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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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170 Good Boy.

Shen Tian sat down, and chuckled as he saw the silhouette struggle against the Divine Dragon. Although he could easily find out how the silhouette actually looked through the Mangekyou Sharingan, or even the Rinnegan he had acquired upon entering the Heavenly Fate Realm, he chose not to do so. He wanted to see the abilities of the silhouette which was fighting the Divine Dragon he had created using his own Heavenly Energy.

He felt amused. It certainly was something special and unique, to be capable of entering his personal realm, one he had acquired from the Undying Cycles of the Overlord and the Overseer Book. Not to mention he had not even permitted this mysterious silhouette to enter his realm, it had done it itself!

He finally was intrigued enough to use the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan on the poor silhouette which kept being chased by the Divine Dragon. Shen Tian estimated the power of the silhouette to be around the peak of the Heavenly Fate Realm, comparable to about five percent of his power, which was astonishing.

His face was covered in surprise, upon finding out that he had no idea what the silhouette, now identified as a wolf was! It had black fur, which seemed pretty silky, and deep red eyes. In terms of height, it was about twice as enormous as him, but it changed its height depending on how small or how big he required to be to dodge the Divine Dragon. But he could see that it's usual form was actually way smaller than him, standing only at about one meter, compared to his one hundred and sixty nine centimeters.

This truly made him wonder why it was acting so cautious around the Divine Dragon, despite it being decently strong, around the fourth star of the Heavenly Fate Realm, it was nowhere near to defeat the black furred wolf in front of him, unless the wolf was either the greatest cowards the world had ever seen, or just unsure of how strong the Divine Dragon was.

Ultimately, the black furred wolf stopped moving around, it had yet to notice Shen Tian, who continued to observe the fight between it and the Divine Dragon, which released a roar, before surging forward. It wanted to finish this in one blow, since the black furred wolf had lost its momentum of escaping.

The black furred wolf released a howl, as the single tail behind him, whose tip had a darker color than the rest of his body rose up, straight. He put his head up, as Heavenly Energy started to accumulate just above his body, energy seeping out both of his tail and mouth in an incredible rate of speed.

Shen Tian found all of this quite interesting to observe. The black furred wolf was quite ancient, it could be seen from the gray runes it had all over its body, which started to shine in a white glow, something even he a billion years old Immortal had no information about, he did recognize it at all.

The Divine Dragon and the Black Furred Wolf with Gray Runes collided, the Divine Dragon used his own body,while the Black Furred Wolf was using the beam it had accumulated using Heavenly Energy. Shen Tian was quite excited to see who'd win, but in the end it was very obvious, that the wolf would win the fight.

The Black Furred Wolf released heat as its body returned to its usual size, which was way smaller than Shen Tian, around half of his height at maximum. The Divine Dragon had dispersed, and the Heavenly Energy slowly started to move towards Shen Tian, who absorbed it back. The Black Furred Wolf had yet to notice his presence, makes this even more interesting to him.

He starts to clap, as several ideas formed inside his mind. He had to somehow make the Black Furred Wolf join his side, even if it took Kotoamatsukami or Tsukuyomi, but if he didn't have to use any chakra for it, he was not going to refuse. First on his list was to just peacefully discuss with the poor wolf.

The black furred wolf finally noticed Shen Tian's presence, and swung his claws on his direction, sending several slashes of Heavenly Energy towards him, who yawned and formed a shield of Heavenly Energy with a single movement from his finger, The black furred wolf growled but did not do any further action.

"Who are you?!" Only now did Shen Tian notice a certain amount of blood dripping from the Black Furred Wolf's left leg, it seems that was the reason it was dodging every attack the Divine Dragon threw at him, he was limited in what he could do due to the injury he had suffered in his leg, it did not seem to be that major however.

"Who am I? Is that a question you ask the owner of the space… Or realm you have just invaded without permission?" Shen Tian raised one eye above the other as he asked this question, making the Black Furred Wolf pause for an answer, but he was unable to find one. It was obvious that it was not that old.

"What are you and who are you? I believe as the owner of this realm I should be allowed to make you a few questions like that." Shen Tian neared him, his steps could be heard, and the Black Furred Wolf started to retreat behind slightly, it did not dare to underestimate just how powerful Shen Tian was, after all he was the owner of this realm.

The Black Furred Wolf hesitated before lowering his limbs and sitting down, it was tired and wanted some rest. If Shen Tian had wanted to hurt him, he could've already done it through the Undying Cycles Realm, but it seems as if the Divine Dragon it had fought earlier was controlled by him however…

"My name… Is none of your concerns, as for I what I am, you could consider me a wolf. As for the details, even I myself am not that sure." The Black Furred Wolf shook his head, Shen Tian narrowed his eyes, was he unwilling to tell him what kind of Demon Beast it was, or was it truly unaware?
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》