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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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179 Another One.

"Shen Tian?!" Nie Li exclaimed in surprise. He did not expect for him to return to soon, since he had left a message through his Wood Clone who had exploded, that he was going to take a very long time before he returned, but still would return before the three months were up, greatly upsetting Xiao Ning'er.

"Ning'er." Shen Tian muttered before Xiao Ning'er walked forward with a dark expression on her face and slapped Shen Tian's cheek, earning an 'ouch' from the young teenager. That one really hurt more than receiving a blow back then when he fought Xian Long, the supreme leader of the Underground Region and he was not even kidding.

He lowered his head, to meet Xiao Ning's teary eyes, it seems she had been crying, or had just started to cry upon meeting him personally."You dummy, why did not take me with you?! You made me get so worried for absolutely nothing! You idiot! You Moron!" Shen Tian sweatdropped, he had underestimated the effects his leave had on her.

Xiao Ning'er started to punch his chest with her weak fists, and while Shen Tian did not feel any physical pain since his body was at the level of a Martial Ancestor; he felt the emotional pain he had caused Xiao Ning'er was incredibly high. He could only sigh and ruffle her hair and also hug her, that was the least he could do right now.

Nie Li,Duan Jian,Lu Piao,Du Ze,Ye Ziyun and the rest looked at the scene in front of them in silence. Ye Mo was still slightly angry at the fact The Demon Lord was nowhere to be seen. He did not believe that Shen Tian was strong enough to defeat the Demon Lord himself, so probably the man had escaped somehow.

It did not take long for the Chaos Emperor,Jian Yu and Jing Ye to also come here. They had returned to Glory City earlier, since they had left for an adventure around the lands of the St.Ancestral Mountain Range, and they were not disappointed at all at what they had found in their long journey of almost a month.

"What in the name of this Majesty is happening here?" The Chaos Emperor started to question Shen Tian who gained a tick mark on his forehead and formed a whip with his Heavenly Energy and slammed it at the Chaos Emperor who dodged it amazingly. He had broken through to the Heavenly Star Realm somehow.

That was not really a surprise if you took into consideration the fact that he was using the technique Shen Tian had given him. The cultivation technique Shen Tian had given him made it very easy for the Chaos Emperor to cultivate and breakthrough to the Heavenly Star Realm in less than a year. Even when Shen Tian had meet the Chaos Emperor first, in his peak strength he was comparable to the Abyssal Twelve Winged Lion quite easily.

"The Demon Lord engaged in a short battle with me, neither of us was winning and I managed to push him to escape after he almost crippled my right arm completely." Shen Tian had secretly wounded himself, and showed his right arm, which was covered in fresh blood, making some of them look away at the ugly state of the arm.

Ye Mo sighed," I apologize for my outbreak. Like I said earlier, each City Lord and former City Lord have always wanted to get rid of the Demon Lord, who has created an organization which has terrorized the entire city of Glory for so many decades, if not centuries without rest." Shen Tian shook his head," I do not mind it, Elder Ye Mo, there is no need for you to apologize about it."

Ye Zong also came, similarly to Xuan Fei, although slightly weaker than the latter; he had also reached the Legend Rank. He was currently at the peak of the first star of the Legend Rank as a Demon Spiritualist."Father, where is the Demon Lord I was told had attacked our Mansion?! I am sorry for being late to the battle!"

Ye Mo knitted his eyebrows as he answered with a sigh,"According to junior Tian here, the Demon Lord dealt some heavy damage to Shen Tian before managing to escape sadly. He managed to destroy quite a few dozens of buildings our people had created before he escaped… That bastard."

Xiao Ning'er was still covered in tears and was burrowing her head as deep as she could inside Shen Tian's chest. Shen Tian could only awkwardly embrace her with his left arm which was not 'injured' while keeping his 'heavily injured' right arm freely moveable. Shen Tian looked at Jing Ye who nodded,"Then Elder Ye Mo, I believe our Young Lord here needs a bit of rest after his long journey, may you free all of us so we can leave?"

Ye Zong frowned slightly, since he was the current city lord and not his father, Ye Mo; but he found it reasonable. Ye Mo had the higher cultivation level when compared to Ye Zong, so it was natural that Jing Ye would ask for permission from Ye Mo himself, who was older and stronger currently. Ye Mo nodded and waved his hand,"Then Junior Tian, you are your friends are free to return to the Sacred Family Compounds to catch up on what has happened to you."

Nie Li was not even given the slightest amount of time to make a single comment on the situation. He could only groan helplessly, while Ye Ziyun supported him, understand the feeling Nie Li was feeling right now. He felt left out, which for a supreme expert like him was not really a feeling he was used to.


Shen Xian smiled when he saw his son return to the Sacred Family Compound. He had felt his presence earlier, just after the Demon Lord had supposedly made his escape from Glory City, while in fact the Demon Lord who was now occupied by another soul was inside Shen Tian's Kamui Dimension. Well they didn't have to know that for now.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》