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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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177 YOU THINK it“s OVER?!

Feng Hao yawned as he hugged his sister, Feng Mei. She had also recently started to cultivate. She was just ten years old, so it was about the age she could cultivate freely. She was at the peak of the silver rank after just having started to cultivate literally five days ago thanks to Shen Tian's cultivation technique.

Now that he was back from all that trouble, he wanted to spend the remaining two months with his family, to be more specific, he wanted to spend his time with his sister, Feng Mei who similarly missed his presence quite a lot. The two siblings were used to living with each other and had lived together for twelve years before they were separated due to Feng Hao's cultivation road.

Feng Hao had broken through to the peak of the third fate soul quite recently. His cultivation speed increased ever since he had reached the Heavenly Fate Realm. That was not quite surprising, since Shen Tian had given him an enormous amount of Spirit Stones for him to dry for his own uses; and he was using it to his full advantage.

"Brother Hao, when is Brother Tian going to return to meet me?! Last time he said he was going to give me a gift the next time he would meet me!" Feng Mei made an adorable expression on her face, and Feng Hao couldn't help but smile at the adorable face she was making."He will return soon, and I'm sure he has a present for you."

He couldn't help but pinch her cheeks, making her frown."Stop, brother!I'm not that young anymore." She was slightly embarrassed by what he was doing, but he just started to laugh out loudly. His sister was really adorable, even more when she got embarrassed at stuff like this. "If you want me to, my little cute sister I will then."

"Brother Hao, what is Brother Tian doing now? He hasn't been in the city for so long… I didn't even see him when he returned to Glory City last time… I miss him dearly." Feng Mei had a sad expression on her face, and Feng Hao couldn't help but ruffle her hair,"He will return soon, do not worry at all." He smiled.


The Demon Lord let out a groan, he left an immense pain. It as not related to the technique he cultivated, he was already familiar with the pain the cursed technique caused him, but it was something else. The pain had begun just after he had meet that young boy, named Shen Tian if he remembered correctly, it was probably related to him.

However, for some odd reason no matter how much he tried to make his hatred towards Shen Tian grow, he was incapable of having any negative emotion towards the young boy, which made the situation very weird."Maybe that pill he gave me inside the Black Infernal Tower is the reason for all of my pain…"`

"It seems I will have to pay Glory City a visit to demand an answer from that boy. I can also fight that old man, Ye Mo in the way there. I haven't been in the city for a very long time, maybe I can catch up on some new events happening there." The Demon Lord let out a mad laugh as Law Energy seeped out of him.


Xiao Ning'er had a feeling that something bad was going to happen soon, so she had her guard on. She was already at the peak of the second fate soul, so even if she somehow managed to die in this soul, she had another fate soul she could use to still cultivate. She had hidden it somewhere secret where no one could find it.

She had started to get used to the words of the citizen of Glory City. Little, if not none of them spoke well about Shen Tian, in fact they had started to doubt the creations he had made too, like for example the Scout Division. Xuan Fei had managed to get the support of the people for a while, but he had eventually lost it.

Despite him being a third star Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist, Xuan Fei was capable of fighting Demigods, that was due to Shen Tian giving him a cultivation technique way back when he was still young. But now, with the lack of operations the Scout Division was slowly getting useless once again.

Xiao Ning'er had done her best to help the Scout Division, but without Feng Hao cooperating with her, everything had become harder. Feng Hao did not want to help since he wanted to spend most of his free time with his sister, Feng Mei since he hadn't seen her in a very long time. She couldn't really blame him for being selfish about his family however.

Although she had tried her best, completing over twenty five missions for the Scout Division; in the end it was all for naught. The Scout Division had lost over thirty percent of it's net worth. Investors were not getting fooled by the hype around the Scout Division anymore, thus there was less investment.

While she was deep in thoughts, Law Energy suddenly bombarded the City Lord's Mansion, and she immediately stood up from the bench she was sitting on and frowned."This is incredibly familiar to the Demon Lord's Law Of Hell Energy, is he attacking Glory City?!" She bursted forward the mansion.


"Shen Tian! Where are you? I demand you to appear in front of me… How dare you trick me into eating that pill!" The Demon Lord released a furious roar as he unleashed even more Law Energy into the Mansion of the City Lord, who suddenly was protected by a barrier and Ye Mo walked from the doors of it, sending his own Law Energy towards the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord effortlessly blocked it and snorted,"Ye Mo, if you think you are enough to defeat me, you are really wrong!" The Demon Lord was not overestimating his capabilities, he was already at the peak of the second fate soul as a Heavenly Fate Realm Cultivator, far stronger than Ye Mo.

"What about me then? Am I enough to defeat you, dog?"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》