An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
190 Your father probably got cuckolded
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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190 Your father probably got cuckolded

Shen Tian's spiritual roots were mysterious and mythical. He did not think his Spiritual Roots could qualify as 'heaven' grade; they were of a far higher level than the Heaven Grade. It took a combined effort of dozens of millions of Shadow Clones and of the mysterious Red Crystal he had found in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, which could absorb Heavenly Energy.

Right now, he did not want to get any person to annoy him since he had been just separated from his fiancee and future wife, and Bai Zhi together with Han Bei were doing exactly the opposite of what he wanted them to do. One of the five other disciples Han Bei had brought stepped forward and glared at Shen Tian.

He cupped his fists and looked at Han Bei,"Teacher, can you let me fight this fellow so I can regain face for both you and fellow disciple Bai Zhi." He coldly glared at Shen Tian. It seemed he was deluded person; thinking he could actually defeat Shen Tian, who was literally two realms and a bit higher than him.

"Very well, Ling Xu I will give you permission to fight the brat who wounded my disciple." Han Bei snorted, before being interrupted once again by Li Kong who deeply frowned,"You want to make my disciple fight another disciple of yours before you even ask me, his master?! Tough chances you old hag!"

Han Bei's eyes widened to the point they could rival a ball used to play tennis, her complexion turned dark as she growled." Your disciple attacked my disciple first after he kindly asked for his name, and he got angry at just that." She tried to make Bai Zhi look good, but the truth was that Bai Zhi was trying to forcefully get Shen Tian's name.

Han Bei growled, "And did you just call me an old hag?! I just turned fifty-five years old this February how dare you to call me old just because of that! Aren't you fifty-five years old as well you old geezer?!" Li Kong looked away, a smirk entering his face, "You can call me old, I don't really care about that."


Han Bei waved her hand and told Ling Xu to retreat,"We will see who is the better youth when we see your potential through the Heaven Spiritual Crystal then." Despite being so offended, she was a sly fox thus she decided that the best way to deal with this was to take it to the real stage, testing one's potential.

But, due to all of this she had forgotten a simple fact. Li Kong never, ever brought people with a low talent or potential to the Abyssal Void Sect. In the ten to fifteen years he had been an emissary for the Abyssal Void Sect, he had brought many disciples with the level of a Heaven Grade Spiritual Root. However, he rarely actually accepted them as his 'personal' disciples.

Shen Tian looked at Feng Hao and Chaos Emperor, the two smirked while also looking at Shen Tian. It seems that Han Bei was going to get even more humiliated. Maybe she'd learn from all of this humiliation and become a better person due to this. Well, she'd just probably become an angrier person instead.

"Isn't it Junior Brother Li Kong and Junior Sister Han Bei, why are you not entering the Testing Hall yet? There are no other groups ahead of you." A man stuck his head out of the Testing Hall of the Abyssal Void Sect, which was literally next to the two groups, and both Han Bei and Li Kong coughed from embarrassment.

"Alright, we will see whose disciples are better in the Testing Hall, let the Heaven Spiritual Crystal and the disciple's talent do the talking instead of us old seniors." Li Kong stated coldly as all ten people started to enter the Abyssal Void Sect's Testing Hall, none of them were really in a rush to get inside.

"Alright, which group wants to go first?" The man who was responsible for the Testing Hall, Yu Qing said as he motioned for one of the groups to walk forward. Li Kong had a mysterious smile under his cloak as he raised a finger at Han Bei's group and her, "Since you are so angry,I will let you go first before us."

Han Bei frowned, but still told her disciples to go forward, and test their Spiritual Roots first. The first to go was a girl with a very beautiful appearance. The teacher responsible for recording and testing their Spiritual Roots grade, Yu Qing smiled and told her to put her hands about the Heaven Spiritual Crystal.

"6-Earth Grade Spiritual Root." The beautiful woman was in despair. That sort of Spiritual Roots would be extremely hunted by various sects, but the Abyssal Void Sect's requirement to pass was 7- Earth Grade Spiritual Roots, she had failed this test just by a single grade of her Spiritual Roots!

Han Bei had a dark expression on her face before sighing, her hindsight had been wrong apparently. With a wave of her hand, the beautiful woman flew back behind her and she muttered, "You can join another sect, I have a cousin in the Divine Feathers Sect, he can make you join the sect very easily." The beautiful woman's expression brightened.

She had never thought that Han Bei would so considerate, and even allow her to join another sect instead of sending her back. Actually, it was kind of realistic, since her talent was not that bad. Heaven Grade Spiritual Roots were wanted in every sect, but they were not as common as rocks on the ground, it would be considered decent if they could get just one for every batch they tested

"Next Disciple please!"

The teacher, Yu Qing was not very patient since he was sure another batch of groups would come soon. He wanted to get over with the two groups in front of him as fast as possible. Bai Zh stuck his chest forward and walked to the Heaven Spiritual Crystal, he then proceeded to touch it. Yu Qing barely contained his laughter, but Shen Tian and the rest started to laugh badly, making Bai Zhi's face turn red.

"1-Man Grade Spiritual Roots"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》