An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
176 Why u gotta make me do dis Nie Li? I hate u
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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176 Why u gotta make me do dis Nie Li? I hate u

"So this is the Place you were telling me about… It lacks the density of Heavenly Energy or even Soul Force when it comes to that. The Purgatory Lands are far smaller compared to this Tiny World, but at least it's better for cultivators to cultivate it." Xiao Qing'er stated her opinion of the Underground Region

Shen Tian calmly looked at the Underground Region and a small smile appeared on his face." It might be not as rich in terms of Heavenly Energy or Soul Force when compared to the Purgatory Lands, but it's still my only and one home. Although I do not really cherish it that much anymore…" He muttered in a very low voice, but she still managed to hear what he just said to her.

"Also, you mistook the Underground Region for the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, we have yet to leave it fully. You can take your opinion of the place back. You will see that the St.Ancestral Mountain Range is much more beautiful than the Underground Region anyway." Shen Tian said as he flew towards the passageway of leaving the region slowly.

Xiao Qing'er calmly looked at him. Although she had spent most of her life inside the Purgatory Shrine, she still had a decent ten thousand years outside it, so she was still quite experienced when it came to emotions, yet, she couldn't see through his expressions or emotions at all. It truly made her wonder who he really was.

" I have a few unfinished jobs in this place, let's just go to the Heavenly Fate Plateau for a while first. I need to look for a person there, I have something to discuss with him." Shen Tian said. The Heavenly Fate Plateau was not that far away from their current position, they could use the passageway they had used to leave the Underground Region with the rest.

"Heavenly Fate Plateau?" Xiao Qing'er asked Shen Tian curiously, she had no idea what this place meant."It's a flat mountain you could say there are a few tribes there… Who still should be there unless Nie Li lured them to Glory City, if that is true then we'd have to double our trip length." Shen Tian groaned. Indeed Nie Li had actually done that.

He wanted to look for the man who had sold him the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire, which were a massive help to him when using Susanoo. He now had the original sword he had wielded in his previous lives, which he had originally thought was lost in the abyss and void he had detonated his soul inside of, but it was actually inside the Purgatory Shrine's Treasure Room shockingly.

Liu Dan had sold him the Dual Blades of Divine Ice and Fire, which were not as useful to him anymore, since he had his original sword;but they could still be used if he wanted to have more support in the front. The blades could be used for sneak attacks against some experts who were stronger than him, which was going to be very rare.

Furthermore, he could use the two blades for his Susanoo, since he could have several arms in it, if he wanted to he could now afford a total of four arms, which was not going to last for long, sadly. He was going to give the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword to Xiao Ning'er, it was indeed suited for her. He had no further use for it, and it could also serve as another apologize gift. He was indeed smart

With a single burst of energy, they had left the Underground Region, entering the passageway the Chaos Emperor had introduced them to. They were going nearly seven times the speed of sound, thus it did not take a very long time for them to leave the passageway, and they were now at the St.Ancestral Mountain Range.

"Anyway, the surroundings do look nice, the nature is much more colored and beautiful than compared to the place you showed me before. You were not lying to me when you said that this mountain range is much more beautiful than the Underground Region, Shen Tian." Xiao Qing'er was slightly amazed by the sight in front of her.

Shen Tian did not comment on what Xiao Qing'er said, leaving her to pout to herself, since Shen Tian had started to be very rude to her recently. He probably didn't want to entertain the one billion years old Dragon anymore, since she had an almost equivalent amount of boredom stored inside of her.

Shen Tian flew at the speed of sound, and immediately appeared on what should've been the community of the tribes from the Heavenly Fate Plateau, instead what he found was an empty market. He could only sigh and put a hand over his face,'It seems they truly believed Nie Li's words…'

Xiao Qing'er had a pissed expression on his face, she felt that Shen Tian was always leaving her behind for some reason. She put her eyes on the desolate community of where the tribes previously lived and raised an eyebrow." Is this where you wanted to go? It seems pretty empty to me… Are you sure this is it?" She exclaimed.

"I already told you that they might not be there, but at Glory City instead, why do you have to push me to get angry at you so much?" Shen Tian's forehead bulged a vein. He was slightly angry. Nie Li did stuff like this just to raise the personal strength of Glory City against Demon Beasts and foreign enemies.

To him, that seemed just a waste of time. He didn't even see why a smart person like Nie Li, a reincarnator similarly to him wasted time on such weak people like Glory City, who in the end only loved him because he gave them that protection they wanted so much, to them he was a hero, not a supreme leader.

"Let's go to Glory City. He's bound to be there, and I want to learn where exactly did he find the Dual Blades he sold to me…" Shen Tian said coldly as he turned away, Xiao Qing'er started to follow him again, as he burst in the air with the speed surpassing that of sound by several times. She sighed from annoyance.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》