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An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic
Author :AbyssalVoidLord
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204 Exam

"Hoo… You actually managed to notice such a detail? Interesting boy. The formation I used can only be noticed by those with a higher power level than that required to become an Inner Disciples and those who have an incredible Spiritual Sense." The Sect Elder walked forward from the shadows with a chuckle.

Shen Tian stared at the Sect Elder and motioned for the rest to follow him as he walked toward him. " Indeed, my Spiritual Sense is extraordinary even if I do not want to brag about it. I believe you already know our power since otherwise you wouldn't be able to set a suitable exam for us." He responded with a calm tone.

"So I assume you are the boy called Shen Tian, the kid next to you is Feng Hao and that other kid is Xian Long. The lady is Xiao Qing'er…. I am pleased to have met all of you here to participate in the exam I, the person who manages the Long Tree Island for the sect have created."

Feng Hao snorted upon being called a kid," I might not be that strong, but I am stronger than any kid my age, so don't call me a kid, I prefer to be called a cultivator rather than a kid. You won't find a kid stronger than me after all." He simply found it an insult to be called a kid no matter what.

"Enough with this rubbish, I don't have time to discuss something so simple with you. All of you here are not to talk about that issue, but because of the exam you are required to pass to enter the Inner Sect, and your only choice is obviously my exam inside the Long Tree Forest, it will be indeed very exciting…" The Elder smiled.

"The exam which will be, as stated before, held in the Long Tree Forest will be divided into several different stages, each stage is harder and more difficult than the other stages before it. I would warn you all to be cautious and heed my warnings, do not play with any of the Demon Beasts inside the forest, some are even stronger than me myself!"

The elder before them was at the peak of the Heavenly Axis Realm, so his warnings were indeed valid. Feng Hao was merely at the Heavenly Star's 1st Fate Star while Xian Long was at a similar stage with only Shen Tian and Xiao Qing'er being capable of facing Demon Beasts of such a high level and defeating them effortlessly.

"Esteemed Elder, you have only explained the lesser details of this, and nothing more. What I want to know is the difficulties we will face in this exam, or are you perhaps… Not allowed to reveal anything to us?" Shen Tian asked as he raised an eyebrow and earned another chuckle from the elder.

"I wonder… Maybe. Well you are indeed right, I am not allowed to reveal any detail about the exam to you fellows, only minor hints and I've already done my part, let me just tell you this before I guide you to the Long Tree Forest. Beware of the Giant and the Golden Creatures."The elder said as he walked toward the Long Tree Forest's entrance.

Xiao Qing'er frowned, she was much older than the elder in front of her at nearly a billion years old, but she was not more experienced than him since excluding nearly a billion years of isolation inside the Purgatory Shrine, she only had ten thousands or a bit less of living outside in the real world.

After a while of walking, the Elder stopped on his tracks and looked at the long trees with affection,"Well this as deep inside as I can guide you and allowed to, I hope you all pass the exam and with your capabilities and abilities I don't really doubt the fact you can pass this exam, good luck then."

"Ah, I have liked you four quite a lot, so I'm going to reveal a very tiny detail about the exam to you all. There are a total of six stages, each is held deeper in the forest than the other, and the Golden Creatures and the Giant play a big part in each stage, whenever you can discover the hints, it's up to you to know and realize."

The elder's body started to disappear as if the wind was pulling his body apart. Feng Hao frowned slightly,"This dude is really very weird, it seems my facade as an idiot is not working that well anymore, he noticed that I had a childish hint when speaking, but also noticed that I was kind of faking it." He snorted.

"It's your fault for trying to make people underestimate you by playing dumb, we all know that you are not stupid or that childish Feng Hao. Ever since I've known you, for more than two years you have been close to as cold as me and usually are very serious, you are not really that good at faking personalities, you no longer are a thief so you have lost your touch, don't try to fool old people like that." Shen Tian rolled his eyes as he spewed words after words.

Feng Hao shrugged as he walked deeper inside the Long Tree Forest," Although I want for us to be united while we move inside of this exam, I don't think the elder would like or allow that even if we can do it. I suggest we separate, I'll go first since I want to complete this as fast as possible." He smirked as he disappeared inside the fog of the forest.

Shen Tian shook his head as he followed Feng Hao's example. Really, Feng Hao could be very childish even without him trying to act like that, he was very competitive. Who cared about who completed this exam first, Shen Tian personally treated this just as a time he could have a bit of fun and explore the forest and nothing more.
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    《An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic》