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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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192 I shall Fart the Heavens

Yu Qing closed his eyes, his lips quivering from what was happening. 'This is not real, I'm just anxious from the previous testing, yes… That boy Feng Hao made me feel dizzy and mistake numbers, it's not a 9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Root, it's probably a 9-Grade Earth Spiritual Root, yep that's it probably.'

Li Kong took out yet another token, and handed it to the guard next to the one who had already left to send the news to the Sect Master, his hands shook as he told him, "Immediately go and give the incredible news to the Sect Master, return as fast as possible, I want good news! The heavens are supporting us!" He laughed madly.

Han Bei had a disciple support her, she was about to faint from all those stuff happening. "Impossible…" She started to breathe heavily from the shock she was experiencing, it was simply too astonishing. Two 9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Roots prodigies in a row were truly mad, this was something which would never happen again!

Her face started to turn red, adding even more charm to her sexy figure. Some of the guards couldn't help but steal a few glances at her, they were lucky that she could not see their eyes since her own eyes were looking at the roof, and she was not focused on the scene before her due to the shock she was experiencing.

Yu Qing himself felt that the world was falling on him. Since when did his Abyssal Void Sect gain so much luck? In its entire history, there had been a total of two other 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root prodigies, one of them was the Abyssal Void Lord and the other one was the Sect Ancestor who was in seclusion.

Li Kong froze and glared at Shen Tian. " Boy, all of this… I feel like it's somehow related to you. Perhaps, are you another 9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Root Prodigy, at least tell me before you shock us once again." Shen Tian felt slightly helpless, even if he told him what he wanted to know, it would be another lie in a way or another.

"Maybe I am, maybe I am not." He decided to tease the poor Dao of Dragon Realm Cultivator who knitted his eyebrows, stubbornly deciding not to ask him again, he had his own pride as a cultivator to protect after all. "You go together with Feng Hao to that corner, I will finish this Testing and you can go together with your master somewhere else…"

"A*cough* Junior Brother Li Kong, Junior Sister Han Bei let's finish this, shall we? Alright, Martial Nephew Tian, come forward." Yu Qing pointed at Shen Tian, his finger shaking from the recent trauma he had received. Shen Tian walked forward with a slight awkwardness from what was happening. However, he had his own plan he wanted to carry on with soon. He was enjoying the shocked faces of the surrounding people.

'Alright, the last two times were merely a fluke, there is no way we will get another 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root prodigy in our Abyssal Void Sect so easily, man I think my heart won't be ready if that event is repeated once again, a third time is not going to be too good for my heart issues recently.'

The surroundings seemed to have slowed down as if time was going several times slower. Yu Qing took several breaths, Shen Tian's hands neared the Heaven Spiritual Crystal at the same time. Li Kong's eyes widened, expectations visible on his eyes. Han Bei finally had stood up after near fainting.

Sweat fell from every guard's and master's foreheads and down onto the ground. The air simply felt like it was not there to be breathed but to add a suffocating feeling to the area. Shen Tian looked around as he chuckled, all of this simply felt amusing to him, just before his hands made contact with the crystal, he raised his hand, faking a painful expression.

" I need to go to the bathroom!" Shen Tian winced in 'pain' as he rushed off before anyone could react to his decision to abandon the Testing Hall. It took an entire minute for everyone to regain their focuses. Yu Qing's lips twitched, Li Kong's expression was darkening while Han Bei just finally fainted." SHEN TIAAAAANNNN!"

Li Kong released hot steam from his body. He was really angry, albeit it was understandable. Cultivators beyond the Legend Rank could easily hold their poop, they didn't even create such wastes unless they ate some kind of Heavenly Treasure which created impurities in their body, thus it was kind of obvious that he was just pranking them.

The first guard to leave the Testing Hall to inform the Sect Master of the talent Feng Hao had been discovered to have, a 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Root, finally returned while breathing an enormous amount of fresh air. He was gasping, it could be seen he had run as fast as his legs could manage to.

"Senior Elder Kong… The Sect Master after learning those facts you told me to inform him of due to being very astonished and extremely happy, decided to come here himself. He should be very near the Testing Hall. He has successfully reached the next stage of the Martial Ancestor Realm.!" The guard said with another gasp.

Li Kong's expression darkened even more. How could he explain it to the Sect Master, his uncle that the last disciple he had chosen had run off to the 'bathroom' because he had to poop? It was extremely embarrassing and would make him lose an enormous amount of face for just a single prank Shen Tian wanted to pull out.

"The Sect Master has arrived!" A guard who was outside the Testing Hall, gave out a warning to the people inside so they could be prepared. Li Kong coughed, regaining the attention of Han Bei who finally gained consciousness once again and Yu Qing who was still shaking from what had happened.


Li Kong had a deadpan expression, which was soon copied by Yu Qing and almost everyone presents here. It can't be… Li Kong smiled bitterly, gaining a peaceful look on his face as he chuckled,"It seems that after nearly half a century of cultivation, I, Li Kong will face my end because of a fucking fart!"
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》