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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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180 Lionel Messi is the GOA

Shen Xian walked forward, just like Shen Tian, and both of them hugged each other, Xiao Ning'er was next to Shen Tian wiping her tears from her previous sad appearance, she now was slightly happy at the second reunion of this father and son. Shen Xiu stood behind, slightly hesitating a bit. She did not think she deserved all of this.

"Son, where the hell have you been. I went to the Underground Region, but Ji Xie told me that you went to another land, but I couldn't access it for some odd reason!" Shen Xian said complaining at him son who chuckled," I was inside another land called the Purgatory Lands my father."

Shen Tian continued furthermore,"The Purgatory Lands are practically a more advanced realm compared to the Underground Region, where the density of Soul Force and Heavenly Energy are an another level when compared to the underground region or the Tiny World we are currently inside of."

Then, he started to explain almost everything he had gone through while inside the Purgatory Lands, and also introduced Xiao Qing'er to them all.He noticed that Feng Hao was literally love struck, while Xiao Ning'er slightly frowned, she probably thought of her as a love rival for Shen Tian's attention.

"Ning'er, I have several presents for you." He walked towards her, giving her a small peck on her forehead, making her slightly blush and retreat behind,"What are you doing you… You moron!" She was frustrated with his actions, but widened her eyes upon seeing what was on Shen Tian's hands.

"This… A pill?" She tilted her head to her left, she didn't really know much about pills; but Shen Tian gave her a few lesson so that she at least had a bit of knowledge about whenever a pill was useful or harmful towards her. This pill could be considered to be extraordinary, and very useful to her currently.

"This is the Freezing Heavenly Lightning Pill, capable of raising your strength by two entire Fate Souls if consumed in an unique method only I have in my possession." Shen Tian revealed a smile on his face, a smile filled with joy and happiness; a smile he would rarely show in all his lives combined together.

"This… I cannot accept it Shen Tian, it's too much." Xiao Ning'er frowned, and wanted to decline the present. Although she very much wanted it inside her heart, she could not allow greed to influence her decision. Shen Tian had worked hard to make the pill, she did not have the heart to steal that sweat from him.

"Ning'er, I made this pill just for you and no one else. Among the entire Glory City, it is most useful for you and you can use it to its full effect. You are the only one who can do this among the people present here, and beyond." Shen Tian did not even wait for an answer and just shoved the pill into her hands, surprising her.

Shen Tian then waved his hand, and the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword appeared, he grabbed it and gave it a few swings before smiling. Everyone had their eyes widened, even Shen Xian and Shen Xiu, who both now knew the uses of the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword and it's extreme value to every cultivator in Glory City and beyond.

"Ning'er, I have found several treasures which can be more effective than the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword for me. The only person capable of wielding the sword to its full potential besides me, is you." Shen Tian threw it towards Ning'er, and she released a yelp as she anxiously grabbed it. The sword did not even resist her, accepting her as it's new master.

Xiao Ning'er looked helpless, unlike the pill she could not just return the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword. It had recognized her as its master so she could not give it to anyone else as she'd like. She sighed once before storing the sword inside her Interspatial Ring, made by Shen Tian for her. Those rings he had made could store several dozen times more than normal ones.

Shen Tian smiled weakly when he saw Feng Mei pout. She probably also wanted a treasure from him as a gift. Of course, he had brought gifts for nearly everyone besides… Nie Li and his group, not like he wanted to give them anything of course. He waved his hand and a random Peak Demigod Rank Armor popped forward, flying towards Feng Mei who had a bright smile now.

"Thank you Brother Tian!" She said with energy as she ran towards her room to test the Armor Shen Tian had given her. Feng Hao sighed,"That girl, she truly resembled my dead mother… I didn't get to know her for very long, but she truly was very energetic, unlike our father who was tired most of the time."

Shen Tian stared at him for a moment before chuckling,"It's your turn to receive a gift too, Feng Hao." He said Before throwing a single shiny object into Feng Hao's hands. The boy widened his eyes in astonishment,"This… This is a Divine Spark, why have you given me something so valuable?" He was very surprised. Shen Tian shook his head. " This is not a Divine Spark, but something close to it. It contains a law, but I'm not very sure which. I felt it was suitable for you."

"Shen Tian… You are just making my job to repay you much more complicated." Feng Hao joked, unlike Xiao Ning'er he did not have any trouble accepting the gift Shen Tian had prepared for him. He knew that Shen Tian would be hurt if he even tried to refuse it, let alone return it to him, so he did not bother to refuse it at all. Shen Tian rolled his eyes at his comment.

He set his eyes on the rest. "As for you all… Let's go one by one, I have lots of gifts for all of you." The others had excited eyes, besides a few, like the Chaos Emperor or Shen Xiu who had a complicated expression on her face. She felt like she did not deserve any of this kindness Shen Tian was showing her.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》