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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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169 Another Chapter I guess

The memories showed how he would struggle together with his sister for survival… Showed him just how weak he was, to even allow his sister to have such a pointless life. Feng Hao gnashed his teeth, his hands forming fists, the only reason he was a Heavenly Fate Realm Cultivator right now was Shen Tian!

Xiao Ning'er had a distressed expression on her face as she looked at Feng Hao,"Is there something you remember from a previous life as well? You seem very confused and angry, Feng Hao." She continued to look at him for another moment, before deciding to ask him the same question she was asked.

Feng Hao looked unsure of what to say, but still responded," I did see some vague memories from what seemed to be another life of mine, or rather an alternate universe me's life… Where I Was not even close to my current power and my sister and I were killed by Demon Beasts somehow…"

Xiao Ning'er bit her lips," I saw something similar, memories from another life… I remember entering the Black Devil Forest, but not much afterwards, I Don't know what happened there, or why I am just starting to get the memories of what had happened in that life right now… It's very odd." She said.

"We will probably get to know what is happening when we enter the palace Nie Li keeps mentioning. Whatever is happening to us, is probably related to this Endless Desert somehow… I just feel like I am right, but I don't know for sure." Feng Hao looked up, at the limitless blue sky and spoke.

Xiao Ning'er held her other arm tightly, lowering her head. She felt very anxious; not sure of what she was feeling right now. She felt her emotions towards Nie Li slightly change, which made feel weird, she barely had any interaction with Nie Li. She didn't know what was happening to her.

Feng Hao looked at her,"I'm not sure myself of what is happening l already told you that. But I know that in both of our previous lives, a person never appeared. That person is a person we both are extremely familiar with… And is one of our dear friends… Shen Tian himself." He let out a sigh of exhaustion.

A thread of silence passed through their surroundings, they were all walking, but Xiao Ning'er and Feng Hao were in the end of the group. They were also using their Heavenly Energy to talk to each other, thus the others had no idea of what the two were telling each other, but they did not really care.

"It seems we will have to question him about this, but I don't think that even him will have an answer either." Feng Hao chuckled. Shen Tian was typically the person they went to when they had any question to make, and he usually had the answer to their questions, and when he didn't he would find an answer to the question eventually.

They both wiped sweat from their foreheads at the same time, the sun was indeed taking a toll on their bodies, despite being the strongest from the people present, Nie Li was still a Demigod, not close to the Heavenly Fate Realm. However, it seems he was slightly not focused outside, as he was thinking about something else.

Feng Hao's eyes flashed with resolve and confidence,'I swear under the nine heavens, over my name and my family's surname… That I, Feng Hao will keep growing, and won't allow the image which appeared in my mind to actually happen in real life, if I do… Let the Heavenly Lightning strike me!'

His Soul Realm started to release what seemed to be limitless and boundless amounts of Heavenly Energy, which went unnoticed by the rest since they had no capability of sensing Heavenly Energy besides Xiao Ning'er and Nie Li, both focused on other issues at that same moment.


Shen Tian tilted his head to the right, the Blue Water City was near. The walls of the glorious city could be seen with one's eyes from twenty kilometers away quite easily. It had not taken them long to reach the city, up to now Shen Tian had only spent around a week and a half inside the Purgatory Lands.

At the moment, he had send his awareness, or rather his soul body inside the Undying Cycles Realm, which seemingly was empty. But he knew otherwise. The Undying Cycles Realm was filled with lakes and mines, which he could directly take Spirit Stones from, until now he had gathered an enormous sum of it.

He narrowed his eyes.It was very faint, but he could feel a disturbance near the place he was inside the Undying Cycles Realm. It had a life force, so it was obviously alive, which greatly confused him. He did not remember permitting anyone or anything to enter the Undying Cycles Realm, so how had it entered?

He brought one of his arm forward, and from the sleeve of the clothes he was wearing, seemingly infinite amounts of Heavenly Energy burst out, materializing in the shape of a divine dragon with an immense amount of vigour. The divine dragon surged forward, searching for the faint life force Shen Tian had sensed previously.

The reason Shen Tian had no problem with using so much Heavenly Energy, which would normally dry and exhaust any other Heavenly Fate or Heavenly Star Realm Expert, was due to the fact he truly had an almost infinite if not infinite amount of Heavenly Energy he could freely use to his advantage at any time he wanted.

His eyes revealed a cold glint as he moved forward, nearly seven times the speed of sound and slammed his fist towards the ground, creating an enormous rumble, which cracked the ground and sent several parts of the now destroyed ground into the air, he could slightly see the silhouette of a figure.

It was very agile, and somehow managed to escape the pursuit of the Divine Dragon, who was filled with vigor, so it continued to chase the silhouette, no matter how much the Divine Dragon chased it, it was no capable of actually capturing it. Shen Tian frowned and looked to be slightly pissed at the scene.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》