An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
173 1 Power Stone = 1 Thanks Good She Died for Zhu Ruo
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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173 1 Power Stone = 1 Thanks Good She Died for Zhu Ruo

Zhu Ruo pushed past several bodyguards of the inn, who were far too weak to battle her. They were only Black Gold Rank Peak, compared to her who was a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist of the peak fifth star, just a bit away from entering the Demigod Rank. Thus she was easily able to enter the inn.

"Catch her!" Several bodyguards shouted as she shoved several other bodyguards at the others, breaking their defense. With a single observation, she immediately knew in which room Shen Tian was. She continued to climb the stairs, going straight to the third floor. Shen Tian already knew she was here, which was very odd in his opinion.

"Shen Tian! Open the door it's me! Zhi Ruo!" She decided to use her previous name, but did she really expect Shen Tian to open the door, and get out and hug her closely? Because that truly was a foolish way of thinking. Shen Tian neared the door, Xiao Qing'er was awoken by the noises and was really pissed at Zhu Ruo.

Opening the door, Shen Tian cast his cold expression on Zhu Ruo, who was overjoyed at seeing him, she nearly jumped to hug him, but was stopped by a single hand Shen Tian had put forward."What do you want here… Aren't you supposed to be in the Underground Region? Zhi Ruo, or should I rather call you Zhu Ruo?" Shen Tian snorted.

Zhu Ruo froze."How do you know… About me being part of the Zhu Family?! Did you threaten Zhu Xian with that information? That bastard actually revealed information about me, I will go and kill his family when I return, he does not deserve any better than that." She frowned and a dark expression entered her face rather quickly after that.

"Zhu Ruo, I truly thought you were smarter than this. To come openly to me, that's just like asking to be killed… You actually dared to send assassins after me." Shen Tian's arm moved so fast, than Zhu Ruo did not even see it, as she was slammed into a wall, his arm on her throat, strangling her. "St...O...Stop…" She groaned and barely managed to mutter out a single word out.

"There is actually no reason for me not to kill you right now and here, Zhu Ruo." Shen Tian calmly said, but his expression said otherwise. It showed a ruthless expression, one that he truly did not care about Zhu Ruo. In fact there was no reason for him to even care about her anyway, she had never done something for him.

"I've always seen you as a thorn on my side, and I guess this will be enough of a reason for me to kill you." Shen Tian said as his grip increased, Zhu Ruo winced in pain, she did not care about not having enough Oxygen, since she could stay a hour without it, the problem was that Shen Tian was about to snap her neck and head in two. That would definitely kill her without a problem at all!

"Say goodbye to this world, Zhu Ruo. Ironic since the last thing you will see here is my face and the walls of an Inn, which you could've previously easily leveled down to the ground with a single command of yours. You should've thought twice before hiring assassins on me." Shen Tian exclaimed, as Zhu Ruo started to say something, which he ignored. " I….Ddn...t"

"Lady Ruo!" A roar was heard as a ray of Heavenly Energy shot at Shen Tian, who used his other free hand to block it with a single finger. He knitted his eyebrows,'4 Heavenly Fate Realm Experts… Perhaps those are the bodyguards she brought along with her, I found it quite weird she was alone.'

"I am quite interested on knowing who are the people who have decided to annoy me at the time I am in this inn, I am sure that the inn owner is also pissed at you all really a lot. It will be hard for you guys to explain it to him, I bet." Shen Tian snorted as his grip on Zhu Ruo started to increase furthermore, making the bodyguards sweat.

"We can discuss about this… There is no need for us to take it this far!" One of the bodyguards, who seemed to be the strongest among the four, at the peak of the third Fate Soul said as he extended his hand forward. None of them would die here, they had Fate Souls back at the Ancient Zhu Family, but if they lost a Fate Soul here , they'd lose a massive amount of power they had gathered previously.

"Well… I wonder about that." Shen Tian said as the snap of a bone could be heard. Zhu Ruo's bones had cracked. She was still alive, but if she did not receive immediate treatment, she'd die. The bodyguards were furious as they started their offense almost immediately after that, wanting to save her as fast as they could.

One of the bodyguards, who was slightly weaker than the strongest one, burst forward, as he took the shape of a lion with red fur, it was an Infernal Flame Lion, which could use the Sacred Flames. With a single swing of his claw, three waves of fire were sent forward, towards Shen Tian who yawned and blocked it with a single finger once again.

Shen Tian, continued to face consecutive attacks from the four bodyguards, yet none of them managed to make any injury on his body, to the point he actually thought they were a funny joke by now."Let's end this, shall we?" Shen Tian said as his eyelids narrowed, and he fully cracked Zhu Ruo's neck, she was dead.

The bodyguards let out a scream of anguish, as they used their full power to fight Shen Tian in one final attack, they intended to kill him. With a single wave of his hand, Shen Tian summoned five chains which seemed ethereal and the chains pierced the bodies of each bodyguard,immediately killing them ruthlessly.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》