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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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172 Goodbye Zhu Ruo XD

Xiao Qing's boredom could be felt from kilometers apart. She was very restricted in what she could do inside the Blue Water City, due to the fact that there might be someone who could have briefly checked a painting of hers while she was still part of the Demon Beast Clan, nearly a billion years ago maybe. She was not even sure if such old relics even existed in a world like this, which was far more modern than before,and what job would the human cities have with such paintings.

If not for Shen Tian, she probably would not even have really cared. But since Shen Tian was here, she couldn't risk letting herself get discovered, since that might leak out Shen Tian's future plans. She didn't really want to make him angry… Since that would not be good for either her or Shen Tian. It was not like she had something to do anyway.

Honestly, even Shen Tian himself did not concern himself with her issues, instead he started to create plans of how to create even more havoc between the Demon Faction and the War Deity Temple. He wanted to destroy both of them, and go even further, and involve the Angel Faction with this. Just so his factions could strive even here!

"The Demon Faction, will be extremely weakened after the battle with the War Deity Temple, not to mention the war with the Demon Beast Clan, furthermore the Angel Faction will be similarly weakened after this long lasting war with the Demon Beast Clan, that's when my factions can devour the other factions. They should learn not to rely on my strength." Shen Tian softly muttered to himself.

"With all factions weakened, I just need to subdue the Demon Beast Clan slightly, so it can be called a fair battle. Although the Five Elemental Dragon Sect and the Void Dragon Tower are both strong, compared to the Demon Beast Clan of the Purgatory Lands, they are really lacking in power…" Shen Tian grimaced slightly.

"Shen Tian, I've been wondering. You definitely do not seem like the type to lead two powers, you seem more like the type to be free, not tied down to any faction. So why are you trying to work so hard for some factions which are literally chaining you down, and limiting your future potential?" Xiao Qing'er asked with a small hint of curiosity on her tone.

Shen Tian's complexion was calm, he definitely was expecting such a question coming out of Xiao Qing's mouth soon. A smile appeared on his expression, as he answered slowly. " Honestly, there's not really a clear reason to as why I'm trying so hard just for some people who will never actually benefit me."

"Then-" Xiao Qing'er was cut by Shen Tian who continued his previous sentence. Clearing all doubt she had gained from his previous words. "It's a really dumb reason for someone like me, but I am just doing this because I'm bored. I didn't really put much thoughts into it originally when I wanted to do it."

Xiao Qing'er felt stupefied. Shen Tian, definitely did not look like a person who liked to gather companions. But he just told her the reason why he did such a thing, it was merely because he was bored. Of all reasons he could chose, that definitely seems like the reason she never expected from him. Thus she was very surprised about his choice.

Shen Tian ignored Xiao Qing'er, who continued to ask question to him, and instead focused on making up plans. He couldn't let this job fall on the hands of a shadow clone or a wood clone, since their thoughts were not exactly his, so there was always the chance they would mess up with the task he'd have given it.


Zhu Ruo had successfully escaped from the bodyguards her father had set up for her, although they were all Heavenly Fate Realm Cultivators, they lacked when compared to the enormous amount of treasures she had bought in the Black Market. The treasures had costed several hundreds of thousands of gold coins to buy, a massive amount of money for any person.

According to her sources, spies she had set up in most cities of the Purgatory Lands, Shen Tian was seen leaving the Infernal City, before she could even get more news about what he had done, she left for the Blue Water City upon knowing that he had left the Infernal City to go there almost immediately.

Although she was not sure of where he was exactly, the spies she had in the Blue Water City were among the most he had in all the other cities put together, so she was very confident of the information they could give her. Although she had not spent a lot of time inside the Purgatory Lands, she was confident on the level of her spies.

Unknowingly to her, the bodyguards her father had put to protect her, were still searching for her, and also heading towards the Blue Water City, not like she would notice such a fact. She was truly doing her best to reach the Blue Water City as fast as she could, going slightly faster than the speed of sound currently. That was the max speed she could reach as a peak legend rank Demon Spiritualist.

By the time she reached the Blue Water City, darkness had already started to engulf the entire city. The guards were about to close the gates so they could return to their houses and eat something. The job of a guard could be very stressful to them, they did not like it when Zhu Ruo barge into the scene just before they finished the day.


Shen Tian frowned deeply, he could feel that something was going to really mess up with his plans soon. Speaking of that, he had to take care of the Ancient Zhu Family as well, he had put them aside at the moment since he had other problems to take care of, like the Demon Faction's ongoing war with the War Deity Temple. He had sent a Shadow Clone with the power of around the peak of the Heavenly Fate Realm to gather information about the Ancient Zhu Family at the moment.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》