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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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184 I“m Sick again guys T-

Chen Yue was a very beautiful woman. She had beautiful silky blue hair and a pair of silver eyes. Her skin was tender and white, while her face seemingly was carved by an angel. She was the example of what one could call a Celestial Beauty, just below Xiao Qing'er or Xiao Ning'er in terms of being beautiful.

Before she died, she was one of the two most beautiful women of the city. Although the process took around two minutes only to Shen Xian, it looked like two years. With every second which passed, more and more sweat appeared on his forehead from the anxious feeling he was engulfed by.

"Yue'er…" Shen Xian's eyes widened as he jumped forward, and hugged the slightly dizzy Chen Yue, who was very confused about what was happening around her."What happened to me, I feel like I got hit by a very powerful Demon Beast, my head is very dizzy. I feel like I could faint any moment now."

She suddenly stood up and looked around her,"I just remembered that I died, so how the hell am I here once again, are you Xian'er or are my eyes just lying to me?!" Chen Yue was wary of both Shen Xian and Shen Tian, it could be seen from the way she was glaring at both of them. But, she lacked the power to fight back.

Although she was once a peak Black Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist, she currently was not even stronger than the weakest Fighter. You couldn't even compare her to Feng Mei, who was just a peak Silver Rank Demon Spiritualist, let alone Shen Xian who was the weakest of the two at the peak of the Demigod Rank.

"Yue'er you did indeed die, but you are alive once again. Don't worry this all is not an illusion or anything like that." Shen Xian had a wide smile on his face filled with a gentle feeling as he neared Chen Yue once again. The latter started to weak her defenses,"You mean I really died once…" She muttered.

Looking at her hands, which started to shake she sighed. "It seems you still are very shaken from the reasons of your death, mother." Shen Tian said with a chuckle, as Chen Yue immediately raised her head and looked at him,"Are you… My little son?" She was a little bit hesitant but still chose to ask him this question.

Shen Tian nodded. Before he could even properly respond to her, he was hugged by Chen Yue who was in tears. He was normally not an emotional person, most of the time he faked smiles,grins or anything of that sort, but for another rare occasion, his smile this time was pure, just for his mother this time.

"Welcome back mother." He muttered softly. He could feel his mother's tears make contact with his shoulders, she was really happy to see her son once again, she did not know if this was just a dream or not, but she was not going to let this chance slip from her hands, she just wanted to hug her son. It was a very long day for the duo of son and father, a very long one where they reunited with their dear member of the family, it was the first meeting for Shen Tian, and one of the many in a very long time for Shen Xian.


One might wonder how exactly Shen Tian had managed to revive Chen Yue. The method he had used, was a mix of using the Rinnegan's unique technique, Rinne Tensei, or as some called it Gedo - Rinne Tensei Jutsu ; that was only a part of the method he had used to revive her however. He had also used an unique technique which was formed by Spiritual Energy instead of chakra or anything else.

This could be considered as Shen Tian's last gift for Shen Xian before he was forced to inevitably leave the Tiny World for the Draconic Ruins Realm. After all, Shen Xian would not come with him and the rest to the Draconic Ruins Realm since he wanted to spend time with Shen Xiu and now Chen Yue.

"Ning'er, what is wrong." Shen Tian and Xiao Ning'er had just finished their latest 'session', and were resting in their bed. Shen Tian had noticed that for the last few days, Xiao Ning'er had really been slightly anxious, for some odd reason "Tian, I want to discuss about something with

"I noticed that something was wrong with you ever since you returned from the Endless Desert. Something related to your mind, I believe." Shen Tian spoke with a calm expression on his face , he expected for them to start making such a discussion soon enough. He actually was looking forward to such a discussion, he did not know why exactly.

"Something happened to me while I was journeying in the Endless Desert together with the others, Shen Tian." Xiao Ning'er awkwardly looked away as she told the situation to Shen Tian who raised an eyebrow." What exactly do you mean by something happened to you while you were in the Endless Desert?"

"Remember how Nie Li was speaking about this place inside the Endless Desert, which resembled a palace? Well w e went to the place this palace was supposed to be located in according to Nie Li, but shockingly there was no such palace, just some very ancient ruins." Xiao Ning'er looked at Shen Tian as she turned around in the bed.

"So, how is this related to all of this? It looks like your trip to the Endless Desert was all for nothing but naught." Shen Tian commented on her trip to the Endless Desert. Xiao Ning'er slightly nodded,"Yes… But when we went there, several of us started to experience headaches, and suddenly got visions from other lives."

At those words, Shen Tian was really surprised. Such symptoms from a headache, were never heard before in any of his previous lives. This was mostly linked to an array, or a mysterious presence of the Time and Space Law."Did you notice anything strange during this period?" He decided to question her.

"Yes… During those moments, Nie Li started to get really anxious, and started to question every single of us about the images we had. He questioned Ye Ziyun,me, Feng Hao… Who seemed to be the only ones to have images of that previous life." Xiao Ning'er was honest, and did not lie to Shen Tian at all. "I see."

"I want to tell you that… I also saw Nie Li in most of the images which appeared on my mind that day and time." Xiao Ning'er bit her lower lips and decided to finally reveal the main issue to Shen Tian, who was calm. "That is indeed odd, but that's another life so I do not really care if Nie Li has appeared in your memories." He responded.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》