An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
198 Divine Myriad Spirit River
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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198 Divine Myriad Spirit River

The Everlasting River Of Blood could be considered to be one of the most ancient locations of the Draconic Ruins Realm. It was said this was also the place where the Abyssal Void Lord fought the Sage Emperor to a draw, neither cultivator having the advantage over the other cultivator. It had been a legendary occasion.

The boatman was one of the few people to witness that fight according to how the legend went to. This made the boatman at the very least a person who had lived through over a hundred thousand years. That was very old even for a Dao of Dragon Realm cultivator, this made him a Martial Ancestor, but even they struggled to live this much.

The boat continued to move through the red waters, to other cultivators it would look like the journey to reach the other part would be infinite, however, to Shen Tian the trick was actually quite simple. They were going through a barrier, or an array to be more specific. The boatman was getting sure that no one was following them.

"This is the limit of where I can send you through, the laws of the array bind me to the water. Unless the one above me removes the shackles around me, then I cannot leave this Everlasting River of Blood." The boat hit the sand as the boatman smiled weirdly, the sect master nodded as he jumped from the boat.

The Sect Master bowed to the boatman as the misty energy took Shen Tian, Xian Long and Feng Hao out of the boat. The boatman took another look at Shen Tian and his red eyes narrowed. ' That boy is still awake. His soul has entered his soul realm, but it's still moving! The successor the previous Sect Master chose is foolish it seems.'

"Wake up boys." The sect Master shook the bodies of the three youths as the boatman entered the mist, disappearing from view. "What happened, where are we?" Feng Hao rubbed his eyes as he looked around, he did not remember being around an island filled with sand and covered in mist everywhere.

"This is the Ancestral Sect Land's First Island. You will see thousands of islands like this inside the Ancestral Sect Lands which are inside an array, do not get surprised if you get lost so stick close to me. With your current power, you have no hopes of managing to survive a confrontation with a Demon Beast here."

"We passed through the Everlasting River of Blood, you will learn about it when you become a Disciple of the Core Sect. According to your talents, you won't join the Black,Yellow,Earth or Heaven Division. From what I can see… The Sect Ancestor can become your master." Shen Tian knitted his eyebrows, it seems the effects of the Kotoamatsukami had been lowered

"What are we going to here the Esteemed Sect Master?" The Sect Master looked away as the mist started to open a path for them."The Abyssal Void Sect is surrounded by two rivers. The Everlasting River of Blood and the Divine Myriad Spirit River. Those two rivers protect us from enemies if the Abyssal Void Lord is not present."

"The Sect Ancestor is not always in the Ancestral Sect Lands." The Sect Master continued."However, the boatman who brought here told me that he is indeed in the Ancestral Sect Lands right now." The Sect Master muttered as he released the three from the misty energy he had engulfed them in.

Shen Tian raised an eyebrow as he asked, "What is the Divine Myriad Spirit River, Esteemed Sect Master?" The Sect Master looked at him for a moment before replying with a chuckle." The Divine Myriad Spirit River is said to contain the souls of thousands of cultivators, their blood went to the Everlasting River of Blood while their souls to the Divine Myriad Spirit River!"

"You keep speaking of this war, but you have never told us what it was about though?" Shen Tian continued to ask."The war is actually complicated. Around a hundred thousand years ago the Abyssal Void Lord decided to establish the Abyssal Void Sect here. The Sage Emperor and his faction attacked him, and the ending was that it resulted in a tie."

"You could say the Abyssal Void Sect was made with the sweat and blood of the Sage Emperor's troops." The Sect Master looked away at that last part. Shen Tian was amused. "But those rivers contain different souls and human blood too, not only the blood of Demon Beasts. The rivers are much older than just a hundred thousand years."

The Sect Master did not answer the last question Shen Tian had, instead he looked at Feng Hao and Xian Long. " You two are both at the Heavenly Fate Realm, it's quite interesting to see fellows breakthrough to that realm while still being in your original realm. Especially you, Xian Long, you have almost attained the breakthrough to the Heavenly Star Realm."

The truth was that Xian Long was already a Heavenly Star Realm cultivator, but due to Shen Tian's concealment technique, the Sect Master did not realize that Xian Long was a Heavenly Star Realm cultivator yet. " You both cultivate techniques I've never seen before in the archives of the Abyssal Void Sect."

"That's…" Shen Tian interrupted Feng Hao's discussion as he snorted,"I apologize Esteemed Sect Master, but our master back in the Tiny World wouldn't appreciate us revealing the details of the techniques he has given us." He had to blame it on someone so he decided to choose a nonexistent master.

"Master? You actually have an actual master who taught you how to cultivate?" The Sect Master tilted his head to the right." He's dead, unfortunately, to be more exact one day we found three cultivation techniques in some ruins when we were at the peak of the Legend Rank as Demon Spiritualists and since then our cultivation speed has become faster and faster." Shen Tian continued.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》