An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
191 Im de must populer writur in da wubsite
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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191 Im de must populer writur in da wubsite

"This… Please let me re-do this, I am sure the Heaven Spiritual Crystal made a mistake, please! I can't be this weak… My potential can't be this low, I was one of the brightest talents in my realm before, how the hell is my Spiritual Root a Grade 1 Man Rank!" Bai Zhi's face started to pale as he grabbed onto Yu Qing who frowned.

Bai Zhi was not wrong, his actual Spiritual Roots were of 9-Grade Earth Spiritual Roots. The reason why it showed as a 1-Grade Man Spiritual Roots was actually quite simple. Shen Tian had used an Illusion Technique to fool everyone's eye sight and made it look as if the Heaven Spiritual Crystal showed his Spiritual Roots as of the weakest grade.

Th poor boy felt so embarrassed at the grade of his Spiritual Roots, and even Yu Qing felt bad for him, so he decided to make an exception to the rule that one couldn't have his Heaven Spiritual Crystal examination re-done. He told Bai Zhi to put his hand on the Heaven Spiritual Crystal to check the grade.

"2-Grade Man Spiritual Roots"

Shen Tian felt bad for the poor boy, so he decided to raise the grade the Heaven Spiritual Crystal showed by a single grade. Bai Zhi felt like fainting. With this kind of Spiritual Roots, let alone the Abyssal Void Sect, no other sect would accept him into their sect, not even as a servant of all things!

Han Bei put a hand over her face and glared at Bai Zhi who yelled in despair,"Please do it again, I don't think my talent and potential is simply this low, I was destinied for more, no I am destinied for far more than just this!" He was simply unable to accept the fact that his talent was this 'low' Shen Tian chuckled.

'This is the price you have to pay for trying to look like a moron in front of me. Boy, you don't know with who you were trying to mess with. Well, it's quite sad actually. His actual Spiritual Roots can easily qualify him for the Abyssal Void Sect without much trouble, if it wasn't for me… Hehe.'

"7-Grade Earth Spiritual Roots."


Soon, it was Shen Tian's group's turn to test and find out the grade of their Spiritual Roots through the Heavenly Spiritual Crystal. From Han Bei's group of disciples, three managed to pass. Actually, one even had a 1-Grade Heaven Spiritual Roots exciting the teacher, Yu Qing a bit since it was getting boring.

Feng Hao licked his lips and cracked his knuckles, he was the first to go forward. He was quite sure that his Spiritual Root would undoubtedly be of the Heaven Rank at a minimum, and could go on up to the last grade of the Heaven Rank. Shen Tian had mentioned Spiritual Roots before, and said his were sturdy.

"9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Roots." Feng Hao noticed that the Heaven Spiritual Crystal was not going to stop absorbing his Heavenly Energy and increasing the density and color so he immediately withdrew his hand before the Heaven Spiritual Crystal managed to change it's color once again, but the result was still very extraordinary. The Guards were dumbfounded, Han Bei's jaw and Yu Qing's jaw hit the ground, while Li Kong was speechless, to regain focus he coughed immediately. He took out a token from his Interspatial Ring and put his hand forward. He looked at a guard.

"... Contact the Sect Master immediately, he must know about this! This is the third 9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Roots Genius our sect has ever seen before." Li Kong was quick to act and he gave an order to a loyal guard who took a token from Li Kong's hands and immediately ran towards the highest peak of the sect.

The Sect Master Li Kong was talking about, was not the Abyssal Void Lord. The Abyssal Void Lord could be considered the Sect Guardian, a person above the Sect Ancestors and Sect Masters. The Sect Master was a Martial Ancestor Realm Cultivator who could only stay inside the sect, otherwise the troops of the Sage Emperor would attack him.

The Sect Master, was the one who'd take people with a higher talent than that of a 7-Grade Heaven Spiritual Root as his own disciples. Although it was not known to the public, the Sect Master had 2 disciples in total. Usually each generation only had a total of 2-3 disciples each, but even that was incredibly rare.

Han Bei slapped her face, finally regaining consciousness and focus.'This… I was able to witness such a legendary scene, I was able to witness the birth of a person with the talent to reach the Martial Ancestor Realm in his lifespan one day. Our sect can get an existence near the power of the Abyssal Void Lord once again!'

Despite how she acted, she was not against the birth of stronger cultivators. She was taught to always work for the best of the Abyssal Void Sect. Despite there being many clans and factions inside the Abyssal Void Sect, none of them were divided, and every one of them wanted the best for the sect. The loyalty was deep in their blood.

Yu Qing took another deep breath, as he slowly regained the color of his face back. He raised his hand to motion for the next to come forward."Then.. Please the next one come forward to test their potential." He sighed as his expectations for the next one, who was the Chaos Emperor got lowered.

' I mean, it's impossible for another heaven-defying tallent to appear out of nowhere right?' He chuckled as he visible relaxing his tense shoulders. The Chaos Emperor started to walk toward the Heaven Spiritual Crystal, as relaxed as Feng Hao had been and gave Yu Qing a short glare before putting his hands on the crystal.

The Testing Hall was tense, some felt like they were suffocating as The Chaos Emperor put his Heavenly Energy on the Heaven Spiritual Crystal. Firstly, there was no effect before it started to shine and change colors, shining more and more brightly. They all took deep breaths as the Chaos Emperor withdrew his hands.

"9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Roots."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》