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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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194 A Glorious Moment.

The Sect Master had a glorious entrance as if the light of the heavens was walking together with him. He was coated in seemingly enchanting blue clothes with the image of a golden dragon. He wore a black hat on his head and had a small mustache. He also had a calm expression on his face.

However, just like Li Kong, Han Bei, and Yu Qing upon hearing the loud fart his expression was frozen on the place. He tried his best to look calm however one could see a single tear coming out of a corner of his left eye. Li Kong was left frozen, he wanted to tell the Sect Master what was happening, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

Instead, the Sect Master inhaled a massive amount of air before he looked at Li Kong. " I was informed that we had two prodigies with a 9-Grade Heaven Spiritual Root, can you introduce me to them Junior Martial Brother Li Kong." Li Kong hastily nodded as he pointed at Feng Hao and the Chaos Emperor with a single gulp.

" I was told there was still a third person yet to be examined by Elder Qing, but I do not see him anywhere close to you?" The Sect Master tilted his head to the left; he was left confused by Li Kong who was shaking from pure embarrassment. "He is the one who well…" He started to speak and the Sect Master pressured him to continue.

"He is the one who farted that enormous fart just earlier." Li Kong said between coughs. The Sect Master noticed that Li Kong had gained a ghastly expression as if the words he had muttered had sucked his entire life out of him. He couldn't help but start to laugh from the miserable appearance he had.

"I see…" The Sect Master took a deep breath. Shen Tian yawned as he appeared in front of the three elders, Li Kong, Yu Qing and Han Bei who was fully conscious once again. The Sect Master's eyes were on him as he spoke," I assume you are the last junior left to be examined through the Heaven Spiritual Crystal, aren't you?"

Shen Tian's icy eyes looked at the Sect Master, who was too ashamed to admit it, but he was truly affected by them. "Yes, that person you are looking for is me. Do you want me to proceed with the examination? I apologize for wasting your time, but I really had to poop. You know, sometimes it happens."

The Sect Master subconsciously nodded and Shen Tian started to walk towards the Heaven Spiritual Crystal. He was 'unfortunately' for them, stopped by Feng Hao who grinned and waved at him. Shen Tian made an eye motion at him, telling that he wanted to get over with this soon and Feng Hao got silent once again.

"Elder Qing, I apologize for the delay I did a bit earlier, but I really had to take a bit of time and go to the bathroom, once again I, Shen Tian apologize to you." Shen Tian apologized, but his expression showed everything but a hint of apology, making Yu Qing sweatdrop from the lack of emotions on his face.

"No problem… Can you please hurry up now, another group just arrived and I want to get over with them as soon as possible too." Yu Qing was punished to control the Testing Hall, otherwise, with his power at the Dao of Dragon Realm, he wouldn't stay as an elder here. He was not here of his own accord and wish.

Shen Tian sighed and put his hands over the Heaven Spiritual Crystal. Everyone was extremely excited to see the ending of this situation. After all, Feng Hao and the Chaos Emperor let the rest know earlier than Shen Tian was way stronger than both of them combined. Obviously, this meant his Spiritual Roots were of an extremely high level.

He had mentioned it before, and he'd mention it once again. Ever since he had opened his Spiritual Roots, the speed the 250 Million Shadow Clones inside the Undying Cycles Realm absorbed and refined the Heavenly Energy in the air of that realm was nearly multiplied by thousands of thousands of times.

His dark blue colored spiky hair covered his face as his lips curled. When he put his hands over the Heaven Spiritual Crystal, he sent a thread of his Heavenly Energy towards the crystal, and in an instant it started to grow brighter and brighter, gaining different colors. The Sect Master, Li Kong, Han Bei, and Yu Qing were astonished.

The color of the threads inside the Heaven Spiritual Crystal started to become darker and darker. It changed color from purple to black. The change only lasted less than half a second, before the Heavenly Spiritual Crystal became entirely black and exploded. The various people present could not be astonished anymore, they had spent all of their strength on those expressions. They were tired.

Despite that, they still were surprised. Han Bei was about to faint for the third time, Li Kong no longer had a dark expression, instead, it was replaced by a bright expression of knowing his eyes were so sharp that he managed to find out about 3 extraordinary prodigies with amazing Spiritual Roots.

Yu Qing was speechless not really knowing what to say or think about this whole situation. Due to having high expectations for the first two times, he was pretty numb about all of this. The Sect Master had forgotten about the fart entirely and was extremely happy and delighted to see the sect prosper like this.

The Sect Master took a deep breath," Yu Qing, as what does that make his Spiritual Roots qualify as, which grade…?" He wanted to think that this was simply a malfunction, but the truth was in front of his eyes. Shen Tian had blown up the Heaven Spiritual Crystal, making his Spiritual Roots of a higher grade of what it could endure. Even the Sect Master himself only had 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots, but that was considered incredible in any sect, let alone the Abyssal Void Sect which had a harsh requirement.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》