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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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199 Holy Devil Island

The Sect Master was a bit astonished. Cultivation Techniques could be indeed switched when one was at a high cultivation prowess, but it was usually not encouraged due to the risks of damaging your body; that would happen due to the impurities left behind by the other Cultivation Technique one cultivated.

" I see, you three already have a master, albeit he is dead." The Sect Master shook his head in disappointment. Xian Long smiled,"Well, that was long in the past, almost a year ago.

I'm sure our master would want for us to get a new teacher or master to teach us new techniques and guide us in this world."

Shen Tian looked around the Island they were on and took a handful of sand which was laying on the ground. " This sand contains Heavenly Energy… IT's not made naturally by nature itself but artificially made by someone with the knowledge of the Law of Earth or the Law of Nature." The Sect Master was amused.

Feng Hao started to run around the island making the Sect Master gain a tick mark, "Be careful there is no knowing when a Demon Beast will pop out of the ground and assault you, and I might be too slow to save your life from it!" Feng Hao froze and stopped moving he did value his life a lot.

Shen Tian looked around once again and frowned, "I can feel the Demon Beasts you claimed lived in the Ancestral Sect Lands. Some of them are even stronger than you, Esteemed Sect Master." Indeed, he could feel Demon Beasts with the power rivaling that of a peak Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator.

"The Ancestral Sect Lands are made of various islands after all." The Sect Master noted as he walked into the forest the island was made out of." This island is the one the Sect Ancestor is secluded inside of. Do not stray away from me, or I cannot promise you that you will survive for another day."

Shen Tian and the two others walked towards the Sect Master, they were not fools and knew that the best choice of actions right now would be to follow the Sect Master, the main reason they were here was to find the Sect Ancestor, which the Sect Master was so adamant on meeting due to the three of them.


The Island of The Holy Devil was one of the minor islands of the Ancestral Sect Lands of the Abyssal Void Sect. The reason why the Sect Ancestor was secluded here was that he was doing an inspection on the seal of the Holy Devil, the reason why the island was named as such. The Holy Devil was a Demon Beast at the Realm of the peak of the Dao of Dragon Realm.

The Sect Ancestor did not personally do the inspection, usually, a clone of his would be here to inspect the seal, but due to some issues, he had to personally come and inspect the seal of the Holy Devil. Otherwise, it would not take this long for the Sect Master to contact the Sect Ancestor.

"Roooaaaaar!" The Sect Ancestor frowned as his hand moved at the speed of light and created the thousandth rune behind the seal of the Holy Devil, an extremely rare race of Demon Beasts. In fact, they could not even be considered as Demon Beasts, they had mutated from their kind and become something else completely.

"It seems I will need to contact the Abyssal Void Lord. The Holy Devil Realm has started to crack open. This Holy Devil here is calling for it's kind. Albeit, it could be considered one of the strongest Holy Devils to ever exist… This still makes no sense, where in the hell is the Realm Gate opening in?" The Sect Ancestor frowned even deeper.

The Holy Devil Realm was one of the three thousand minor realms of the Divine Continent. Compared to the Draconic Ruins Realm, it was much smaller, but it had a higher density of Heavenly Energy, but the Heavenly Energy there was tainted thus cultivators went mad and transformed into Demon Beasts, and then into Holy Devils.

"Let's see … What is my descendant doing in the Ancestral Sect Lands? Odd is he here to meet me perhaps?" The Sect Ancestor waved his hand and vague images of the Ancestral Sect Lands started to form. He saw the Sect Master and Shen Tian with his friends walking inside the Ancestral Sect Lands.

"This boy… He gives me the same vibes as the Abyssal Void Lord… Is he in a way or another perhaps related to him? That would be too weird, from what I know he is not married and has no known descendant." The Sect Ancestor sighed as he finished his inspection fo the seal of the Holy Devil fully.

His eyes narrowed as he finished checking over the group the Sect Master was with. "It can't be… The feeling I have received from all three of them makes me think they have Heaven Spiritual Roots of the Ninth Grade, that's extraordinary, only I, him and the Abyssal Void Lord have such a Spiritual Root!"


The Sect Master had a very conflicted expression for some odd reason. Shen Tian seemed to be the only one among the three others present to notice it." What is wrong, Esteemed Sect Master? Have you mixed up the way to the place the Sect Ancestor is supposed to be in?" He asked with a curious tone.

"No, but he is not in the secluded area he'd usually cultivate, it's very odd… Unless… Shen Tian, you remember this is called Holy Devil Island right?" The Sect Master glared at Shen Tian who nodded." The Holy Devil Island has another secret besides containing a Holy Devil. It also serves as an alarm if other Holy Devils decide to appear."

"I see… I presume that Holy Devils are an enormous danger to the average population then?" Shen Tian raised an eyebrow as he asked that question. The Sect Master nodded, "The weakest are usually at least Heavenly Fate Realm Holy Devils if they manage to reach their adulthood." He said.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》