An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
178 Death OF the Old Demon Lord
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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178 Death OF the Old Demon Lord

"Who are you?!" The Demon Lord's eyes were widened as he looked around, but was unable to find anyone."Don't play stealth tricks on me, or you will end up regretting any action you do after this one!" He growled as he released an incredible and ferocious amount of Law Energy towards every direction, ignoring Ye Mo completely.

"Do not hide from me, or are you perhaps scared of me?!" The Demon Lord slowly lost patience, as none of his attacks hit the mysterious person who had muttered those words earlier."Scared, and hiding from you?" The same voice was heard, this time releasing a chuckle. The Demon Lord frowned deeply.

A single ray of Heavenly Energy fell on the Demon Lord, as he crashed into the ground with an incredible speed."Wha-" He was left unable to even form a single sentence as he coughed blood, unable to pull himself out of the small crater he had created in the garden of the City Lord's Mansion.

"I still think it's amazing how you have forgotten who I am in such a short period of time, Pussy Lord." The voice changed to a cheerful one as it neared the Demon Lord, who finally recognized it." SHEN TIAN!" He released a mad roar as he finally managed to stand up and looked around his surroundings.

"You know, I originally wanted to keep you as my pet, but it seems you aren't worthy of that, don't mind what I am going to do after this." Shen Tian's silhouette appeared, and soon his full figure was visible. He raised a single finger releasing Heavenly Energy from the tip of it, which pierced the Demon Lord's chest, instantly killing him and all his Fate Souls.

However, at the same time the Demon Lord's body started to shake and shiver. Something was happening to the body, and Shen Tian's Heavenly Energy had served as the catalyst of all of this. Shen Tian himself knitted his eyebrows, even he was unsure of what was happening to the Demon Lord right now.

"Why is his body still moving, I am pretty sure that I pierced all his Fate souls, and his main soul as well…" Shen Tian had rarely seen such a situation before."It can't be that his body was also occupied by another soul at the same time?!" He indeed felt another source of Spiritual Energy inside the Demon Lord's body.

The Demon Lord coughed blood as he stood up, truly surprising Shen Tian, he had not seen such a case before. Although the technique the Demon Lord cultivated was indeed a bit dark, for a body to host two souls was an incredible feat, since it required immense focus between the two souls.

Shen Tian tilted one of his fingers, and the body of the now conscious Demon Lord flew towards him. The man was looking at him with a weakened gaze, as if the slightest touch could bring him down. "Who are you?" Shen Tian demanded an answer from the soul occupying the Demon Lord's body right now.

The Demon Lord looked at him once again and responded," I am… The original owner of this body you could say.*cough*" Shen Tian was quite amused, such a situation rarely happening even when he put all his memories of a billion years in all four of his lives." How did That Pussy Lord spare your life? This sounds suspicious."

"Pussy Lord…?" The Demon Lord was speechless. When his body had been occupied by the original Demon Lord, he had only been an infant. Due to a fragment of his true soul still surviving he had managed to hid himself from the grasp of the Demon Lord, and had gained a bit of intelligence.

But in his short years of having the Demon Lord control his body, not even once had someone called him the Pussy Lord. "Well… I managed to hide myself inside an isolated part of the Soul Realm, somehow he did not manage to find out I am still alive, or never doubted the part that I was dead, I don't know which." Shen Tian used his EMS to confirm he was not lying.

" I don't want you to make trouble for me right now, just do not resist." Shen Tian said as the Demon Lord was sucked inside his Kamui Dimension. He only let out a panicked short lived shout out as his body disappeared inside the Kamui Dimension. Just at that moment, Ye Mo appeared in front of Shen Tian.

"What happened here?! Where is The Demon Lord, don't tell me you managed to defeat him so quickly… In fact you managed to defeat him, that's an incredible achievement…" Ye Mo started to speak in an incredible speed astonishing even Shen Tian himself,"Calm down Elder Ye Mo…" The boy responded with a sigh.

"Boy, you are telling me to relax after having the leader of an organization which has terrorized Glory City for years attacked and raided the main building of our city?!" Ye Mo frowned, he was greatly displeased by the fact that Shen Tian whatever he wanted, and rarely was inside Glory City most of the time.

In his mind, while Shen Tian was much more mysterious than Nie Li, the latter had a far more favourable opinion of Glory City and tried his best to help the city grow. Shen Tian had helped Glory City, but that was only due to his need of money, as shown by his hesitation of giving the Alchemy Association the Pill Formulas he had used to sell them millions of pills for years, costing the Alchemy Association an enormous amount of money.

"Not to mention he was born inside this very city, but grew up to betray Glory City. I have always dreamt of killing that little snake before he could be a bigger danger to the city and the citizen of Glory City." Ye Mo neared Shen Tian, who was as calm as always, neither annoyed or angry at Ye Mo.

Just at this moment, a slightly weakened Nie Li and his companions walked into the scene, soon followed by Feng Hao and Xiao Ning'er who were slightly away from the City Lord's Mansion. Feng Hao had been inside the Sacred Family's Compound, assuring Shen Xian to stay together with Shen Xiu since she was still weak.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》