An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
197 River Of Everlasting Blood
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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197 River Of Everlasting Blood

The Ancestral Sect Lands were of very high importance to the sect, the density of Heavenly Energy, as said by the Sect Master was hundreds of times higher than when compared to the other common regions of the Draconic Ruins Realm, it was also extraordinary even when you compared it to other sect's secret areas.

The entrance to the Ancestral Sect Lands was quite far away from the Testing Hall, many people were weirded out, since they were not used to seeing the Sect Master outside the Core Sect, and even then the chances to see him were few and extremely rare, few Core Disciples had seen him before.

"Feng Hao,Shen Tian and… What is your name again boy?" The Chaos Emperor awkwardly looked at Shen Tian. It seems he had never presented his real name to the Abyssal Void Sect, making the Sect Master very confused of how to call the Chaos Emperor, he couldn't call him by his title after all.

"His name is Xian Long." Shen Tian closed an eye as he told him the Chaos Emperor's 'name'. The Sect Master nodded while the Chaos Emperor widened his eyes in surprise. After all the Chaos Emperor was not named Xian Long, his enemy and fellow disciple of his master was named Xian Long, the supreme leader of the Underground Region.

"Then I am sorry to announce this, but I need all three of you to fall unconscious and be restrained by those chains." The Sect Master said with a regretful voice as he continued to talk," I cannot risk outsiders knowing about the location of the Ancestral Sect Lands. I apologize once again to you three." He waved his hand and Feng Hao and ' Xian Long' fell unconscious.

Shen Tian groaned, he had to fake fainting, so he moved his awareness from his brain to his soul realm just for now. This could qualify as a state of unconsciousness thus the Sect Master did not feel suspicious of his current situation. Instead, he waved his hand once again and a misty like energy burst from his sleeves and embraced the three.

The Sect Master looked around, noticing the surprised glare of several Inner Disciples, before he moved forward, reaching the speed of light in a second. A Martial Ancestor could easily go as fast as light, and in some cases even twice or thrice as fast as the maximum speed light could normally peak at.

It took about a minute for them to reach their destination, which was a considerable distance if you took into consideration the fact that light was capable of traveling hundreds of kilometers in a single second if not more, the Sect Master stopped in front of a stream of the river which the Abyssal Void Sect stood between.

"The Everlasting River of Blood." The Sect Master muttered as the river changed color to a red one from the previous blue which reflected the color of the sky. " It is said that it's dyed in the blood of the people to fight on it, the cultivators of a previous era. Our ancestor, the Abyssal Void Lord decided to establish his sect here oddly."

"I am the 63rd generation Sect Master, most of the previous Sect Masters have either died or are in seclusion, trying to desperately achieve another breakthrough so their lifespan could be extended. Some were hunted down by the Sage Emperor, despite the Sect Guardian protecting them most of the time."

"Now… I am leading three brats who are probably a hundred times younger than me into an abyss of pain and suffering. I hope they can manage to hold on and become someone worth being proud for in our Abyssal Void Sect." The Sect Master said as a wooden boat started to near them with no one on it besides a single boatman.

The boatman was covered in a dark cloak, and only a pair of red eyes were visible. He was extraordinarily tall, about three meters.and was holding a single long paddle, almost as long as his own height on his hands." I suppose you want to visit him since you are here… Am I right?" The boatman questioned with a hoarse voice.

Shen Tian felt a similar energy like that of Xi Riyu, which used an energy called Devil Energy come out of the Boatman's body. It was not intentional but the boatman himself could not stop the energy from seeping out of his body no matter what, and it seemed he had given up on doing that.

Who exactly was this boatman?

Shen Tian could only purely guess, but from his wrinkled fingers and hoarse and weak voice, he could see that he was an extremely old ancestor, possibly in the end of his lifespan; or he cultivated a technique which sucked the youthful appearance out of him which was plausible, he could not deny that.

"I am here to visit the Sect Ancestor and inquire about an issue I have. Is he available?" The Sect Master pulled the three of them closer to him as he started to walk towards the boat, the boatman was silent, he was merely a person who was responsible for sending people inside the Sect Ancestral Lands and nothing more.

The boat started to move, as the boatman pushed his paddle inside the calm red colored waters. " Those youngsters here do not seem to be official members of the Abyssal Void Sect he created, or am I wrong?" The boatman muttered while the Sect Master nodded," I am here to talk to the Sect Ancestor precisely about this issue."

The boatman's red eyes shone brightly as it let out a laugh, "It seems your eyesight was not wrong this time. Those three fellows here have Spiritual Roots of possibly beyond the Asura Grade, that is extremely surprising. This is extraordinary, the little fellow will be overjoyed upon seeing them." The boatman chuckled.

"Little Fellow…"The Sect Master's left eye twitched from the awkwardness of having someone over a total of fifty generations his senior called a little fellow. However the boatman was not wrong to refer the Sect Ancestor as such, he was even older than the entire Abyssal Void Sect as a whole!
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》