… Something far deeper, something he had always wanted to put into a corner of his mind, and until now he had thought he had done that successfully, but it seems he was wrong…

When they had been young, he and Feng Mei, his younger sister, they had lived inside a small house, which had nearly fallen apart. In fact, if he wanted to go check that house now, it was probably only some ruins. He had stolen from people, because that was the only way a small boy could earn money at that age.

Go gather raw materials outside the city?

That was too dangerous, any Demon Beast could defeat him when he was young, although before Shen Tian had found him, he had already been at the Bronze Rank as a Demon Spiritualist. His fighting style had been one people at the streets used, one filled with many flaws, which could not be used in the outside world.

Work for someone?

Who wanted to have a brat as a worker? Absolutely no one, although he probably might have found a job as one, his pay would be not even a quarter of what your average worker in a shop or anywhere else would receive, the world was harsh. If it was just him, it would be fine, but he also had a sister.

A sister who had yet to know just how harsh the world was.Their parents had died when both of them were very young, they had stayed with their aunt for a year, before she was also killed by the Sacred Family, due to the massive debt they had gathered. It was no secret that their family frequently took loans from them.

In fact, their family had no other choice. The Feng Family was not a rich one, similarly to the Winged Dragon Family which Xiao Ning'er were part of, they had been bullied to the point they had to attach themselves to the Sacred Family. At one point, they got fed with the small amount of money the Feng Family gave them, so they burned their compound and killed every single member of it.

In one way, you could even say the Black Order did it for the Sacred Family, after all Shen Hong had been the Vice President of the Black Order, only below the Demon Lord himself, but the Sacred Family Patriarch was killed almost six months ago by none other than Shen Tian, a member of the fallen Sacred Family.

Feng Hao had a weak smile on his face. Everything changed with the appearance of Shen Tian. The memories he received, showed him of a sad ending. His sister devoured by demon beasts slowly, while he could only hopelessly struggle to save his sister, who kept calling him by his name. That wouldn't happen anymore… Not anymore…
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》