An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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The Abyssal Void Sect. The location of the sect was between two massive rivers, in the middle of the space between the two and extended for thousands of kilometers square, that was only the main sect. There were hundreds of branches of the sect, which made the sect have a total territory of nearly a million kilometers square.

It's divided in the Outer Sect, Inner Sect, and Core Sect. The Outer Sect was made from disciples like those from different realms, like Shen Tian, The Chaos Emperor or Feng Hao. Eventually, they could climb each sect and become Core Disciples, who had a very high status in the sect. Despite Li Kong himself claiming that the Abyssal Void Sect was weak in front of the Sage Emperor, it was actually capable of standing before him without getting destroyed.

The Abyssal Void Sect had a 'backer' who even the Sage Emperor had a difficult time defeating. It was said their battle continued for over twenty thousand years before it came to a tie between the two. The people of the Abyssal Lord Sect called him the Abyssal Void Lord, an existence equal to the Sage Emperor!

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow as he was led by Li Kong, together with his two others friends toward the Abyssal Void Sect's Outer Sect. " You are still not considered true disciples of the sect before you are considered such, you need to pass a test. Only if you pass that test are you considered a real disciple. The test will check the level of your Spiritual Root."

"Let me tell you that the highest grade Spiritual Root is the ninth grade of the Heaven Rank, below it is the Earth Rank and the Man Rank. I hope all of you can manage to pass the test, which requires a minimum 7th grade Earth Rank Spiritual Root to pass." Li Kong's words rang out, but none of them were really anxious afterward.

"If your Spiritual Roots are at the level of 7-grade Earth Spiritual Roots, to 9-grade, then you will qualify for the Black Divison of the Outer Sect. If your Spiritual Roots are at 1-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots to 3-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots you will qualify for the Yellow Division. Those at the 4-grade and 5-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots will qualify for the Earth Division. Those at the 6-grade and 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots will qualify for the Heaven Division, while those even higher than that will directly become the Sect Master's disciples!" Li Kong exclaimed.

Shen Tian, who didn't really have much information about the Spiritual Roots in this life raised a hand, to ask a question obviously."Master, but didn't you already tell us that you are now our master? How can we have a second master then?" He tilted his head to the left, while Li Kong started to laugh loudly.

"Well… You don't have to worry about that for now, that's a problem you will have to worry if you manage to get such rare Spiritual Roots, which is an extremely low possibility." Li Kong told them, his face was still invisible due to the cloak which he was wearing. Feng Hao raised his hand and asked, "Is there a higher grade Spiritual Root than the Heaven Grade?"

Li Kong shook his head, "Although some people think there is a grade above the Heaven Grade, the truth is that there is no actual proof of someone having such an advanced Spiritual Root. Even our Sect Master has only a 7-grade Heaven Spiritual Root. But that is extraordinary on its own. My Spiritual Roots, for example, are only of 3-grade Heaven Spiritual Root sadly." He spoke more than what they were used to hearing him say.

Shen Tian raised his hand once again. " How can we enter the Inner Sect after we become stronger than everyone else?" Li Kong narrowed his eyes and chuckled," I was expecting a question like this later or sooner. To enter the Inner Sect from the Outer Sect, you need to pass a test we have made for Outer Disciples. To enter that test you require a minimum strength of the Heavenly Fate 9th Fate to qualify for it."

"Interesting, but don't you already know that all three of us here are at a minimum strength of a Heavenly Fate Cultivator or no?" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow making Li Kong freeze." So you already knew I could see through your cultivations of your friends, but I cannot see through yours." Li Kong shook his head with a sigh.

Shen Tian, whose current strength was able to fight Dao Of Dragon Cultivators, was capable of seeing through Li Kong's cultivation. It was at the Dao of Dragon Realm, far above of those Spiritual Gods present in the Nine Layered Deathland's Black Infernal Tower. It surprised him quite a lot as well.

"So assuming from what you have told us as of now, the Outer Sect is divided in divisions, going from the Black Division which is the lowest, and for those with the weakest potential and talent, to the Heaven Division, where those with the highest potential and talent, and possibly with the highest cultivation rank are." The Chaos Emperor said with a frown.

"So how do you plan to test our Spiritual Roots?" Shen Tian spoke immediately after the Chaos Emperor finished his speaking. "It's actually quite simple. We are close to the Abyssal Void Sect's Testing Hall, where you will have your Spiritual Roots Grade checked and saved in the archives of the sect." Li Kong told them. " Your Spiritual Roots will be tested with a Heaven Spiritual Crystal."

Feng Hao decided to ask yet another question, "You told us that the lowest acceptable Spiritual Roots grade here is at the 7-grade Earth Spiritual Roots, but do other sects have a similar harsh requirement or is it only the Abyssal Void Sect which has such a harsh requirement for accepting disciples like us?" Li Kong nodded, "It's only us."

"Then, why do we require such an extreme grade of Spiritual Roots? I don't think you have really a lot of disciples from such harsh requirements have set up for their disciples." Feng Hao frowned slightly. Li Kong smiled, although it was not really noticeable." The Abyssal Void Sect is the most mysterious sect, we hold an extreme amount of various techniques, which is why we require such a high cultivation. As for disciples, let's say we have over twenty-five thousand disciples just at the 1st grade Heaven Spiritual Roots."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》