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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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196 Q/A - 3 - Answering

Hello, I wanted to thank you all for the support you are giving me recently. It means a lot, when I see novels I usually saw next to me, be 10 RANKS below me.

IT's an amazing experience because it shows me JUST how much SUPPORT you guys are giving me, I thank you all! (Now... KEep up with this rate :V)

Now, with the Q/A Session...

1. Are you 14 years old?


2. Is this novel a harem or not? ( Someone should start counting those)

- No. Pairing is just Xiao Ning'er x MC. IF YOU mean my MGA fanfic, no it's Zi/Zu? Ling x MC

IF YOU MEAN My Dragon War MArked God Novel, NO, it's Chenyu something x MC

3. WIll Feng Hao and the rest be of at least a bit of help for mc?

- The current arc, I plan to develop several characters in the following 100 or so chapters, SORRY if it sounds oddly slow-paced, but I believe It won't be boring!

4. Will he create another sect, or just put the sects he has already established into work in the Draconic Ruins Realm?

- No more sects, he will create another plan to invade/absorb the Draconic Ruins Realm.

5.Will original( From TDG itself) characters have development? And what do you mean by your story being slow-paced?

- Answering your first question, yes Nie Li will get development, don't think so about the rest, too unimportant. My story is slow paced in the meaning of not chapters, but development.

6.Can you become a Mountain?

- I don't think so... Can you?

7.Are you a virgin?

- No, I've made 69 girls pregnant.

8.Will Long Yiyun be paired with any characters?

- If I remember correctly, Jing Ye and Jian Yu are in the Divine Feathers sect, so probably either.. Most likely Jian Yu >.>

9.Can U release 20ch in 2 days again?

- Sorry, but my health hasn't been the best, I'm 0 chapters ahead of others, so no.

10.Will Ning'er and Shen Tian have kids ( Answered this last session but k)

- Yes, He plays an important role in my MGA fanfic.

11. What's your favorite Icecream flavor?

- Banana/Vanilla/Chocolate too hard to chose >.<

12.Will there be someone stronger than the Sage Emperor?

- Well, yes duh. We getting another MAJOR arc after the Draconic Ruins Realm, the DIVINE REALM ARC.

13.When girl and boy holding hand together, will the girl become pregnant?

- Yes, I've made 96 girls pregnant through this method. DON'T TRY IT I GOT TRICKED!

14.Will you make a Martial World Fanfiction?

- Most likely no. My current plans include a MGA Fanfiction and a DMWG Fanfiction then an original novel.

15. Will MC ever show just how powerful he is?

- I plan to do that in the following 100ch.

16.Can you turn water into wine?

- My friend, Jesus can.

17.Are you real, MR.Void?

- No.

18.What's the best novel you've read so far?

- Hard to choose, ultimately it's between CD and ISSTH.

19.Are you a 30-years old Virgin Wizard?

- I'm 14 so no.

20.Are you a cultivator?!

- No, I identify as a mage.

21.When will he conquer the draconic ruins realm?

- Following 150 ch.

22.Why did you start to put weird titles recently?

- MEh, no idea why.

23.Why has MC's character changed so much recently?

-It hasn't, it's just MC putting a coat over his cold personality.

24.How many chapters will this novel have?

- Close to 400 or so I guess.

25.Will Xiao Qing'er join the Abyssal Void Sect?

- Yes.

26.Does Shen Tian have any true purpose for living, a real goal?

- AS of yet, it has yet to be revealed.

27.Can you let Nie Li Die?

- No.

28.Who is the Abyssal Void Lord in the Abyssal Void Sect?

- Related to Ryu but not him.

29. Any more original Arc?

- One's being written and published as we are speaking.

- 30... NONE


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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》