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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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200 Holy Devils

Shen Tian had heard of Devils before; In his other lives, there were Devils and Demons which were not that rare. They usually were created due to a mutation in Demon Beasts after being shown some incredibly evil energy which made them lose their minds unless they became very powerful they wouldn't gain intelligence once again.

It seems those Holy Devils were different, however. They were intelligent enough to work in groups and could communicate with each other to hunt other creatures like humans. The devils he knew of were extremely dumb and had no idea of how to work together so they could secure nourishment.

Holy Devils were known as such because they also could absorb a Human's Heavenly Energy, but could not directly absorb it from the atmosphere. They used something similar to Xi Riyu's Devil Energy, merely much darker and viler, which the humans called the Holy Devil Energy, it was named by the Abyssal Void Sect.

"Let's go then, The Sect Ancestor should be in the place the Holy Devil the island contains was sealed. It's not really that far from here." The Sect Master said as he reached the speed of ten times that of sound. Feng Hao grinned as he soon followed the others who were following the Sect Master.

"There is no need for that, younglings." A voice rang out with a chuckle stopping them just a moment after they reached the peak of their current speed. The Sect Master was the first to react as he tilted his head to see who had just stopped them and was surprised by seeing who it was." Esteemed Sect Ancestor!"

The Sect Ancestor was young-looking despite being dozens of times of the Sect Master's age. " You can just call me Old Man Yu boys." The Sect Ancestor grinned as he walked toward them. When you put them next to each other, the Sect Ancestor looked more like a brother than an ancestor to them.

"You …. You are not that simple, my old eyes can be wrong sometimes, but there are you never manage to be fooled by…" Old Man Yu grinned as he put his eyes next to Shen Tian who sent an icy glare toward him, not affected in the slightest by the curious glare Old Man Yu was sending him.

"I would appreciate if you don't act like a weirdo." Shen Tian responded but did not take any action. Feng Hao started to laugh awkwardly, "My friend is right Old Geezer Yu, I don't think anyone appreciates such close contact even if you are lovers!" Shen Tian gained a tick mark, "Who is my lover you dumb banana?!"

"Old Geezer… I said call me Old Man Not Old Geezer!" Old Man Yu frowned as he snorted ignoring Feng Hao's pleas of apologizing. Instead, he looked at the Sect Master, "Little Boy, you are Zhu's successor am I right?" Old Man Yu had never seen the current Sect Master before since he was too busy.

"Esteemed Sect Ancestor, indeed I am the previous sect master's successor, and he was indeed called Zhu." The Sect Master who was called a little boy by the Sect Ancestor responded. He did not feel weird upon being called such, he felt the same as when the boatman called the Sect Ancestor little fellow.

"May I ask you why did you leave your usual secluded area? I wanted to inquire something about the three of the boys with me. All three of them have the cultivation of above the Heavenly Fate Realm, and even have 9-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots, something only seen thrice before in our sect!" Shen Tian secretly chuckled.

"The seal of the Holy Devil inside the Holy Devil Island has been weakening faster than usual. Seals are not permanent and they need to be checked occasionally, but this time it seems the Holy Devil was calling for its people, which means there is a Realm Gate somewhere in this Holy Devil Island opening soon."

The Sect Master knitted his eyebrows as an idea came to his mind," Is there perhaps a chance we could use this as a way to temper the young generations?" The Sect Ancestor pondered for a bit before nodding,"Actually that seems like a really good idea, the Holy Devil Realm is divided into three areas, just like our sect is divided in three branch sects, Outer, Inner, and Core. But the areas are called Lesser, Medium and Advanced Areas referring to the level of Holy Devils."

"A Lesser Holy Devil usually has only the strength at the Heavenly Fate Realm. A Medium Holy Devil usually has the strength of a Heavenly Star Realm Demon Beast while an Advanced Holy Devil typically has the strength of a Heavenly Axis Realm Demon Beast or so. In special conditions, there might be Dao of Dragon Realm Holy Devils appear."

"How long will it take for the Realm Gate to open by the way? One year, six months, three months, one month…?" The Sect Master was enthusiastic for such an event, the young generation would learn a lot through it, it reminded him of a similar event he had gone through at a similar age.

The Sect Ancestor pondered for a while, the Realm Gates did not usually have a set time of when they would one hundred percent open. " I'm not really sure, but it should be in around five or six months. Until then you two can be properly established in the sect. I would take you under my wings but I'm a bit busy with other important seals, so little Sect Master you can be their teacher."

The Sect Master was a bit shook. He still felt a bit affected by Shen Tian's Kotoamatsukami although with his Soul Realm being at the level of A Martial Ancestor. That was due to the fact Shen Tian had the spiritual strength of a peak Dao of Dragon opponent and the physical body of a Martial Ancestor.

"Well, for now, you four can return to the sect, we will talk again, Sect Master about the problem you have with those three. Do not hesitate to give them the number of heavenly resources they demand. They will grow up to become existences far stronger than you or most Sect Masters our sect has ever seen before."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》