An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
203 I“m not dead... Actual Chapter
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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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203 I“m not dead... Actual Chapter

Time passed very quickly, without them even noticing a month had already passed. Shen Tian had become famous inside the Outer Sect and even Feng Hao and Xian Long were now considered some of the strongest of the outer sect, to the point most Outer Sect Disciples wanted to avoid them in fear of being challenged to a fight.

Despite this, Shen Tian was not really affected. He ventured into the Undying Cycles Realm, trained with his Gates of Void technique or just relaxed and talked about cultivation with Feng Hao or Xian Long. The first month was merely a period of rest for Shen Tian, the real fun would start soon.

The Outer Sect's various Divisions were very small compared to the Inner Sect's Divisions or the Core Sect's divisions. Each Division was given a certain amount of land, Shen Tian and his friends lived in a separate mansion one could say, the three were 9-grade Heavenly Spiritual Root prodigies so they were given certain benefits no others were.

Shen Tian had already made a name for himself, defeating the strongest Outer Disciple, who was considered as strong as some Inner Disciples, to become an Inner Disciple you required the strength of at least of that of the fifth fate at the Heavenly Fate Realm, while the top 1 Outer Disciple was stronger than that by a bit.

Using this as the perfect time he also achieved a breakthrough into the Heavenly Axis Realm, skyrocketing his cultivation realm and prowess up to the peak of the Heavenly Axis Realm while his combat prowess rose to the peak of the Dao of Dragon Realm, if he also used the Gates of Void even the Sect Master would have to be careful.

At the same time, he had managed to convince the Sect Master to accept Xiao Qing'er into the sect. This had not originally been part of his plans, but knowing she didn't really know much about the Draconic Ruins Realm he decided to ask the Sect Master to accept her into the sect. She was also very good, with an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Roots.

Xiao Qing'er due to his demands was put next to a room with him and the other two friends of his. She was very happy since she could stick close to Feng Hao, whom she had a crush on, although neither one of them wanted to admit it, Feng Hao also had a crush on her and Shen Tian decided to tease both of them.


Shen Tian looked around in his room and spread his Spiritual Sense. He nodded upon noticing that no one was around. He waved his hand once and the space around him started to crack and widen in a white color. From the space crack a tender white hand started to come out and soon orange hair was visible. It was Xiao Ning'er.

"Shen Tian…?" Xiao Ning'er was slightly confused, it had not been more than ten minutes since she had woken up so she still was a bit dizzy, she did not expect for Shen Tian to appear in front of her, but the truth was that she had appeared in front of him, her true body was replaced by a shadow clone.

"Hello." Shen Tian waved his hand as Xiao Ning'er awkwardly looked around," I Don't think you told me about you being capable of summoning me here far away, the Heavenly Note Sect is millions of kilometers away from the Abyssal Void Sect… You really are capable of surprising me every single time."

She revealed a smile as she walked towards Shen Tian, hugging him tightly. Shen Tian hesitated for a moment before returning the hug, he was not used to a situation like this that much. What came afterward was a session of talking to each other and another hour of something which well…. Should be never be spoken about.


Xiao Ning'er went back to the Heavenly Note Sect less than a minute later thanks to Shen Tian's magical 'array' which helped him slow time down. No one had noticed the presence of another person inside Shen Tian's room, and they both wanted for it to remain like that forever. No one had to know.

Shen Tian decided to leave the Outer Sect and enter the Inner Sect, however no matter how much of a talent he was, rules were rules. He, Feng Hao, Xiao Qing'er and Xian Long had to go through the entire hassle of passing through the exam given to them to enter the Inner Sect.

The sounds of birds chirping were heard from several hundred meters away. This only served to enchant the look of the Long Tree Forest. The forest had a very weird name but the Sect Elder who lived there stubbornly wanted to keep the name alive and the sect could only helplessly agree to it.

Shen Tian, Feng Hao and the others were walking towards where the exam was supposed to be held at the Long Tree Forest, whose characteristic was its very long trees, reaching up to a hundred and fifty meters for each tree in average, and some of the largest could reach up to five hundred meters.

"Why the hell do we even have to go through such a challenge, I'm already more than qualified to become an Inner Disciple, let alone you two. I'm a Heavenly Star Realm cultivator… To be sent to an exam is kind of embarrassing." Feng Hao groaned but shut up once Xiao Qing'er sent a glare towards him.

"It's a requirement, Feng Hao. No matter just how powerful or just how talented we are, we need to be a good example to the others. Otherwise, they'd think of us as arrogant people, the usual kind of geniuses or prodigies you see in the streets." Xian Long frowned as he did not like acting like his 'dead' fellow disciple.

Shen Tian was silent and calm as he walked forward from the rest of them and looked at the Long Tree Forest. " Interesting choice you have here, Esteemed Sect Elder, you actually put an enormous formation around the forest to save it from not welcomed guests who might try to steal the herbs inside of it."
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》