An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
175 I hate you all, drying my stacked chapters/ Kinda Rushed But Who Cares? Not Me.
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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175 I hate you all, drying my stacked chapters/ Kinda Rushed But Who Cares? Not Me.

Shen Tian looked up, gazing at the stars and darkness of the night. He felt that he was missing something. His hands formed fists as resolve entered his eyes,'I have to finish this more quickly, after I complete the plans, I will let a Shadow Clone take care of the Purgatory Lands, I will maybe get a finish look to see if there is anything to check.'

For a moment he was thinking deeply before he widened his eyes."Ryu Otsutsuki told me that there is an ancient abandoned temple near the Purgatory Mountain Range, which has an incredible amount of treasures left behind by a Heavenly Axis Realm cultivator, that might benefit me and the others."

This so called abandoned temple, did not have any treasure that might interest Shen Tian from what Ryu had told him, but there was this certain heavenly treasure which would benefit Xiao Ning'er deeply. He wanted to give it to her as an apology gift that he had separated from them for so long. The Wood clone he had sent with the group was incapable of actually conversing with them, since he had accidentally only put enough chakra for it to function, not talk. A mistake on his part you could say.


Xiao Qing'er was very excited to know that they finally were leaving this boring inn in the middle of the Blue Water City, which very close to the middle of the Purgatory Lands, practically an unimportant land in middle of nowhere.The abandoned temple they wanted to enter, was going to take a way longer time than compared to the Purgatory Shrine. It was in the other corner of the Purgatory Mountain Range after all.

To them, that distance was barely anything. Shen Tian was far faster than Xiao Qing'er so he decided to coat Xiao Qing'er with his Heavenly Energy, and in a matter of a single minute, they had manage to go across several thousand kilometers, going at least ten times the speed of sound at that single minute.

"So this is the so called Abandoned Temple…" Shen Tian muttered as both of them set their eyes on the 'temple'.It did indeed look abandoned, with dirty and worn out flags waving freely, and statues which seemed to have decayed and been damaged from the intense wind of the cold up here. But the temple had yet to lose it's golden color.

The gates to entering the temple seemed to be extremely simple. In fact, Shen Tian felt like he could easily open the gates without even having to exert a lot of strength out. But he knew that he could not just look at what the gates looking in the outside, since he could feel that they were made out of extremely strong materials.

"Shen Tian! Let me go first. You have kept me bored for too long, you owe me at least this much." Xiao Qing'er pouted as she ran forward, not even waiting to receive a proper respond by Shen Tian who could only helplessly sigh,'For a billion years old Dragon, she sure acts so immature...Geez.'

Xiao Qing'er stopped just in front of the gate pulling her arm behind, coating it in sharp wind gusts and slamming it at the gates, bursting them open to the point they were about to get out of their original place. Shen Tian was calm, not even slightly surprised as he walked forward. " This is going to be a long journey."


Shen Tian received the item he wanted to get. They fought a few quite strong opponents, in fact one was even stronger than Xiao Qing'er and earned quite a surprise from both of them. Shen Tian did not mind that fact, after all he had taken the heavenly treasure he had come here for anyway. It would benefit Xiao Ning'er greatly.

That heavenly treasure could technically be of use to Xiao Qing'er, but the effects were too low for her since she was at the peak of the Heavenly Star Realm as of today. That treasure was called the Lightning Divine Leaf, which could be used to make a pill called the Freezing Heavenly Lightning Pill, which could boost her strength by two entire Fate Souls.

He was very excited to show it to Xiao Ning'er, maybe she'd forgive him for the amount of time he had went missing. He didn't even tell any of them that he was heading back to the Underground Region in the first place, they probably were very angry at his actions. He had to give them something to lower that anger.

With a single wave of his hand, a tear appeared in the sky of the Purgatory Lands. He put a Space and Time Technique on the space, freezing it's time. He could return here any time he wanted and continue his campaign. He planned to eventually send a shadow clone to take care of this land.

He had dried the Purgatory Lands of all it's use. He had no other need here, but he could still use it as a source of powering up his factions. The Heavenly Energy here was enormous compared to the Underground Region and extremely massive compared to the Tiny World, which had no Heavenly Energy at all.

His only other problem here were the Demon and Angel Factions, but he would use a Shadow Clone to take care of those factions. He planned to completely reform the Purgatory Lands after a while. The Purgatory Lands had no ultimate expert, their strongest one was merely at the Heavenly Star Realm. The only reason that Xian Long was capable of pressuring them was due to his slight knowledge of the arrays Ryu had put randomly.

In fact that was merely a Spatial Array, which only gave him the ability of opening a portal to the Purgatory Lands, the most useless array of the bunch, and he could only barely make a Spatial Array on his own castle, where the focus of Heavenly Energy was incredible compared to the other areas of the Underground Region.

Xiao Qing'er was the first to enter the tear in the sky, while Shen Tian started at the lands for a while. A smile appeared on his face as he said,"Goodbye, Purgatory Lands. I shall come here again, but it won't be myself, but a clone of myself. It was a short time, but I did indeed enjoy all of it." And he entered the tear too.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》